Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Review: Mirati - Face wash

Hello! I love trying out new face washes and skincare products, especially gels, cleansers and toners. Mostly because I always use them up and nothing ever goes to waste. I am finally  posting about a face wash I tested last summer - Mirati Face Wash! Mirati is a Slovenian brand that I have never met before trying this product. So here are my thoughts on the product, check to see if I liked it!
The packaging is simple, a blue and white box and inside you get a tube that includes 150 ml of product. It doesn't take much space and can be easily transported, nothing will be broken or leak.The price is 18,18 euros and it's available at Mirati.

What it promises to be? It's supposed to be a dense hydrating gel  with natural ingredients, organic Aloe Vera and lemon essential oil. It promises to cleanse, refresh and hydrate. It has EcoCert certificate, it's free from parabens, phtalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance. It is also animal friendly, not tested on animals and developed in Slovenia. For long lasting effects it is recommended to use twice a day. The innovative, patented and eco-friendly tube design keeps the product fresh and also helps extract more of the product out than usual tube packagings. 

What it actually is? To me this has a gel like texture, it's very light. On it's own it was good only on days I didn't wear makeup. Otherwise I really had to clean my makeup off first and than go over with a cleanser. I liked the texture and the effect on my skin. It does feel refreshing and doesn't dry out my skin, also doesn't irritate it. However I didn't get the feeling that this would hydrate my skin in any way. Still, it's very mild and the scent of this just didn't work for me. My boyfriend tried it as well and he commented that this smells bad to him, so I kinda thought I might have gotten a bad product, but since there was no other bad reaction to it, I guess it's just the natural fragrance it has that bothered us both. Also, in order to really get my face clean I used up quite a bit of this. I felt like this product ran out too fast and for the price it has (it's not a cheap natural cosmetics product) this just didn't impress me as much as it might have. It gets the job done but nothing more. Personally I won't be repurchasing.

Have you tried any of the Mirati products? Do you have any recommendations?

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**PR product. Review is always based on my own experiences with the product.


  1. Tudi mene osebno ta izdelek ni prepričal, še posebej pa me je zmotil vonj - res mi ni bil všeč. Zdaj ga uporablja moj fant, ki pa ga očitno to ne moti.


    1. Pri naju je bilo ravno obratno, je njega vonj bolj motil kot mene. Porabila sva do konca, ampak to je tudi to ;)

  2. Nekdaj sem imela tester in se spomnim, da mi je bil všeč. Ampak me ni dovolj navdušil, da bi opravičila njegovo ceno in kupila full size :)


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