Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: NovAge cleansing routine

Hello! I have tried a lot of skincare products in the last couple of months, A lot of those products were also cleansing milks, lotions, toners and cleansing gels/foams. I was also testing and trying out one of the latest new products by Oriflame from this year - NovAge collection. From the collection I have tried first the gel cleanser and toner, later this year I have also tried the micro peeling. Than I established a skincare routine that I really liked and my skin also responded well to it. Here's what I used and how it worked for me!

The packaging of these NovAge products is pretty simple and nothing special really. The gel cleanser come sin a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, includes 200 ml of product, so it will last you some time. I think I will use it up in about 3 or 4 months ( I did use other products in between as well, otherwise this would last me for about a month and a half - I use a lot of cleansers). It's easy to pump out the right amount without getting your hands into the product. I also like that the packagings are high and sleek, they seem more luxurious that way.  The use is simple, like any other cleanser really. Just take the desired amount into your hands and massage it all over your face, rinse with warm water. I find this one a very nice cleanser, it's transparent gel and has a fresh scent to it. I like that it foams up a bit, but it's not like for example the liquid cleansers that foam up once you try to pump them out of the bottle. The product includes CellActive technology, promises to deeply cleanse  and help obtain the right level of hydration. My skin is after use soft and calm. I also like that it causes me no redness or any such problems. However I would not say this is a deep cleanser as it really just gets on the surface and does not include any peeling or such properties. I like it especially beacuse it works well with my skin and causes no irritations.

This one actually joined the duo in the last month, but I have quickly become a fan of it. I use this as my second step, on days when I feel like my skin needs more cleaning. The packaging of this one is actually the most pretty, as it's a plastic rose coloured tube that includes 100 ml of product.  I like that the scrub has just the right amount of pearls in it, not too much, not too little. It feels creamy, but not greasy and does not leave my skin sticky or anything. It's also not too harsh, so I guess it will be suitable for normal to mixed and oily skin. Maybe not the best choice for very dry and sensitive skin. It also has a slight scent to it, a fresh one and actually smells better than the other two products. The scrub includes fatty acids, micro pearls and shea butter, making it effective and caring at the same time. My skin is after use very soft, plump feeling and the structure of the skin looks more even. I really love this one, I would recommend it to almost anyone!

Last step before applying serums, oils, and creams is toner! I know many think this is such un unnecessary step, but I realy got used to it and I will always consider it important! It completes the cleaning part, making sure my skin is really clean and removing any remaining nasties and at the same time it prepares my skin, hydrates it and makes it more soft and supple.  The toner comes in the similar packaging as gel cleanser, plastic bottle, that includes 200 ml of product. I am usually super hyped about a good toner, however this one did not impress me. It's ok, but I just don't like the feeling it leaves on my skin.  I apply it with a cotton pad and it always feels too wet if that makes sense - like it doens't want to dry up and sink into my skin, it leaves a shiny, sticky feel afterwards. My skin sometimes reacts to it in a bad way, turning a bit red. I don't know why, but I really don't like this toner much. I prefer a lot more the one I tried from the EcoBeauty collection.

I hope this short review was helpful to you! I really like the micro exfoliating scrub and I will keep using it. The gel cleanser impressed me as well and I have almost used it up! If you have tried any of the NovAge products let me know, I would love to read about your experiences.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR products. My review is always honest and based on my own experiences.

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  1. Artikel yang bagus gan, bisa dicoba untuk semua orang...
    pure skin dari oriflame bisa jadi refensi untuk menghilangkan jerawat terlebih jika menggunakan skinpro sebagai alat pembersihnya agar lebih maksimal hasilnya....


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