Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Giordani Gold Eye Shadow Quad

Hello! We are getting closer  and closer to Christmas and here is already third blog post in my 12 Days Of Christmas series! I have never before made such a holiday inspired series and I am having quite a lot of fun doing it. So for third blog post I chose to talk about Oriflame's Giordani Gold Eye Shadow Quad in shade Radiant Plum! I have had this palette for about a year now and I have used it a lot, some shades more than others, but here are my thoughts about it!

This is not a new product on the market but has been around for over a year now. In that time I have had a chance to try out one of their eyeshadow palettes, in total they offer three different ones. I have tried the one that seemed most interesting to me - it has a selection of pink, purple and golden colours, as the other two are more classic, in shades of brown and grey. 

The packaging is classic black with golden writing on top, looks elegant just as the whole Giordani Gold collection does. The shades as well have the same embossed design of two G letters, standing for Giordani Gold. The packaging is plastic, but strong, though could be made much better, perhaps like the jewel powder. It includes a mirror and also double sided applicator I have lost somewehere long ago. I prefer to use my own brushes anyway. The price is 14,90 euros, but you can purchase it for less, when the product has a bit of discount. You do have to keep up with their catalogs though!

Radiant Plum palette includes one very light, pale and bright shade suitable for inner corners and to use as a highlight under your browbone. It is not matte but neither too shimmery, so it will be perfect for everyday use. The second shade is a light berry shade, tends to photograph a bit more on the pink than it really is. The third shade is very shiny and includes a lot of fine glitter, it's perfect festive shade as it's a mix of golden, light brown shade. The last shade is a more deep purple brown shade, also includes the least amount of glitter. These all have good pigmentation, but they are not super pigmented. The best pigmentation has the shiny golden brown shade. The first two shades are good as well and have more glitter added, so the finish is shiny, but not too much, not like the golden brown shade. The last shade is ok, but I hoped it would be more strongly pigmented. They are all very soft shades, have a nice texture, are easy to apply and blend, don't crease at all. They do dust quite a bit and the darkest shade doesn't show that strong and dark on the lids. The first three shades are great, applying, blending, but the last one doesn't get the right intensity that it may seem to have straight from the palette. It can be built up though and with a good primer these shades last very well on me, for 8 hours without any changes at all. I have not worn them for longer, so I can not say if  they would last more or not, but I think they would.

The two shades that have been most used are the lightest one, for my inner corners and also under my brows. I have used it a lot to blend the shades together and soften the look, if I went too dark. The second most used is the golden brown shade, a lovely warm golden hue, I loved to use for everyday looks! The other two shades have been most worn last winter and this fall/ winter season! They are just the right berry brownish sort of shades to create a soft smoky eye look but without actually using brown eyeshadow or classic grey and black. I like that they have different finishes, so I can play with them a bit more and create different looks. The darkest shade, even though not as good as I hoped it would be, still gives decent colour payoff and can be layered. It looks soft and natural, especially in combination with brown eyes, not as stark and strong as it looks directly from the palette. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I loved this palette last winter, I used it almost daily for two months straight, than I got to use just the two shades I liked best. Now I am rediscovering it again and I still think it's a great palette!

If you have tried the other two eye shadow quad let me know in the comment section! Did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product. My review is always honest and based on my own experiences with the product.

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