Monday, October 19, 2015

Preview: Catrice - Treasure Trove LE :)

Sparkling Gems. Opulent jewellery,  elaborate sequin embroidery and iridescent lurex materials crown the winter holiday season. The new designer collections are extremely glamorous with “bejewelled” and lavishly decorated clothing. A festive, feminine make-up look is the ideal match for the unique fashion highlights. The  Limited Edition “Treasure Trove”  by CATRICE  presents the most important beauty pieces for this style from mid November 2015  until the beginning of January 2016.  The limited musthaves are matt or shimmering and greet us in elegant champagne-gold, warm brown and beige shades as well as contrasting apricot or red. The eye  shadow palette with eight highly-pigmented eyeshadow colours,  a  golden  powder  with  a  glow  and  four  nail  polishes  with a  light  pearl  effect  ensure  an unforgettable festive season. Celebrate Good Times – by CATRICE.

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Palette
Jewel  Case.  Eight highly-pigmented powder eyeshadows are the treasures of this palette. The silky, smooth textures with a matt or shimmering finish are easy to apply and ideal for fine shading. The colours are perfectly aligned and offer a wide range of shades with soft champagne, warm brown tones and deep black for expressive eye make-up styles.  The packaging  is  wonderfully  extravagant with an integrated mirror and an imposing star design. Available in C01 Blaze Of Glory. 

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Precious Lip Colour
Lips to Love.  Three limited colours and the unique packaging turn the Precious Lip Colour into a product to fall in love with. The three lipsticks in soft nude, fresh apricot and elegant red offer intensive colour and have a convincing light texture. A subtle shine on the lips is the perfect finish for this look – ideal for heading straight into the festive season. Available in C01 Jewel Daze, C02 Caviar And Champagne and C03 Treasured Twinkles. 

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Liquid Liner
New Years Eyes.  The  golden  Liquid Liner  -  a  dip  eyeliner  with a brush applicator  -gives anyeye make-up style a festive touch. Thanks to the fine bristles, the accurate application of eyeliner is as easy as child’s play. The  liquid,  metallic gold texture is long-lasting and a true eye-catcher for special occasions.  Available  in  C01 Golden Grace. 

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Powder Blush
La belle de nuit.  This blush with a golden glow ensures a radiant complexion. Applied on the highest point of the cheekbones, it accentuates and contours the face. The unique star-relief structure on the soft texture turns the blush  –  a combination of warm  rosewood  and  champagne  highlights  –  into the  must-have  of  the  season. Available in C01 Caviar And Champagne. 

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Golden Powder
Golden  Sparkle.  A  light  shimmer  in  a  soft  champagne  shade  creates  festive highlights on the face and neckline. Best applied with a powder brush, the pressed powder  with  a  beautiful  star embossment  is  ideal  for  setting  gorgeous  accents. Available in C01 Golden Grace. 

Treasure Trove by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
Joy to the World. The four Nail Lacquers offer a festive nail look in the colours of theLimited Edition:  nude with a gold effect, light apricot,  coral and dark red. All limited polishes have a glamorous pearl effect as well as an extraordinary packaging with a golden  lid.  Available  in  C01 Jewel  Daze,  C02  Golden  Grace,  C03  Caviar  And Champagne and C04 Treasured Twinkles. 

“Treasure Trove”  by  CATRICE  will  be  available in stores  from  mid  November 
2015 until the beginning of January 2016.

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  1. Vau, ta temno šminko bi imela in paletko če je lepo pigmentirana :)

    1. jaz tudi, temno šminko, paletko najverjetneje ne ker imam takih odtenkov že milijon, mogoče tale golden powder, mi deluje tak lep fino mlet :)


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