Friday, October 16, 2015

First impressions: ALVERDE Oriental Bazaar LE :)

Hello! Have you already spotted this limited edition at your local DM stores? I have treated myself with three products from Alverde Orinetal Bazaar LE and decided to post a bit about them, just some first impressions. I will not be making full and very long review of the trio, as is usual for me. Oriental Bazaar limited edition was very interesting to me after seeing the promo photos and I was really excited to try something out. I admit I have not bought an Alverde makeup product for a long time as I feel like they are not as good as they were a couple of years ago and also I have so much makeup that is simply better. Still, the design of this limited edition was really pretty so I had to at least try something.

First product I have picked was a lipstick, there are three shades available - a browny lipstick, that seemed to dark for me, an orange red one and this deeper red shade 30 Safran-rouge. The second product my eyes seemed to be attracted to was this lip oil in a gloss packaging and I really wanted to try this out and see if this really works on the lips, helps my cracked and dry lips. Third product is a Loose powder in a very interesting packaging, shade 10 Desert dream.

This powder attracted me mostly because of the packaging, as I really don't need a new powder. There are two shades available one seemed too browny, more like a bronzer and this one seems too pink, more like  a highlighter. Most interesting to me was the packaging - on top you have a brush and a closing system to keep the  brush safe and under it like a system to transfer the powder to the brush and you can also remove the lower part containing the powder if you want, but be careful as you can spill it out. The brush is very small but very soft. The shade seems light on me, I actually use it more like a highlighter as it's so light and a bit pearly. I don't use this all over my face, just areas I want to add a touch of a different powder, similar like Bourjois Java de Riz powder.

Lipstick in shade Safran-rouge is a warm, a bit on a browny side, red lipstick.  The texture feels a bit dry, at least on my lips and I need to make at least four sweeps to get the shade just right. The finish is semi-matte, so there's some shine, but  doesn't last long. On the lips the lipstick feels more moisturizing and creamy, but application seems like there is something wrong with the texture as I feel like it's dragging on my lips and I need to put in some extra work to make the shade even and opaque.  The shade however is perfect for fall!

Lip oil is packaged like a lip gloss, it's got a clear liquid, very runny texture. It smells a bit sweet, more like a tea. That should be expected as its base is chai tea extract and argan oil. The applicator is actually quite big and rotating, which I don't like, I would prefer it more if it were a classic applicator. To me this feels too watery and not enough like an oil, still because of the texture it doesn't feel heavy, sticky or greasy on the lips. It gives them a slight shine. Personally I find that this just doesn't want to sink into the lips and it doesn't nourish them enough for me to be satisfied with the product. Too bad, I had higher hopes for this.

So here are my first impressions! I must say none of these products really got me like "wow, I love it", still I will find use for these three. The lipstick seems to remain my favourite! I hope this post was helpful to you! :)

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Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Olje je tudi meni izgledalo zanimivo, sem pa pričakovala da bo bolj podobno olju in da bo vlažilno. Ga bom poskusila še sama najti v DM-u, mogoče če mi bo lepo dišal ga vzamem ;)

    1. Ja ima lep vonj, mi je pa žal, da ni bolj vlažilno. Meni osebno je zdaj res premalo, ker imam ravno težave z ustnicami in mi ne pomaga kaj dosti...


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