Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Universe Beauty LE

Alverde is presenting a new limited edition coming out in February 2013. It's called Universe Beauty and it's full of gold and silvery shades, greens and blues and sparkling lip glosses :)


Mascara Extension Effect: This mascara ensures eccentric volume, maximum coverage and a really great effect. With cosmic tones it can play wonderful effects and your eyelashes immerse completely in gold or silver. This product is not vegan! Available in Galactic Gold No.10 and Cosmic Silver No.20 :)

Eyeliner Flashing star: The Alverde eyeliner with glitter particles, contains minerals. Available in three shades, all are vegan. No.10 Green Flash, No.20 Grey Rocket, No.30 Blue Star.

Mono eyeshadow: Eyeshadows for a glamourous look. Available in five new shades, all are vegan :) No.10 Orange Lightening, No.20 Blue Universe, No.30 Golden shine, No.40 Silver Shining, No.50 Turquoise Atmospehere.

Blusher: Contains camomilla extract, for cheeks and cleavage. Available in two shades, No. 10 Pink Supernova (not vegan) and No.20 Orange mercury (vegan!).

Lipgloss: The lipglosses are truly a glitter bomb. With minerals for seductive and shiny lips. It's not sticky and sadly, none of the shades are vegan. Available in three shades, No.10 Supernova Big Bang, No.20 Jupiter Motion, No.30 Venus Love.

Lipstick: Magnificent colors and sensuous care. The silky formulation with high quality oils and waxes cares for and pampers your lips and makes them shine intensely. Available in  three shades, No.10 Rosy Clouds (not vegan), No.20 Flashy Pink (not vegan), No.30 Galactic Orange (vegan).

Shimmer Oil: The Alverde shimmer oil with organic jojoba oil and vitamin E maintains the skin and gives it a galactic glow. The Shimmer Oil is suitable for all skin types and leaves a pleasant feeling. It can be applied to the neckline as well as the entire body and sets with fine glitter particles accents. This product is not vegan!

Concealer Anti-Dark Circles:
The Alverde Concealer Anti-Dark Circles luminates tired eyes after a long night in the galaxy. Neutralizing pigments conjure up a fresh complexion. The concealer is not vegan.

This collection has a lot of great products that I would use for everyday makeup as well as for special occasions. I really like silvery mascara, I already got myself a gold one, also from one of the previous Alverde LE. I also like the eyeliners, but I usually don't use them much, perhaps this Grey rocket would be useful for every day make up :) Eyeshadows i don't find very interesting, I already have a lot of similar colours. Blushers are a product I never use, really never. I know -  a makeup blogger and I don't use such an important part of the look XD I just don't feel the need and it looks weird on me. Lipglosses and lipsticks look rather daily to me, the orange shades appeal to me most. I will definitely buy shimmer ol as long as the glitter part isn't too big. I hope this product is really as good as I've read, because lately I really love shimmery stuff :) As for concealer, maybe but I've got my Bourjois HM one and it's great and I have lots of others I really never use, just this one.

Anything you like in this collection? Would you consider buying anything or do you already have it all?

Thanks for reading! :)

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