Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: My Naked Truth EdT

Hello! Another one in my series 12 Days Of Christmas is in front of you! This is my fifth blog post in the series and I though I would include a special fragrance in this series, one that is not usual choice for autumn/fall season, but still smells divine! Here is my short review and thoughts on Oriflame's My Naked Truth eau de toilette

I have loved this fragrance for a long time now! The packaging is very cute, very unlike me in general, I am not a fan of pink, but this one looks very pretty! I admit it looks more luxurious than the price would have you believe. The oval shape in the middle is super pretty and I love that it's seethrough.  The bottle includes 50 ml of product, which I find a lot for the price of 29,90 euros. You can also purchase the fragrance for less, but you need to keep track of current catalogs and check the prices there. I have spotted it several times for less than 20 euros. 

The perfume itself is soft, powdery, fresh and floral at the same time. It's completely opposite to heavy, war scents we normally use in colder months. This one is fresh like a breeze, sets my mind thinking of sandy beaches and warm weather. This fragrance is fresh from the start and than settles into more powdery, floral scent. The top notes are bergamot, litchi and apple blossom, the middle notes include apricot, rose and osmanthus and the base notes are more classic choices - sandalwood, cedar and cotton flower. 

The combination is very unique, I have not tried anything similar from Oriflame or any other brand. I love it especially because of it's freshness and the holiday feel it gives me. It doesn't smell sweet at all, so no cheap tricks here! It also doesn't give that sporty feel, but is more suitable for elegant, feminine ladies and it gives an aura of intimacy.

As this is EdT it does not last very long on me, so I like to carry it with me and reapply. The longevity is average and the sillage as well. As this is not a perfume, I do not expect it to be very longlasting and therefore also understand the price for the  volume of the bottle. I think it's definitely worth the purchase and it will keep me company throughut the holiday season for sure!

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Thanks for reading!
Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product. My review is honest and based on my own experiences with the product.

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  1. Bere se čudovito in tudi embalaža je nekoliko drugačna, zanimiva. Love it. xx


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