Friday, December 2, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Giordani Gold Jewel Powder

Hello! It's time for a bit of dirrent blog post series here at UniqaPoly! In the days up to Christmas I am preparing 12 blog posts dedicated to some products I have been testing and loved by Oriflame and today I am starting with first one! I am finally talking about one of the most luxuriously packaged powder I have ever had - Giordani Gold Jewel powder! Here are my thoughts about it and a short review!

Giordani Gold was always considered the more luxury line of products by Oriflame. I have tried a couple of them so far, mostly lipsticks, also eyeshadows, nail polishes. I am mostly impressed by the products from the collection so I was really looking forward to trying out this powder as well. The Giordani Gold products are as some say - cheap luxury, as they are not as expensive as some more luxury brands but you can still achieve amazing looks and spend less money at that.

The packaging is as usual with Giordani Gold products - black box with golden writing on top and usually a golden packaging as well. The powder includes 9 grams of product, the price is 19,90  euros, but you can get it for less, for example right now in the current catalog the price is 13,99 euros.

The super soft powder is presented in the elegant golden packaging. The powder provides transparent cover, doesn't give much colour on top of your foundation. This powder is more suitable for dry and mature skin, because the light-reflecting effect glosses over fine lines, but at the same time doesn't settle in them. Powder promises to provide smooth and matte finish. There are only two shades available, Light and Natural. I have tried the shade Light, and I can say it's suitable for those of was with a more warm undertone and light skin tone, but not for those with porcelain white skin.

The golden packaging is super pretty! I can see myself using this in other blog posts as well, beacuse it's just so pretty! It resembles the  Météorites  products by Guerlain. Inside it also includes a sponge applicator, which I don't use, I prefer my brushed and also includes a mirror. Easy to transport and looks very pretty  to swing out of your hand bag and use it to reapply your lipstick. I will definitely include this in all my holidays parties! :)

I use this powder right on top of my foundation and I usually apply it with a brush. I started testing this with the usuall  fluffy brush, but I felt like that one didn't pick up enough product and after two hours I was getting quite shiny. So next time I used a very dense brush, big brush cut straight diagonally. This one picks up a lot more product and this works better for me. My face doesn't look over powdery (if it does, I go over with a  makeup setting spray). The powder doesn't have any fragrance added to it, making  it suitable for those who prefer to use non scented products. It's also not dusty and doesn't crumble, even though I give it a good and fat swirl or two with my brush to apply this all over my face and neck area. It does have a matte effect, as promised and when applied a bit more thick, it lasts well on me. I am usually noticing signs of oilyness coming through my foundation in about two hours at least, if not sooner, but with this one I looked ok after four hours. I must admit that my first impression of the powder wasn't that great, as I applied too little of it with a big  fluffy brush. Now that I have perfected my application I am satisfied with the result. My skin looks healthy, not too white or pale, I don't look dusty either. The powder helps me keep my face looking matte for long enough to say it's a good powder, I have not had a powder that would keep my face matte for more than two hour in a long time. The exception here being Rimmel's translucent powder and Bourjois's Healthy mix powder. I love the packaging, pretty and compact, will not open in your bag when on the go. However, the price is a bit high in my opinion and you can get similar results with other drugstore powders, that as this one, also don't settle into pores or on top of any skin problems, help you stay matte, don't dust all over and at the same time look pretty. I like this powder, however, if I repurchase it, I will wait for it to be in catalog with a discount. I will most definitely keep the packaging, even if I only carry it around for the mirror and maybe some cotton pads. It just looks so luxurious, I know it will tempt me to repurchase!

Hope this review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

*PR product. My review is always based on my own experiences with the products!


  1. Dejansko izgleda zelo obetaven. No, pa embalaža je krasna <3.

    1. Meni je zelo všeč, sploh zdaj, ko sem se navadila kako ga nanesti, da ga ni premalo ali preveč :P Embalaža je pa sploh top, letos res precej padam na izdelke, ki so uporabni in hkrati zgledajo luksuzno!

  2. I agree very pretty packaging! Nice review! :)


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