Monday, April 1, 2013

Preview: Essence - Guerilla Gardening LE

Hey! How are your holidays? Do you celebrate Easter? I had a little bit of time and I am posting this preview of a new trend edition by Essence :)

Essence team says:
"The new trend edition "guerrilla gardening" will be available from Mai to June 2013. Botanical colors like light and dark green and earthy brown are just as must as bright pink or deep red, and provide the right atmosphere of spring. Innovative products to make a good mood and prepare all guerrilla gardening girls for work. The It-Piece is the naive velvet powder for a cool moss-look on your nails. So Goodbye boots on asphalt and landscapes! The mission: A green city to feel good!" :)

Eyeshadow: The soft texture of the eyeshadow in earthy browns, pale gray asphalt and fresh lime conjures a subtle eye makeup.  Available in 01 garden up!, 02 my piece of land, and 03 the planning planet.

Eyebrow mascara: The gel-like texture with a subtle color application brings the eyebrows into shape. In a lighter tone for blondes and a darker version for brunette. Available in 01 girls and 02 my piece of land.

  Cream to powder blush: The blush makes beautiful rosy cheeks with a powdery finish. Available in 01 floral and 02 mission flower glam.              

Lip cream: The velvety soft lipcream with trendy matt finish give intensive red and pink lips. Available in 01 floral and 02 mission flower glam.
Nail polish: The long-lasting nail polish with high opacity colors the nails in green, lemon, pink and tomato red. Available in 01 I'm the moss, 02 plans the planet, 03 mission flower  and 04 floral glam.

Nail effect powder: The innovative velvet powder is an absolute highlight for the nails. Simply sprinkle the powder all over the freshly applied, wet nail polish and distribute the multi-effect brush. The small fibers leave a cool, velvety moss-optics in grass-green and pink floral. Available in 01 I'm the moss and 02 flower mission.

Hair-ties: The hair ties are designed so that in spite of groove structure they do not leave an imprint on the hair. Available in 01 girls guerilla.

Nail art multi effect brush: The fan-shaped brush multi effect created trendy nail styles and is also perfect for the job of nail art velvet powders.  Available in 01 to sweep is sweet.
My opinion: Hmm, I don't know.. it seems ok, but nothing really convinces me. The eyeshadows don't seem special at all. The eyebrow macara is interesting because I'm  just looking for something not too expensive. Lip creams seem ok, but the red one, the one I am leaning towards is probably gonna be too bright, orangy red, and I already have too many of those. The cream to powder blush are not suitable for me, because my skin on my cheeks is giving hard times to apply such texture and make it look natural. The products for nail art - blah.. I don't like this moss finish. So for me, I don't find anything in this limited edition, just maybe the eyebrow mascara. that's all. :) How about you? Do you like this LE? Would you like to try anything? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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