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12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub

Hello and welcome back to another blog post in my 12 Days Of Christmas series! Another product from Oriflame I have anted to try for as long as I have known it existed and I finally got the chance to do just so! Time to talk about some Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub!

I was always interested in trying out as many products as possible from the Swedish Spa line. I just felt like it was a skincare collection on a a bit higher level, a bit more luxurious than regular drugstore products. Up until now I was lucky to try out some of them and they were all good or great, not one product dissapointed me. So I was truly eager to  try their body scrub as well. I have read some great comments about it before and so my expectations were high.

The packaging is simple and in reality nothing special. It's a plastic round pot with a cap that opens up with a twist. It includes 150 ml of product. The price for such a product and amout of it is not the cheapest, at 16,90 euros, reminds me almost of the prices LUSH has for similar products. However, you can get it for a lot less, even less than 10 euros if you pay attention to their catalogs and check them regularly. :)

The product is presented as a body peeling with aromatic scent and Hydracare+ complex, which promises to hydrate and nourish your skin. Salt and ground almonds promise to help make your skin smooth,  ginger oil to tone your skin and almond oil to smooth your skin, with vitamin E for some extra protection. 

I am always interested in trying out some peelings, for face or body, and this one was very interesting to me. I wanted to see if this one can do anything better than the cheaper, drugstore ones. I use this scrub for body and hands as well. I always use it under shower on wet skin and gently massage it, I never apply this on dry skin. If I use it for my hands, as a preparation for nail polish and such I apply it to my dry hands, massage it in and than rinse. 

The texture is just right, not too dense, but still not like some other scrubs I had that you could just squeeze out of the tube and it was more like a shower cream with some scrub in it. It has a light yellow colour to it and the granules are densely distributed through out the whole product. I find this a lot more dense than the usual drugstore peelings and such products, which I really like. The point here is the exfoliating effect and this one does just what it promises. The scent is described as  a mix of almonds and ginger, but to me this smells like Christmas, spicy, aromatic, warm. I do not smell much of the almonds though. The texture is more oily than creamy, I would put this in the category of more rough scrubs, but it did not damage my skin or cause me irritations. To me this really works great - has a nice exfoliating effect, the feeling after use is fresh, clean skin, smooth and also hydrated a bit, not dry and red and patchy at all. As this is a salty scrub it will irritate your skin if you have just shaved your legs or if you have any skin problems that might react with the salt and leave your skin feeling burning. 

I like to use this scrub when I feel like I have not done any scrubbing in awhile and my skin needs to be better cleaned than usual. I like that it performs well on my skin, it provides me with good, effective exfoliation without causing any more skin problems. Even though this is oil based I still need to apply some more hydrating care to my skin after it, especially now in colder months. If my skin is in a good shape and smooth I feel like if I go over with this scrub I don't need to use anything else, as my skin is already soft and smooth, feels like I already applied the lightest texture possible and hydrated my skin well. So on those days I keep my skincare short and don't apply more products. I would consider this a more rough scrub, with bigger granules inside so more suitable for normal to mixed skin type, not for those with sensitive skin. It super easy to use it for a massage and I really like the scent!  The quality and effect on my skin convinced me and I like this scrub a lot, I am also definitely putting it on my repurchase list. However, I am using it up quite quickly, even though it can be spread and distrubuted on the skin evenly and effectively. I just don't know how to use a tiny bit for one shower time, so I suspect with regular use I will finish this pot pretty fast! Anyway, I will keep my eye out to see if it will have a discount soon or not, as this one really worked well with my skin. 

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Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product. My review is always honest and based on my own experiences with the products.

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  1. Artikel yang bagus gan, bisa dicoba untuk semua orang...
    pure skin dari oriflame bisa jadi refensi untuk menghilangkan jerawat terlebih jika menggunakan skinpro sebagai alat pembersihnya agar lebih maksimal hasilnya....


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