Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hello! It's the end of March, so perfect timing for some February favourites! I am super late as usual! There were a couple of products that I really liked using in the previous month and I am kind of thinking that I won't be making March favourites at all, as I keep using the same products all the time. So let's see what impressed me the most in the previous month!

Skincare has not changed much for me in the last couple of months. I have been using mostly the same products until I used up some of them and got to finally try some new ones that were waiting for me! First I have tried  Afrodita Professional Clean Up Cleansing foam*. I have received this last year at Lepotno 2016 event and I must say I really like it! It's a gentle foam cleanser and it really  does the job as it's supposed to. After this I never find any traces of dirt or makeup on my face and my skin feels really soft. It's suitable for all types of sensitive skin and even though my skin is mixed to greasy, this still does the job just as well. Also has very gentle scent to it, a lot more natural than for example Nivea's foam cleanser. For removing makeup I loved L'Oreal Extraordinary oil Milky gel make up remover 3in1. It was on my wishlist for a long time and I am so glad I bought it even though I have a couple of cleansing milks and such already at home. This melts away even the most resistant mascara and leaves my skin super super soft! I have never tried any cleansing lotions, milks and such that would leave my skin so well nourished and soft. Has a bit of fragrance to it, but it's not too strong. Also the texture is not too liquidy as the name might suggest, to me it resembles more a body lotion. After cleansing I love to use toner or some kind of face spray. I've been using a lot L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting mist.  This is another gentle product and smells really lovely! I need to get some more products from the Pivoine Sublime collection!

After a super long time I finally got to enjoy some bubble bath and in the past two months I really loved this one - AVON Reindeer Bubble bath New Year edition plum & vanilla! Smells amazing, vanilla is quite present here, also gives nice purple coloring to my bath! The bubble here is real! So much fluff to play with, really love this! As for skincare I used a lot the Balea universal cream with frangipani & coconut scent, because it just smells so nice! Lightly scented with coconut and absorbs quite quickly, I like to use it as a hand cream! Also love the tin packaging and it's super cheap! Actually the bubble bath is affordable as well, I think I gave about 2 euros for this bath!

Makeup wise I was actually using the same products all the time. I kept going for the AVON  True Color eyeshadow quad Mocha Latte. I mostly use the lightest shade all over and under my brow area as it just blends so well and doesn't look dusty at all! The next most used shade is the third one, the shimmery bronze one, as it's perfect everyday shade for me. To tie the look together I used a lot Trend It Up Contour & Glide  kajal 052, which has great pigmentation and is super easy to apply! It's actually  a mix of purple and brown with some shimmer and suits best daily looks instead of regular brown or black eyeliner. For my undereye area I was searching for a new concealer, something that would have a really good coverage and came across the new Essence one. Essence  Camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory is the right shade for me and the texture seems a bit more runny than the Catrice liquid camouflage concealer. I like to use this one on my undereye area and on any red acne as it seems to really cover them well! Also it's more on the yellow undertone than not and it's another reason it suits me well! 

As for lipsticks I was feeling the nude vibes and the shades that I can just slap on and not worry about. So along with the fact that both most used lipsticks have gorgeous shades and last decently on me I was mostly using just two lippies, both with liquid/mousse formula - REVLON Ultra HD matte lipcolour 645 HD Forever and L'Oreal  Lip paint Lacquer 101 Gone with the nude liquid lipstick. Revlon one was a bit pricey if you ask me but the shade is so beautiful that I just can't stop wearing it! The L'Oreal one is more classic borwny nude with shiny finish and the Revlon one is nude shade with pink undertones and semi-matte finish. They both feel very light and nice on the lips, no drying out and also no need for a lipliner to go with it. Two shades I can just apply and go, no need to work them in like red lipsticks. Perfect everyday shades for me and my skintone also looked best with my usually nude/brown eye look. Really recommend both of these!

Top - L'Oreal, bottom - Revlon

Have you tried any of these products? I especiallylove both lipsticks, the eyeshadow palette and eyeliner - plus the fact they are all mostly in the range under ten euros and very affordable!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * have been sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Baleina krema je res odlična, sploh za tako nizko ceno. Me je pa bolj navdušil vonj breskve in papaje :D

    1. Ja, sploh ne morem verjet, da jo uspejo prodajati po taki ceni! Imam tudi breskev i papajo, pa mi deluje bolj poletna! :P

  2. Super za essence korektor, upam, da bo barvno ustrezal tudi meni ;) Avon četvorčki imajo posebno mesto v moji kolekciji, vsakič znova me navdušijo!

  3. Essence korektor je v mojih marčevskih favorit. Meni je tudi odtenke izredno všeč. Sploh to, da je res lepo svetel. Perfekten za posvetljevanje pod očmi :). Revlonovo šminko sem videla v živo pri kolegici, pa se mi je zdela malo bolj mauve kot sem si predstavljala. Tako, da jo bom verjetno izpustila. Čeprav formula je pa res odlična :).


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