Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentines day mani :)

Hey there! So how was your V-day? Do you celebrate it? I never had the habit of celebrating, but I used the day to try my new nail polish :)

I used Essence glitter topper in 04 Sunshine and Red roses, Deborah Shine Tech in 50 and Depend Multipolish :)

I really loved this nail topper because it is soo cute! It was a part of a trend edition named Hugs and Kisses, you can check the whole edition here :) I usually would never buy or wear something like this, but I guess I was in the mood and I really loved it :)

So this is how I made this one, very simple indeed :) Fist I used Depend Multipolish (it can be used as a base or top coat), than one coat of Deborah nude nail polish, than one coat of glitter. I decided to apply the hearts only to three fingers, on all of them it seemed too much to me. And to finish off I again used Depend polish, to seal the glitter and prevent them from falling down :) It took me a bit longer to dry it all, especially  had to wait quite a bit longer after applying the glitter topper, because it was rather very thick and gluey and didn't want to dry as fast as Deborah polish did.

So here's the finished nail look. Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. joj kok luškani srčki... jaz pa nikjer nisem našla tega lakca :( :)

  2. ja res je prav posrečeno :) Em, mogoče boš še našla kje v kakem DMju, v Iliriji, ti LE grejo tako hitro da je težko sploh ujet kaj, ali pa probaj na kakem forumu če mogoče katera proda/menja :)


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