Saturday, March 18, 2017

Drugstore treats: DM brand - Trend It Up

Hello! I wanted to talk about a couple of Trend It Up products I have been using in the past couple of months. I have tried out three products so far - a nail polish, a lipstick and one eyeliner. There has been so many exciting comments and chatter since Trend It Up started out in Slovenia back in September 2016,  that I had to finally add my five cents to it. Check out are my impressions!

Trend It Up Contour & Glide Kajal 052

At first I was impressed with the pigmentation and so I decided to buy it. Than I got to use it a couple of times and tahn just never got back to it. Until after new year, for the last two months I have been wearing this one almost daily! The packaging is simple black plastic, you just twist the kajal out. The colour of the cap helps me identify it a bit easier among other liners and kajals I have. The shade is a mix of purple, brown with some bronze shimmer. The shimmer is small and not too visible. The texture and pigmentation are amazing! It's super smooth, glides on without problem, one stroke is enough to get a full pigmented line! The staying power is also very good! I always use primer though, but I have not noticed any fading throughout the day. I am very impressed with this one and I would recommend it to anyone! I will definitely get more shades! The price is about 2 euros.

Trend It Up Ultra Matte lipstick  420

I was actually having high hopes for this and expected it to impress me the most. It comes in a black plastic case, the usual. Still it's quite tough and doesn't break as easily as say Essence lipsticks. I especially tend to break the caps. It includes 4,2 grams of product. There are 10 shades in the matte range and when in store I just couldn't decide which one to get. So I opted for a more neutral, everyday kind of shade.  I like the detail on the lipstick, engraved brand name. It has a bit of fragrance, best described as vanilla sweet one. The shade would be best described as warm nude brown with peachy undertone. A classic shade that would suit a lot of people and could be worn with different makeup looks. I like the texture - not too creamy and not too stiff, but a bit more on the dry side than I am used to. For a matte lipstick it's still very comfotable to wear. Also it's not completely matte, or at least not on me. I find this one tends to dry down a bit later, so the finish gets more matte withing 30 minutes of application. It's not drying me out too much. However, this one likes to transfer a lot and I felt like I needed to reapply too often, unless I wasn't eating or drinking at all. On swatches it looked more matte from the first swipe, but on the lips it seemed more semi matte. With this shade the pigmentation is great, I only need one layer and I'm done! And no need for a lip liner. All in all, it's a good lipstick, especially considering the price, about 2,30 euros.

Trend It Up Double Volume & Shine nail polish 410

From all of the nail polishes they offer this one simply just stands out! The shade is a perfect mix of mossy green with bluish undertone. I couldn't resist this one! The packaging is simple glass bottle that includes 11 ml of product. The price is again super affordable, around 2,30 euros. I find the brush flat and a bit shorter than I am used to which I really like! Plus it's round cut which helps me not to get the nail polish into my cuticles too much!  The formula is creamy and well pigmented. If I am careful I can get away with just one coat, but I usually get ahead of myself and rather just go and apply the usual two layers! I liked that this dried up quite quickly and also that it has a nice shine after! Staying power is good, but on me it's a special trick to stay any longer than two hours. With this one I got two full days without any scratches or chipping. Than it started to chip and all, but I do not blame the nail polish for that, it's just my super weak and soft nails that like to bend and the nail polish on top cracks.

Because I know that drugstore products are something that anyone and everyone wants to read about and get as many reviews as possible I tried to find a couple more reviews from fellow slovenian beauty bloggers!

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Hope my review and the links were helpful to you! I will be definitely trying out some more affordable products in the future! I got my eyes on their glosses and blushes, so those will be the next in the my shopping bag!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. I've got Trend it up compact powder and it's the best of all I had :)

    1. Great! Whcih one do you have? Does it have a good matte finish?

  2. Svinčnik za oči me je takoj pritegnil - odtenek. Vsekakor moram pogledat več njihovih svinčnikov. :) Tudi odtenek šminke mi je všeč, čeprav ni čisto mat. Laki so edini, ki me res niso pritegnili.
    Hvala za omembo ;) <3


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