Sunday, December 4, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Cupcake Socks :)

Hello! Time to talk about something different! I have received a different kind of gift than usual, it's not cosmetics related! In my second 12 Days Of Christmas blog post I am presenting to you Oriflame's Cupcake Socks! Yes, I am talking about socks, so click for mote to see why!

Socks are most definitely not a common blog post around here! But I got these cuties and I though to myself - why present just the usual cosmetic gifts that we can give each year to our sisters, mother, aunts, friends  and girlfriends, why not post something different as well? I know gifting a pair of cute socks is nothing wow and new, but these wre too cute to pass up!

In the currently available Oriflame catalog they also offer these cute cupcake socks! They are made from polyester and combine some vibrant colours - pink, white, purple, some gold in the two cuffs at the top. They come in such a cute packaging! The box is super pretty and can be used for another gift or recycled to hold your lipsticks, for example. Inside you get a pair of socks, folded together to make them look like a cupcake with cherries on top! There is also a golden cord and a bit of lovely shaped paper to write your dedication or best wishes.

I find this a perfect gift when you don't know what to give to someone! For example for friends, for your sister, for your boyfriends female relatives. :P They are cute, useful and will come in handy during colder months for sure! The size of these is sort of universal, should fit anyone between 36-40. My size is 39 and I think these fit me well, they don't slide off my feet and don't feel too small. I expect them to stretch with time, as the material is soft and not the usual cotton socks. They are mostly meant to be worn in the comfort of home, on your sofa or your bed, while watching a movie or just reading a book. They are just socks but at the same time they represent a nice gesture and they are a bit different than purchasing regular cotton socks for everyday wear.

If you mised my first blog post in the series, you can read it here - 12 Days Of Christmas - Oriflame: Giordani Gold Jewel Powder.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product, not sponsored post. My review is always based on my own experiences with the product.


  1. Iiii luštne nogavice <3 Odeja je pa tudi super ;)

    1. Hvala ;) Odejo sem si tudi privoščila, bo super podlaga tudi za fotke za blog :P Pa še topla je :D

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