Thursday, February 1, 2018

Le Couvent Des Minimes - Botanical Cologne Of The Priory

Hey there! Colder months are usually perfect excuse to wrap ourselves in something soft, warm and spicy. However, me being me, I'll do the opposite every single winter season. I'll go for light scents, fruity ones or anything with lavender. I've been reaching a lot after fresh, citrus like scents and here's one I've loved from the start - Le Couvent Des Minimes  Botanical Cologne Of the Priory.

Eau du Prieure or Botanical Cologne Of The Priory presents a combination of verbena and citrus, so a very fresh, zesty scent, that would normally be associated with warmer time of the year. It makes me think of a cold lemonade on a hot summer day. 

Personally I can sense mostly verbena and lemon, maybe like a hint of mint and herbal scent to it and it definitely has that lime like scent that develops after a couple of minutes of wear. 

To those who don't like the lemony scents or dislike verbena in general I would suggest you avoid this one, as it might make you think of a fresh scented cleaning product. To me this is a perfect punch of freshness for any time of the day, I will wear it for any occasion really! Might also be a good alternative for those who liked the Eau Sereine, though that one is a lot less zesty and maybe even more gentle. Could also be a good replacement for anyone who likes fresh bergamot scent.

The scent at first seems a bit too zesty to me, but then it calms down into a fresh mix of verbena and lime. It lasts surprisingly well on me, actually longer then Eau Sereine. I can smell it on my skin for hours after initial application and don't need to reapply it half as much as I did with Eau Sereine. I find it perfect for days when I want to feel fresh and relaxed, or when I have days I need to stay sharp and focused.This scent definitely helps me feel put together, refreshed and energized!

Have you tried Le Couvent Des Minimes botanical cologne waters?

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Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product. My reviews are always based on my own experiences with the products!

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  1. Uuuu, tole se pa sliši čudovit vonj! Če le ni premočan. Ga ob priliki povonjam <3


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