Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Discover Cuban Rhythms! :)

Hello and welcome back to my 12 Days Of Christmas blog post series! Have you had your cup of coffee today? I have to go make myself one because this post just smells soo great! I will be talking about Oriflame Discover Cuban Rhythms products that smell of coffee beans and sugar! 

I have been feeling the coffee vibes in the makeup products lately and if you can remember, not long ago I posted about LUSH Cup O'Coffee mask on my blog.  Since the I felt like searching for products that include coffee in them, not just the extract, but also the scent or even whole beans and such. I have come across two products by Oriflame - a shower gela nd a soap bar named Cuban Rhythms and I just had to give this duo a try! 

The shower gel comes in a plastic bottle that includes 250 ml of product. It is nothing special in terms of packaging, but I love the design on the label. It looks warm, and cozy with palm trees, the old buildings and cars that are still in use in Cuba, coffee beans and the warm orange-yellow colour design. The same goes for the soap bar, just a plastic wrap that includes 90 grams of product. The prices were a bit lower when I bought these two, the regular ones are 3,79 euros for a shower gel and 1,99 euros for soap, which is very affordable.

The shower gel has a nice texture, not too thick, but not too liquidy. I don't need much for one use and it foams up a bit. It has a very lovely sweet scent, but the coffee isn't too overpowering. It reminds me of a mix of tonka bean, tobacco scent and roasted coffee beans. The same goes for the soap. I am curently using both products and they are both good, though not that special in sense of skincare. They will satisfy your needs if you have normal to mixed skin type. If you have sensitive or very dry skin this probably won't hydrate your skin enough. For me this shower gel is hydrating enough and I don't need to apply a lot of it. Also in winter time I always apply some body lotion after showering as well, as my skin on my legs gets really dry, but I don't expect a shower gel to be that nourishing as well. It doesn't work against my skin - meaning it doesn'0t dry it out some more, so I  will use these two up! The scent of coffee beans and sugar lingers on the skin a bit, but not too strongly. On me I can more or less smell the sweet scent and a bit of coffee can be sensed, but not too much, therefore it doesn't wake me up in as coffee would, making this shower gel suitable for evening use as well. The scent is not too feminine either so I think men could use it as well! I am definitely going to try out some more of the Discover collection products, these two were definitely worth the purchase!

Hope this short review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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