Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Labello lip balm - Cherry :)

Hello everyone! I have a new lip balm by Labello that I absolutely love and I wanted to post about! This is a new/old cherry. Don't know if you remember but years ago it was a different design and a bit different scent. My last favourite was also a Fruity shine, but it was Pomegranate. And unfortunately that one went out of production, so I had to find a new love.. and I do like the strawberry one and the passion fruit, and vitamin coctail... but this one is fantastic!

First, what it promises:
- moisture
- a bit of shine
- SPF 10

Also, here's a photo of the ingredients written on the back. I am no expert on ingredients, so I will not say whether they are good or not. :)

What you get? If your lips are very dry, chappy, need very good moisture care, this lip balm will not be good for you. For undemanding lips it will be great, the moisture it provides will be just enough. It will keep your lips smooth and gentle.  I must say this product smells sooo greeeaaat!!! I can not stop smelling it! If you love fruity scents, you will adore this one! Also the finish on the lips - it gives a light coverage, light reddish colour, but not intensive. If your lips are really pale than this will look like a red lip gloss on you. It is also a bit shiny, because of the little shiny particles in the texture. If you don't like wearing lipsticks, lip glosses this will be a great replacement :)

The minus is that it doesn't have enough SPF, just 10, that's really not much, so if you are very careful, you will have to apply something stronger under it. For me this is enough, I use higher SPF only in summer time. And the minus is also that it's not really that moisturizing, but none of the Labello products are extremely good at repairing lips and long moisture, so if you have been using their products before this will not be a surprise to you and you will love this one anyway! And the amazing sweet cherry scent!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz imam tudi to labelo, ampak mi ni najbolj všeč ravno zaradi tega, ker mi ne navlaži ustnic dovolj (pri tem je boljša njihova navadna labela). Mi bo verjetno bolj prav prišla poleti, ko ne rabim veliko hidratacije. Vonj pa je res prijeten. :)

    1. Ja vlažilnost je bol tako tako, za nezahtevne.Tudi druge iz linije fruity shine niso kaj bolj vlažilne. Pure&natural labele so bolj vlažilne, hranljive, pa navadna, in pa sos. Me veseli da je še nekom všeč vonj, res je super :)


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