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12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Oriflame: Eco Beauty!

Hello again! How are you? I know you have been expecting more blog posts before Christmas but due to some technical dificulties I was forced to post a couple of blog posts later than the actual schedule. I hope you will enjoy them anyway. This is 9th blog post in my 12 Days Of Christmas blog post series and I am talking about Oriflame's latest skincare collection called Eco Beauty. There are six products in the collection and here are my thoughts about them!

The point of using cleansing milk is to remove your makeup and any other impurities, without it drying out your skin. I use this cleansing milk as the first step of my night time routine.  The packaging is simple white with a lovely flower as the design. It includes a pump dispenser, making it easy and clean to use. Each product has a differentflower on it, according to the one that it includes inside as an ingredient. The packaging includes 200 ml that I managed to almost use up in about three months. The texture is creamy and I consider this milk really gentle. It includes eco harvested sunflower seeds oil  and water extract of cornflower blue, which you can also spot on the packaging. The product does not include parabens and has ECO cert certificate for organic cosmetics! I have good experiences with the cleansing milk. It's soft, creamy, don't need much to apply it all over my face. It really works well to remove my foundation, but may need some help removing mascara. I usually use this milk first, take a cotton pad and remove the makeup and other nasty things that get stuck to my face during the day. Than I go over with a cleansing gel and water to really get everything off my skin. My skin had no negative reaction to the cleasing milk, the scent of it is also very neutral and gentle, so I was very pleased with it!

My next step, after making sure I got my skin really clean, is using a toner. I have also almost used this one up and I started using it  the same time as the rest of the collection. It has a white packaging and  it also includes 200 ml of product. It comes with a spray on top so you can either spray it on your face or open it up and  apply it on the cotton pad and than on your face.  Toner helps you calm your skin down and refresh it and also helps if you missed any spots and still have any makeup left to remove. It smells very nice and I really love to use it daily! It includes calming, organic rose water and chamomile. It is recommended that you use the toner especially in the morning, but I got used to using toner both in my morningn and evening routine. The formula includes rich ingredients that have a lot of antioxidants, helps to calm the  skin and protect it as well. As the rest of the collection it has ECO cert certificate. My skin really likes this toner, it's light on the skin, sinks in fast and leaves it soft, but not greasy or sticky feeling or looking. It also helps with the pores, making them look a bit less obvious and prepares the skin for some more skincare.

This was the first product I have used up! I loved this serum so much! It hydrated my skin so well, I just hd to use it every day and only once I was done using it and there was nothing left have I started with testing of the facial cream. It is described as a light, cooling serum with organic  evening primrose oil and aloe vera. It promises to sink into the skin fast and make your skin more glowy and hydrated. It comes in a plastic packaging which include 30 ml of product.  I really like dthe texture of this one, which was super light, but just creamy enough. My skin really loved this serum, it was fast absorbing, the finish was natural and normal looking, not like a glowy disco ball. My pores loved this one - my skin was really well prepared for foundation and other makeup. I could actually see the difference this serum made on my skin and I loved it very much. I was to see it being used up so fast. I was really using it a lot  and it was gone in about a month or so. Another thing I loved was that it didn't leave any sticky feeling on the skin and I was never waking up with greasy layer on my skin but with smooth and fresh looking skin. The scent was gentle and I liked it, to me it was a bit of a mix between floral and herbal.

This is universal cream suitable for all skin types. It promises to give you intense protection for a more smooth and glowy skin. The cream is gently scented, but I find the scent as gentle as with the rest of the collection and therefore very non invasive and nice. The recommended use of this cream is in the morning after using eye cream and serum. The application goes to face, neck and neckline area. It includes lingonberry and sea buckthorn, is rich with fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, and also includes vitamin E. It is in a similar packaging as the serum, but it includes 50 ml of product, so more than serum. Both serum and cream have a pump dispenser, so you are not dipping your fingers into the product and I have had no problems with getting all the product out from the bottle. The bottom moves up as you use the product and therefore helps it squeeze it out faster. I find the texture of this cream much more rich than that one of the serum, also the dispenser gives way too much product for one use so I suggest you press it gently. Otherwise you will get out one big fat drop of cream that just goes all over your face twice. :P The cream has a nice feel though, very smooth and easy to apply and massage into the skin. It needs more time to sink in than serum and can leave my skin a bit sticky for about 10 minuted until it gets really absorbed. If I apply too much it also makes my skin more greasy than usual, so if you have mixed to oily skin type, I suggest you really use a light hand on the dispenser. The effect on my skin was good, but not as visible as with the serum. I think the serum just does better job with hydrating than the cream, though my skin reacted well to both of them and I have less issues with hydrating and smoothing my skin than before.

I was always sceptical about using eye creams and weather they do anything or not. Lately I can not stop using them and I do see a lot of difference! My skin is not so purple and blue under my eyes, it is smoother and than concealer doesn't crease into lines around my eyes as much. It definitely helps me look more refreshed and alert.  The cream comes in a plastic white tube and includes 15 ml. This may seem little but this cream is meant only for the under eye area, not even for your eyelids. So as the area is small, you don't need much product for it. The cream promises to have a light texture without any scent and also promises to be absorbed quickly. The effect should be hydrating and reviving. It includes lingonberry and sea buckthorn, same as the face cream and also has no parafines inside. Both, the eye and face cream have ECO cert certificate and also Fairtrade as they contain Fairtrade ingredients. The texture od the cream is indeed light and there is no specific scent I can sense. I like to use one tiny drop for both my under eye areas. I never get puffy and my skin likes the cream a lot! I wake up with smoother skin under my eyes and also looking less dark. A plus is also, I can layer this under my primer and use it in the mornings as well as it helps smooth the skin for foundation and concealer. I have really liked this eye cream from the start and I am happy to see that it will last longer than the ret of the collection. :P

This is the only product that comes in a glass bottle. It has a pump on top so you can more easily  control the amount you squeeze out. The bottle includes 50 ml of oil and among other products really looks the most luxurious! It includes argan and cotton, which both help to deeply nourish your skin and it's a perfect combo for a night time  treatment. I was always using this oil as a part of my evening routine as it's too greasy to go over my foundation during the day. The combo offers the skin a lot of vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil is known to include  lipids, similar to those in the skin, that help your skin to regenerate and protect itself. The cotton extract includes fatty acids that help nourish and protect the skin, also help calm down and protect dry skin. How to use this oil? You take a drop or two into your palms, heat it up a bit with your hands and than gently massage it into your skin. Making the oily a bit more warm will help it with absorbing faster. What I like about this oil is that it's not too greasy but at the same time does not feel like a liquid care with a hint of oil. I try to use two small drops to massage into my face as if I use more my skin gets super greasy and it's just too much product for one use. Along with the eye cream I think I will have the oil a bit longer than the rest of the collection. The effect was what really convinced me that this oil was doing something. I was waking up with super soft and nourished skin. My pores looked smaller, my colour looked normal and neutral, no red or grey patches on my face.  The skin was super soft through out the day and any spots I had healed a lot faster. The magic combo was using the oil first, letting it sink into my skin and later applying some serum on top. That was just the bomb! My skin really transformed and loved the combo, those were really great skin days! Also applying serum on top made sure I was not waking up with a greasy face but more with a soft and hydrated face. If I use only oil, I can still see the difference, however I dislike the sticky feeling I have on my skin when I wake up inthe mornings. Anyway I love this oil! It also has a slight scent, to me it smells like carrots, but I don't mind, it's a gentle scent and doesn't disturb me.

All in all, I love this collection. Every product has ECO cert certificate and works well with my skin. Also the face and eye cream include Fairtrade ingredients. I would ove for them to create a more luxurious packaging, similar to the one they made with the facial oil. Otherwise I really have no complaints. The cleansing milk and toner work well for me, but I have been most satisifed with the serum, eye cream and  facila oil. The face cream is good as well, but I just see that it doesn't nourish my skin as the other products do. So on my repurchase list are definitely the serum, eye cream and facial oil!

Have you tried any of these?

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**PR products. My opinion and review is honest and based on my own experience with the products.

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