Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review&Swatches: Wibo & Bell nail polish

Hey there! I was a bit absent lately, but here I am with another review :) As promised in this post where I showed you some of my new products from Poland, I will make reviews of all of them, it's gonna take time, but I will :)
This time I am making a quick post about two nail polishes I got from Poland, one is from Bell and it's called GlamWear number 424 and the other one is Wibo Extreme Nails in number 51. :)

First one you can see is Wibo nail polish, it looks rather dark in the bottle. In truth I assumed it is gonna be a lot more darker on the nails too, but it just apperas to be a deep burgundy red. On the nails it's quite a lot lighter, even more cranberry coloured than deep brownish red..

And a photo with flash - here it really appears bright :)

It needs two coats to get it fully covered and even, it goes on easily, as any other nail polish. I haven't really noticed any difference with application. The same goes for Bell, that one also needs two coats. The brushes are classical, but not very thin or thick.

Lasting power with Depend top coat was maybe two- three days.. I mean with me, it's always something like that. It really doesn't matter how expensive the nail polish or how expensive and good the top coat.. with me it's max three days. Than it started to crumble off. Maybe this Wibo one even a bit more than the  Bell one.  

So this second one I present, Bell GlamWear 424 is quite a pain in the ass to photograph. Only with flash I managed to make a decent colour, but that one is too bright. In reality it's a bit darker than on the flash photo, but definitely not as dark as on any other photos.

So.. both of these are a very nice colour, thou I expected the Wibo one to be darker. Also Bell is a gorgeous plummy colour, I really love it!

When I was deciding what to get from these two brands I only decided on nail polishes, because as you can see in my older post with new products, I already chose so many stuff. Anyway, if you are interested in these two, here are the links to their web sites Wibo and Bell. :) Both sites are polish,  so you will be able to see directly from where I was choosing :) Also the prices are really user friendly ;) Wibo is a bit cheaper than Bell, but mostly the prices are similar to Essence or Catrice.

Personally, I really like these two nail polishes but I don't think I'm gonna buy any more of them. They seem ok, texture, colour, scent, lasting power wise... but I mean, I can get similar or the same colours here and it will not be any better quality but probably the same... also the price will be similar, but without posting. Anyway it is definitely worth trying, maybe I'll try some other products from them :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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