Thursday, July 30, 2015

NEW in July :)

Hello! It's already the end of JULY! WHAT? When did this happen? It was such a fast month, I don't even remember what I was doing most of the time... I did have some fun and went on the first part of my vacations, some swimming, some concerts.. so there were less posts, sorry guys. Even beauty bloggers sometimes need a time off. But as usual at the end of the month I am coming back with my regular monthly post showing you all the new products :)

I have been so lucky to get another collaboration and this time I will be testing and reviewing products by Adria Spa :D I feel really lucky! I have received the best summer combination of products to try out - shower gel to foam with lavander, Adria Spa  Bio Balm Coconut lip balm, Adria Spa Peeling with sugar and lemon - immortelle. Simply the best combination of my favorite summer scents - coconut, lavander and lemons! :) I have already tested the lip balm and it's very good! :)

Flash tattoos - I have ordered these online and waited for them for over 4 weeks.. usually I get them sooner, but oh well.. they are finally here and I am really loving them! I only wish they would last longer, on me they like to roll off in a matter of one day and a half. Maybe it was because of the heat and sweating and all the showering, sun screen... anyway, for the price, I am not really dissapointed. There's one sheet missing as I forgot to photograph it, but for all of these I gave less than 4 euros ( and free shipping) so it's still a win!

And now some goodies I need on daily basis. Last month I bought another deodorant by Rexona, but since I really disliked the scent I just bought another one, this time Dove Go fresh Anti-perspirant and I am loving it, been using it all the time. I also needed a new intimate gel/soap, so I had this discount at DM store and decided to try a Chilly gel for intimate care Formula fresca, as I have never had anything by them and a lot of women seem to like it. Also used up another coupon at Dm store to try out one of the latest shower gels by Kozmetika Afrodita and got myself Mystic Argan Oil shower gel. There are also the smoothie ones with vanilla, pistachio, strawberry but I will buy those next month :)

And my prize of the month! I have won this lovely prize of four products - Balea Dusch Peeling Buttermilk&Lemon, Balea Intensiv Fuss Bademilch/foot bath milk, Catrice Defining Blush 070 Pinkerbell and  Catrice Blush brush at a fellow bloggers giveaway - you can check her blog here -
Cindy Sabolčec blog - All Things Artsy. I have already posted about Catrice Defining 
blushes, they are one of my favourites! You can check the post here - My blush collection :)

Next are three summer essentials for me - Garnier Ambre Solaire Ideal Bronze SPF 30, Alverde Bodyspray Orange Melisse, Inell Lait Demaquillant Douceur makeup remover. I had to buy something to keep my skin safe from the sun and thought I would try this Ideal Bronze thingy, but I must say I have not noticed any difference in the colour I have or intensity or how fast I was tanning. I will not repurchase as this simply doesn't have enough SPF, my arms were still burned even though I applied this every two hours while outside on the sun. The bodyspray by Alverde was a fresh treat as it really smells lovely and gives a hint of freshness in those really hot days. I only hope I will actually finish this one, not like the last time I bought a similar product - I simply stopped using it and than I wasn't sure anymore what to do with it, and if it's not summer, I am not really using this kind of products much. The last one is a make up remover, I have already repurchased many times. I bought a mini travel size to go with me on my holidays and as it's so small it doesn't take much space at all.

And the best treat of the month - Roberto Cavalli Acqua EdT 30 ml! I am really excited about this perfume and I am adoring it! And especially the bottle, it's so damn pretty! Really satisfied with this one - the scent, the packaging, the price and well overall everything is pretty much awesome with this one! Really in love!

Also a bunch of Balea products - sort of summer edition. I pampered myself with Balea Melone shower gel, Balea Totes Meer face mask, Sundance Lip balm spf 30 with vanilla-coconut scent, Balea Melone lip balm and Balea Lip Oil with coconut scent. I have already used up the shower gel and face mask and I would love to repurchase but I have made plans what my next buys will be. Also really love the scent of Melone as well with the lip balm, really summery, not too greasy, but also not that nourishing. The other two lip balms wih coconut scents are to die for! Really using them both a lot every day! Well, I am a die hard coconut fan! The face mask is pretty good too, been repurchased many times and I will probably buy it again very soon!

And some more summer goodies - Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing cleansing mousse, Batiste Dry shampoo and Essence Minis2go travel with me travel kit. I have repurchased Nivea cleansing mousse as I really liked it the first time and I again had the discount so I just bought it for my stash, but it will be definitely used up very soon :P The Batiste dry shampoo is something new for me, it's new on Slovenian market but very well known in the beauty world. It's about 5 euros at Muller stores but I must say that so far I am not impressed. Maybe it was the heat and sweating and all, maybe I applied too little or too much, but this just didn't do anything for me yet. Will continue using it and will see later if it gets any better. The Essence minis are for my next holidays in about a week and were actually the only thing I bought at Essence sales. The only thing I actually liked and needed.

Just some shaving essentials - Balea 3-klingen einweg rasierer/ razors and Wilkinson Sword Extra 3 Beauty razors. I have never tried the Balea ones before but will see how they work for me. The Wilkinson one's are a constant repurchase for me, been using them for years and so far they have never dissapointed.

And some more shaving/feet care - Balea Schwefel Bimsschwamm/ sulfuric stone for removing hard skin, Epilette discs fro hair removal, Strep Crema depilatoria doppiouso / in shower hair removal cream. I had this stone for feet by Balea a couple of years ago but now seemed the appropriate time to repurchase it as my feet needed some more care. It's a decent product for the price, but nothing out of the ordinary. The Epilette discs I already had once before, like 3 or 4 years ago, and I really liked them then, but it seemed like they stopped selling them. This year I spotted them at local Muller store and had to repurchase. The Strep inshower cream is a new thing to me, before I usually bought and used Veet one. This time they didn't have it anymore at Muller so I went for the most similar product they had but I haven't tested it yet, so will see how it will work for me.

And some new Catrice treats! I was checking out the sales at Catrice and decided to get Kohl Kajal 180 Too Cool For Pool - you can probably guess why? ;) Really loving the colour of this kohl kajal, very light and summery :) For lips I bought Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in 010 Rose & Woody and thought it was also on sales, but it wasn't.. silly me, I could have just checked on my own blog if it was on sale or not, but why bother if it says it is than it is... until you get to the counter. Anyway, really loving the gentle shade, perfect for everyday and have been using it a lot! And the last one is a gloss - Catrice Infinite Shine Lip gloss in 110 Tangerine Tango, which was a gift alongside with the Grazia magazine. :)

From Essence Slovenia I have received this lovely surprise! It's from the upcoming limited edition and will be available in September - Urbaniced LE Blush in shade 01 The Sunny side of the street, Street style highlighter in shade 01 The Happy Direction, Street style eyeshadows in shades 01 City Girls rule!, 02 The Happy Direction, 03 For the City-kittys only! I am feeling really really grateful for the chance of collaborating with Essence and receiving such lovely products! :)

And the last lovely bit is a gift from a friend who was visiting Cambridge/London  and brought me this lovely scented soap - Fissi Firenze Fruits and Flavours red grapes pomegranate soap. I will be smelling really lovely this summer :P

And this is all, have you tested any of these products? Would you like to see a review or two from this latest bunch? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Catrice Rose & Woody je eden izmed mojih najljubših. Je super dupe za Clinique chubby stick Whole Lotta Honey :)

    1. Oo nisem vedela da je celo dupe, ampak odtenek mi je res super :)

  2. Inell čistilno mleko sem jaz tudi eno kupila. Sicer ga še ne uporabljam, sem ga pa enkrat preizkzusila in mi je zelo všeč. Mislim, da je v roza embalaži:). Jaz sem obsedena s flash tattooji. Imam ene 8 listov, pa še vedno "šparam":). Sem pa ugotovila, da mi ti dražji, ki jih kupim v drogeriji zdržijo dlje kot tisti z ebaya. Eni z ebaya se sploh dobro ne zalepijo :/ Balea in coconut?! Še ena obsedenka tukaj :). Malo mi podrobneje opiši. Olje za ustnice, je mastno ima kak spf? Druga kokos pa je verjetno tista zelena? Moram jutri nujno pogledat. Verjetno spet pri nas ne bom našla :/

    1. Meni je Inell mleko res fajn, dovolj nežno in vse odstrani, morda včasih le potrebujem večjo količino in več časa :) Flash tattooji so mi pa super in zdaj resno razmišljam da bi si kupila te drogerijske ki so en listič za 5e, ker očitno vsem zdržijo dlje kot ti ceneni prek spleta... Balea je tista oljna, je kar mastna, ampak super nahrani, ni pa preveč oljnata in ima fajn nastavek ki lepo dozira to olje na ustnice, moti me le da je tako robustno grobo in trdo, lahko bi dali bolj mehko kroglico... olje mislim da nima spf, ono drugo je pa sundance ima spf 30 in je vanilija-kokos vonj in je res odlično :) vse super, od vonja, okusa, mazljivosti, gostote, zaščite.. zeleni je pa melone oziroma lubenica, mislim da tudi nima nobenega spf-a :)

    2. Super. Hvala. Bom danes pogledala :)

  3. Flas tattoji tudi meni 1A:), drgače pa super nakupi. Jst sem se malo omejila, no čist malo, ker sploh ne vem več kam da dajem stvari:):):) sploh dekorativa, nimam pojma kdaj da jo bom porabla:)

    1. Hvala :) Saj načeloma sem se zelo omejila pri nakupih, kot vidiš dekorative skoraj ni, razen Catrice, ostalo pa sem prejela v test :P Ampak na koncu meseca še vedno naberem zelo veliko izdelkov :P Za dekorativo sem tudi sama sketična da bom vse porabila, najverjetneje bo že tako staro, da bom morala zaradi tega stran vreči...

  4. Uuu, ravno rabim novo labelo s SPF, super da imajo letos kokosovo verzijo :)


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