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12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Swedish Spa Beautifying Hand Set

Hello! Another one in my 12 Days Of Christmas blog post series! If you are a big fan of skincare products and also nail polishes and nail art, than this will be perfect for you! I am talking about a special set that includes three products all meant for making your hand soft and cared for, perfectly prepared for nail polish on top! Here are my thoughts on Oriflame's Swedish Spa Beautifying Hand Set!

The beautifying hand set includes three products - relaxing hand soak, refining hand scrub and conditioning hand massage cream. Each product corresponds with a specific step in the hand care routine - cleanse, purify and hydrate.

Step 1: Relaxing hand soak with HydraCare+

The hand soak comes in a transparent plastic bottle and contains 100 ml of product. It has a slight colour to it, gentle pink undertone. With this you can prepare your hands for further care. It includes peppermint oil giving it a fresh scent. How to use? Find a big  bowl or plastic holder, big enough for both of your hand sto soak under water. Pour in some warm, but not too hot water and add the product. Personally I like to add about a teaspoon of soak and mix it with water, than sink in my hands and let them soak in the mixture for about 5 to 10 minutes. If the water gets too cold I tend to shorten the soaking time. It makes my skin very soft and the cuticles softer than usual

Step 2: Refining Hand Scrub with HydraCare+

The hand scrub is similar like a body peeling, but has more fine particles in it and hydrates better than body peelings.It comes in a plastic tube and includes 50 ml of product. I like that I can just squeeze out the desired amount and not dip my fingers into a pot. The use is simple, you take some of the product between your hands  and you rub and massage it into your skin and take specially time with the fingers and cuticles. Than you just rinse it off and dry your hands. It gently exfoliates and prepares your hands for next step -  hand cream. I like that the particles here are not too desne and very gentle, so there is no rough feeling. Also the scrub is a lot more creamy than expected, making it very nice to use. It has similar smell like the hand soak.

Step 3: Conditioning Hand Massage Cream with HydraCare+

Last step is good hydration. The last product is a hand cream that also comes in  plastic tube including 50 ml of product. This one is not transparent as is the scrub one, but comes in a white coloring. The colour of the creme inside is white as well, the scent the same as the other two products from the set. To complete your skincare rotuine you just massage a fat drop of cream into your hands and cuticles. The texture is just right to allow you enough time to massage it in and does not absorb too fast. When finally massaged in it does absorb and dry fast leaving your hands soft and well nourished, without any greasy pr sticky film on top.

L:  hand scrub, R: hand cream
I like this set as it's something different, not like other hand care products I have, It makes me feel like I am treating myself to somethign special and it works best in the suggested order which allows me to take some time for myself and treat myself. The set includes just the right trio to make my skin soft and hands nourished and I like to do this before making any kind of manicure, as I really get my nails and cuticles ready. Another aspect is also the normal price for this set which convinces me this is ideal treat if you want it for yourself or for a gift. The regular price is 11,90 euros, but I bet you can get it for less as well, depends on the discounts and the time you check the catalogs. I like this set, it's nice to have a treat like this at home!

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**PR product. My review is honest and based on my own experiences with the product.

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