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Essence - Leaving soon products = SALE! + NEWCOMERS

Essence will also be changing some of the products, with lots of great stuff to come. But first there will be some going out and as usually, every year, I expect there will be quite some sale XD

Here are the products that are leaving:

essence mono eyeshadow (11, 30, 34, 45, 51, 52, 56, 57, 59)
essence quattro eyeshadow (01)
Essence stay all day long lasting eyeshadow (01, 02, 06-09)
essence smokey eyes set (01 , 02)
essence kajal pencil (18)
essence 2in1 kajal pencil (12)
essence I love glam powder eyeliner and eyeshadow (01)
Essence I love style liquid eyeliner
essence I love runway highlighter
essence XXXL shine lipgloss (05)
Essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss (09)
lipgloss essence marble mania (01-05)
essence lipstick (56, 58, 59)
essence make-up to match (30)
essence my base illuminating makeup base (20)
essence base my skin perfection makeup base (10)
essence fix & matte! translucent loose powder (01)
Essence bronzing compact powder (01, 02)
essence mattiying compact powder (07)
essence soufflé touch blush (10)
essence forget it! 3in1 concealer
essence color & go quick drying nail polish (119, 120, 123, 127, 131, 135, 136)
essence glam nude nail polish (01, 06)

And now to the new ones!


Gel Tint: The innovative water-based, jelly formula lightly tints your lips. The specially shaped applicator with a double-ended color reservoir ensures an easy and accurate application. Intensive, long-lasting colors in red, reddish-brown, pink and apricot attract attention to your lips! Available in a total of four colors.

top to bottom: 02 deep red, 03 flashy apricot, 01 hot red, 04 pink exposed

top to bottom: 01 velvet rose, 02 smooth berry, 03 soft nude, 04 silky red; 10 pretty witty; 23 dazzle glow
Stay matte lip cream: Color-intense, long-lasting and now in the latest trend for your lips – matt! The supple, smooth formula gives your lips a cool and long-lasting matt-effect. with a pleasantly soft vanilla mousse fragrance. available in a total of four colors.
Stay with me longlasting lipgloss: Now even more color-intensive and long-lasting! This lipgloss stays exactly where it should - on your lips – and stands out for its amazing colors. available in a new, bright pink and a total of six colors.
XXXL Shine lipgloss: Timeless and beautiful! The wonderfully shiny lipglosses in subtle colors give your lips a gorgeous, pampered look and amazing shine. Glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible! Available in one new and a total of 14 colors.

Lipstick: Lovely lips: intensive pink and cool nude provide fabulous color accents in the spring and summer season of 2013. Thanks to the exact color-coded packaging, reaching for your favorite shade is now even easier. Available in two new and a total of 15 colors.
top to bottom: 63 flattering nude, 64 flirty pink, Glow neon glow

Mono eyeshadow: Eyes, eyes, baby – here come the new mono eyeshadow colors by essence. The color palette is huge and is sure to give every eye make-up that extra-special added touch. Available in five new and a total of 24 colors.

  • 65 Skeye & Sand
  • 66 Peppermint Ice cream
  • 67 Forest fairies
  • 68 Strawberry Ice cream
  • 69 Here I am!

3D Duo Eyeshadow: The new essence duo eyeshadow with a 3d look and a 3d effect is here! The 3mm-high relief design offers an ultimate 3d look and the ultra-light eyeshadow texture creates a cool finish with a 3d effect. Applied moist, the 3d duo eyeshadow guarantees even more intense results. Nine duo eyeshadows with two perfectly aligned shades each are the highlight of the season for eye make-up in three dimensions!
  • 001 Irresistible green
  • 002 Irresistible purr-ple
  • 003 Irresistible first love
  • 004 Irrestistible caramel cream
  • 005 Irresistible Blue
  • 006 Irresistible Mermaid kiss
  • 007 Irresistible smokey eye
  • 008 Irresistible Vanille Latte
  • 009 Irresistible Chocolates

Quttro eyeshadow: Quattro eyeshadow – quattro styles. Different textures ranging from silky shimmering to intensive shine ensure unlimited creativity with your eye make-up. The excellent color-dispersion and long-lasting results turn the quattro eyeshadow into an absolute favorite! Available in one new and a total of six color combinations.
13 laugh, love, lime

Night club Glamour to go palette: Party time! The two night club glamour to go eyeshadow palettes offer ultimate glamour with eight colors each and are sure to fit into even the tiniest party clutch thanks to their practical mini format. Eight eyeshadow colors with a powdery texture and various amazing effects create expressive “night-out” eye make-up styles. Available in two color versions and with an optimized brush and sponge applicator.

STAYS no matter what 24h waterproof volume mascara: Here comes the perfect mascara for long nights of dancing, extensive shopping tours, long swimming sessions ... simply all walks of life. Tested and found to be absolutely essential for all active beauties. The waterproof formula ensures lashes full of volume for up to 24 hours and the innovative fiber brush captures each individual lash with its creamy formula. For an awesome look that stays put.

All eyes on me waterproof multi-effect mascara: Always reliable: the waterproof version of the all eyes on me mascara is smudge and waterproof. This all-round talent provides volume, length and curve. Since it can also withstand sweat or tears, it’s ideal for sporting activities or movie nights with your best friends. Opthalmologically tested.

I love extreme crazy volume mascara: The i love extreme mascara’s "crazy" sister – for even more volume! The deep-black, creamy texture covers each individual lash with color and the extra-large plastic brush provides sensational volume. Opthalmologically tested.

Maximum length mascara: Here comes maximum length for your lashes! The black mascara texture contains fine fibers that have a lengthening effect and offer lashes natural volume. The flexible elastomer brush ensures easy application for eyes with a true wow-effect! opthalmologically tested.

2in1 kajal and Kajal pencil: Dream team: the 2in1 kajal by essence is the ideal make-up tool for transformational artists and is gaining two awesome color updates in green and brown this season. The two perfectly aligned colors leave plenty of room for creative styles. Available in two new and a total of five color combinations.
 Colorful spring! the essence kajal pencil is now available in a trendy purple for a fashionable color highlight on your eyes and an individual style. Available in one new and a total of eight colors.
  • Pepper & Mints
  • Toffee & sweets,  23 Love me lavende

STAYS no matter what waterproof eye pencil: Party-proof for up to 16 hours! This plastic pencil kajal can be sharpened – and it stays put! The creamy, soft texture offers great coverage and won’t smudge. It is also waterproof and lasts all day (and all night). Made of pvc-free material with a high coverage, the eye pencil won’t melt at temperatures below 40°c. Available in three stays no matter what colors.
  • Midnight black
  • Stunning brown
  • Smokey gre

STAYS no matter what 24h waterproof eyeliner pen: Extremely resistant! This eyeliner pen’s formula lasts up to 24 hours – even after jumping into the pool! With a felt-tip applicator, the deep-black texture creates an accurate line that lasts… and lasts and lasts, no matter what!

I love punk jumbo eyeliner pen: The “punk” of the i love range! The new jumbo eyeliner pen with a felt-tip is ideal for girls who want to stand out – in a good way! Particularly easy to use, it’s perfect for eyeliner newbies with slightly shaky hands. And thanks to its practical size, it can rock the eyeliner look when you’re on-the-go, too!

Frame for fame lashes: Whether you go for the special effect lashes for dramatic volume, the silver eyeliner effect for a glamorous look or individual short and medium length lashes for a natural effect - any look is possible! The false fame lashes are comfortable to wear and have reliable staying power. one set contains either one pair of lashes or 40 individual lashes as well as a tube of eyelash glue.
03 single lashes
01 volume lashes
02 glamour lashes

Frame for fame stick on eyeliner: The trend on the catwalks! Self-adhesive, black eyeliner made of premium velvet create an absolutely cool looks. super easy to apply, this eyeliner look is sure to be a success! Trendsetters also use these practical liners to add an extra-special touch to the eyebrows. each pack contains three different styles that can be used over and over again. For moments full of fame! Available in two different versions.

01 daily style
02 wow style
Frame for fame lash glue: The little helper to achieve the fame-look! The glue with a slanted plastic applicator is easy to apply and extremely accurate. Its milky-blue texture turns transparent as soon as it dries and is suitable for use with false lashes as well as the stick on eyeliner. Includes detailed instructions for use.


Colour & go nail polish: The brilliant gel-shine finish guarantees an extremely glossy look and thanks to the extremely fast drying time, you’ll have perfect nails in a flash. The patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat to make application even easier. Without damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. Available in seven new and a total of 44 trendy shades.
  • Flashy pumpkin
  • That’s what I mint
  • Miss Universe
  • Prom-Berry
  • Upper green side
  • We rock the green
  • Hello Marshmallow!
  • 07 Mit claim
  • 08 Peach & Cream
Nude glam: Do it nude: the new nude glam nail polishes dazzle with a gel-shine finish as well as a quick-drying and long-lasting innovative formula. The two new soft nude shades are slightly transparent if you apply just one layer and offer more coverage with a second layer. Either way, perfect nail polish results are guaranteed!

Nail art Twins Reloaded:  Trendy twins! They’re back in a new and improved shape! The successful nail art twins are celebrating their comeback in a cute mini-bottle. Consisting of two polishes, one is always plain and the other offers awesome effects. Available in three pairs of colors and therefore a total of six individual polishes in trendy pink, purple and blue.
  • Edward & Bella
  • Romeo & Juila
  • Carrie & Mr. Big
Nail art cracking top coat: The cracking top coats are so cool, oh so stylish and they simply belong in the collections of all true nail fashionistas! The crackings are being joined by two new colors. And here’s how to achieve the unique look: simply apply on top of a color nail polish and watch as the polish "cracks" open within seconds. wow! Available in two new and a total of five colors.
Nail art special effect topper: Mega fashionable and always unexpected: the special effect toppers always have a surprise in store for you! Sparkling, holographic or with a prism effect – these polishes in various colors ensure an extraordinary finish and an eye-catching appearance wherever you go! Available in two new and a total of eight colors.
Nail art magnetics nail polish: Magnetic pigments that react to the nail art magnet ensure exciting patterns and creations with a true wow-effect! Now with an improved formula to guarantee even stronger results. Whether you go for stripes, stars or wavy lines, it’s all about extravagant nail style – times five! Available in two new and a total of five shades.
Protecting base coat: A perfect base: now with an improved formula, this base coat is ideal for use with different nail styles that require several layers of polish or nail glue as it protects nails from discoloration and prepares them for the styling session at the same time! For beautiful, pampered nails and now in a new transparent bottle.
Sealing top coat: Thanks to its improved glossy texture with longer staying power and enhanced shine, it keeps all types of nail decorations in place and provides an extra-shiny finish to make unique styles stand out even more!
Studio nails ultra nail repair: Repair and care! The new, innovative nail polish with keratin strengthens soft, brittle nails and makes them more resistant. It can be used on its own or as a base coat – for longer and beautifully pampered nails to be proud of.
Studio nails XXL nail protector: Protected nails! You can say goodbye to broken nails thanks to the new, extremely protecting nail polish with nail-strengthening nylon fibers. The xxl nail protector creates a protective shield on your nails to effectively promote growth. Its special texture covers the delicate nylon fibers and leaves behind a natural glossy finish.

Nail art magnet: Nail power with the new magnets! Now available in a unique chip-form with an extra-strong effect. And here’s how it works: hold the magnet bar above still moist nail art magnetics nail polish for 15 seconds. thanks to the innovative new spacer, it’s easier to use than ever before. Four new designs offer breathtaking effects. Comes in a practical re-sealable pouch.
Nail art magnet pen: Conjure-up cool magnetic effects on your nails. Hold the magnet pen above still moist nail art magnetics nail polish and create designs to your heart’s content. Take care not to touch the polish with the tip! unlike the nail art magnet, you can use this pen to create freestyle and dot designs.
Nail art multi effect brush: Mix several nail polish colors together, it’s best to pour a little of each desired color on aluminum foil and then use the brush to “absorb” cool color and gradient designs and conjure them onto your nails. The brush is also ideal for smoothly applying glitter particles on your nails. Particularly hygienic and easy to clean using nail polish remover thanks to its super-soft synthetic bristles.
Studio nails Better than gel nails nail file: This new nail file has been specially developed with the better than gel nails concept in mind. Application is carried out in two easy steps: first, the nails are cleaned using the appropriate end and then the professional french nail tips can be brought into the desired shape using the other end. This nail file offers two different grainings.

Nail art decoration kit: 3d nail styles… create amazing three dimensional effects with the two versions of the nail art decoration kit in gold and silver: rhinestones, tiny glitter fragments and larger glitter particles, flakes and golden foil conjure-up extraordinary highlights on your nails in the trendiest look of the year – 3d! Available in a gold and a silver version.
Studio nails nail and cuticle butter stick: Soothe your nails! Just like a lipbalm - but for your nails – the pampering texture with vitamin e, shea butter, lanolin and natural bees wax offers intensive moisture. The nail & cuticle butter stick leaves behind a pleasant, fruity scent and keeps your nails looking beautifully groomed wherever you are.
Studio nails easy 2 polish manicure helper: Issues with your nails will soon be a thing of the past thanks to this indispensable helper for the easy, accurate and flawless application of nail polish. Simply place your nail on the non-slip surface and nothing can possibly go wrong! the professional tool for perfectionists.

nail art


All-in-one BB cream: One for all! This lightly tinted cream ensures a smooth, radiant and flawless complexion. It makes small skin imperfections disappear without blocking your pores. The oil and perfume-free beauty balm is available in three different skin tones with spf 30. The must-have amongst foundations for a smooth complexion.

Match2cover! cream concealer: A perfect pair. The creamy, matt texture of the concealer offers high coverage that reliably conceals impurities of the skin and dark circles under your eyes. Simply apply with your fingers and any traces of long party nights or annoying blackheads will disappear! One kit contains two shades in light and medium beige, which can also be mixed together.
All about matt! fixing loose powder: Mattify and set! This extremely fine, transparent loose powder is invisible on your skin and provides a matt and natural look. The new loose powder is also ideal for blending rouge or foundation and can be used as a finishing powder to set your entire make-up. Available in one transparent color that’s suitable for all skin types.

All about matt! fixing compact powder: If you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! It can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. For a matt, natural and smooth complexion. Available in one transparent color for all skin types.

Mattifying compact powder:
The popular powder is going to be joined by a new shade in light beige and will delight all girls who dream of a perfect, matt complexion. With its silky-soft texture, it’s super easy to apply and ensures a flawless, matt complexion. Available in one new and a total of five shades.
Make-up sponge: The new face tool with a fun factor! This make-up sponge is ideal for the easy application of foundation, concealer, blush or powder. A cool utensil that’s unique and super practical at the same time: the rounded edge is perfect for foundation and blush, while the slim, pointed side is ideal for hard-to-reach areas. It can be used dry or moist, is latex-free and can be washed. Available in a choice of pink or purple.

Mix the colours together or with other favorites upon demand and apply on the respective moist base for your eyes, lips and nails. Thanks to the high pigmentation and extreme coverage of the colours, each individual colour-art look is sure to be a success – day after day! Available in three new and a total of 23 colours.
  • Jungle fever
  • It’s a boy
  • My little dragon

Sun Club shimmer bronzing powder: Keep up your summer tan! The shimmer bronzing provides your face and neckline with a shimmering, lightly tanned finish. its silky-smooth texture with a 3d beach beauty embossment puts you in the mood for summer! Available in two versions – for lighter and darker skin types.

So this is it! Wow, so many new stuff, I've been writing this post for a really long time! Do you like the new products?  My personal favorites, stuff that I would really like to try are gel tints and lip creams, stick on eyeliners seem very fun, nail art twins and a BB cream :) What about you?
Also I already saw some swatches online, because Germany already has this new collection in stores :) And I must say lip creams look fantastic! Hope to get my hands on the new products soon! Stay tuned for future reviews to come! :)

Thanks for reading!

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