Thursday, February 4, 2016

Balea Luxury - Golden Glamour :)

Hello! Are you also a fan of Balea products? I have a couple of products at home at all times, since I really like to buy their body and hair products, I especially like to try out new shower gels and hand creams. The big bonus being that their products are effective, don't irritate my skin and they are super cheap! If you love cosmetics as much as I do, or if you just take a moment at the stand and check out the prices of other brands - there is really almost nothing cheaper than Balea products, especially looking at whole DM store, but you can still get some products cheaper at lets say your local grocery store, as in Lidl or Hofer or such.. Don't take me wrong, I love that these products are so affordable! What I love even more is that some of these products are soo good that they could easily be from a more expensive brand! In todays post I am presenting two products by Balea Luxury, from their Golden Glamour edition, a handlotion and bath salt!

I have already talked about the hand lotion in my Winter essentials - handcreams post! This is truly hands down one of the most amazingly scented hand cream I ever had! The packaging is super luxury, especially compared to other Balea products, the black and golden combintaion looks very chic. I love that it comes with a pump dispenser, not like a regular cream in a tube. It contains 150 ml and is super sleek, can fit in the tiniest spot on your working desk plus you can carry it with you in your bag if you like, it wont' just oppen as you need to turn the whole dispenser head to get the product out.

The consistency is as the name already suggest like a body lotion, not too liquidy but not too creamy or heavy. One press on the pump will give you enough product for one use, meaning this bottle will last you for quite a bit.  Since this is a handlotion one would expect it to sink into the skin fast. Well it does faster than other creamy creams but still not that fast, you will need to take a moment and let it sink in. It leaves no sticky or greasy residue on my skin, once it sets it makes my hands really smooth and soft, without any unpleasant stickyness. I find it suitable for normal to dry skin, but not for those vith very dry skin or very sensitive one as this hand lotion simply contains too much perfume. Anyway, this could compete even with more expensive hand creams. Lately I've been loving especially the Kozmetika Afrodita hand creams and L'Occitane ones, which have been one of my favourites for a long time, but this really performs well, almost as well as they do. 

The scent of this collection is what really impresses me! It's oriental, slightly floral with vanilla and patchuli. The patchuli scent here is more on the gentle side, vanilla stands out more and is stronger. All in all, a product I recommend to any hand cream/hand lotions enthusiasts out there!

The bath salt comes in a simple packaging containing 80 g of product which should be enough for one use, but I actually used this one twice. The design with black and golden colour is the same as with hand lotion and the whole collection. The price for bath salt is really affordable  at 0,79 euros.

Bath salt is slighlty yellow coloured, it also leaves the bath tub coloured a bit and very strongly scented. My whole bathroom smells amazing and the scent lingered even after I already washed the bath tub and finished with my bath! The scent is the same as with hand lotion, very strong, so not suitable for those who can not stand strong scents. 

The use is very simple, just put in the tub, about 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, leave it to dissolve and than enjoy your bath for the next 10 to 20 minutes.

Love this bath salt as well as the hand lotion so much! I will definitely repurchase! The Golden Glamour collection also offers a body scrub/peeling and body lotion, so if you want you can try four different products! I ahve read great comments for those as well. If you prefer more fruity scents, Balea Luxury also offers Red Love collection with coconut and peach scented products!

Hope this post was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

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Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Balea ma zame ene boljših gelov za tuširanje, vsaj kar se tiče kjut embalaže in super vonja, sicer se na koži pol izgubi, ampak, ko odpreš embalažo je pa vauuu :D (Tamara)

    1. Ja tuš geli so res super in pa poceni! Meni je pa v bistvu všeč, da mi koža ne diši potem še ful dolgo, ker mi deluje da ima tak izdelek morda manj kemikalij v sebi...


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