Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Essence - Fantasia TE

Hello lovelies! Finally I've got time to post this quick review of a trend edition that came out quite some time ago now.. like in December 2012. Unfortunately I didn't have much time  to post so this one got quite forgottten..

So what do we have here? Firstly I'm gonna show you swatches of the two lip lacquers that were available in this LE, names are 01 Queen of my cloud  castle and 02 Take a ride on Pegasus. First one looks something like a peachy colour with pink undertones, also on a different light a little bit orangy.. In my bathroom it looks completely pinky. When applied it also looks pinky, one coat gives you enough pigmentation, so I am satisfied with that. It also has a nice smell, sweet scent :) The applicator is classical, just like Essence Long lasting lip glosses :) The texture is creamy and applies evenly, it doesn't dry my lips, not even without any kind of base or lip balm.

The second colour was what I first wanted to bought, but than changed my mind and got them both. The colour looks like a red/brown - brocade version, if you know what I mean. My first association when I saw this colour was  - middle ages, red coloured, silky costumes for ladies... On lips it's a gorgeous red-brown, but on me kinda more browny, shiny and smells great! Also very pigmented, one coat is enough, applies evenly. I must say that both of these lip lacquers are very good, especially compared to the let's say Long lasting ones.. the pigmentation is even better, otherwise they are pretty similar.

I've got myself one of the two shades of eye liners, this one is metallic liner in 01 Not ivory but not ebony. I find the colour and the texture of this product really great and I must say it has become one of my favourites over the past two months. I don't even know how to describe the colour. It's  grey, but not really, kinda silvery, but not matt, rather shiny. When applied on eyes at a first glance it looks like I would have a liquid eyeliner thanks to the shiny colour. The texture is kinda creamy, but applies easily, evenly, it's not too soft. It stays on for at least half the day, using the eye base. I don't have any waterproof make up remover and even thou this product is not waterproof I had quite some trouble removing it. It just took a lot more swipes with the cotton pad dipped in remover than I'm used to and even that didn't really get it completely off.

I also wanted to try the shiny tear drops, but in the store I was just not sure if they would really stick to the skin or not. Especially they would be great for the Carnival we had, otherwise I'm not sure I would be using them. Also I loved the grey/silvery eyeshadow, but I already have a lot of similar shades at home, so I didn't take it.
Did you get yourself anything from this collection? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)

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