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Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Smoky Plum, Mocha Latte, Au Naturale, Pulsate

Hello! As the title already suggests - this will be  a post about one of my favourite makeup brands and their colour quad eyeshadow palettes! I have been loving these in the previous year and I keep wearing them almost daily! They have been around for many years, so they are not new on the market (some shades have been relased last year), but they are really good and they are also pretty low budget!

The packaging - They all come in a black box, black plastic case. They inlcude a two sided sponge applicator (that I never use) and a mirror! The closing system is easy, just press it together, but not too hard and can be easily opened.  They all include 4 shades and they have numbers on them, so it's easier to create a look following the order of the numbers if you are checking out a  tutorial for example. Each contains 5 grams of product. The price changes from catalog to catalog, but I usually buy them when they are priced about 6,50 euros. I think this is very affordable, especially considering the quality of the shades.

The shades - I have gathered four palettes in the past year and I will definitely buy more as these really impresse me. I have won one palette over at a fellow beauty bloggers page, Adjusting Beauty, the shade Mocha Latte, I have purchased two palettes myself - Smoky Plums and Pulsate, I was sent one palette for review purposes - Au Naturale. From the bunch I actually use the most the both nude palettes - Mocha Latte and Au Naturale. They have a selection of very wearable  shades I can combine in everyday looks. When I feel more confident I prefer to wear the plum shades and when feeling playful and experimental I liek to wear Pulsate and the blue/lilac shades. The two natural palettes, Mocha Latte and Au Naturale are pretty similar, apart from the shimmery bronze shade in Mocha Latte. They are not exactly the same but are very very similar. Also important  - none of these crease on me and last very well! I have never noticed any problems, no changes and I have worn them all day, at least 10 hours straight. I always apply primer though, as I have oily eyelids.

Texture, pigmentation - These are all so nice! Smooth, silky, almost no dusting. The two all matte palettes, Pulsate and Au Naturale both have very silky texture and may seem a bit more on the dry side. These two dust a bit, especially the lighter shades. The shades blend really well together and I have no troubles combining them all together. You can build them up some more and the pigmentation is really good, though there are two ro three shades that dissapoint a bit (more about that later when I describe all the shades separately). 

The first shade is very light nude shade, it has a bit of shimmer in it, but it's not that obvious. I like to use this one to blend the shades, as a base, under my brows, in the inner corners or to correct and lighten up the look, when I go too dark. I use this shade a lot even when I am not using these palettes at all, I tend to go and search for it specifically as it really is universal for me.

Shade 2 is already darker and would be best described as warm taupe shade. This shade is matte and I like to use it all over my lids and than apply other colours on top of it. 

Third shade is my favourite from the palette - shimmery, warm bronze brown shade that I just use like every second day! It's just dark enough fo everyday use without making my whole look too dark and evening appropriate. 

Shade 4 is a classic, warm chocolate brown shade! I prefer to use this one as a liner or in the outer corners of my eyes to create some depth. I do not use it often enough though, the lighter shades in this palette are just more pretty.

First shade is a very light lavander shade, that actually doesn't show so well on me. It has some shimmer in it, but it's too pale to actually show as lavander on the eyelids. However, it is perfect to lighten up the rest of the shades.

Shade 2 is a more classic shade to combine with the pinky-plummy shades, a light grey shade. To me it seemed more like a mauve shade, but it's actually just a good matte grey shade with a hint of purple to it. It's very pigmented and doesn't dissapoint at all!

Third shade is actually a muted mauve. It looks a bit more on the berry side and not too cool. Again a matte shade with a great pigmentation. Also my favourite shade from the palette, I love to combine this one with the brown-ish shades from Au Naturale.

Last, fourth, shade looks very dark, like a dark greyish purple, but it's really a very dark plum shade. Another matte shade but to me is a bit more dusty and therefore I feel like the pigmentation isn't that great as with the other two matte shades.

The first shade is very light, but has good pigmentation. It's a warm nude shade, which I mostly use for inner corners or for under my brows. I like to wear it on it's own as well, especially when in a hurry I just apply this all over my lids and add some liner, mascara and I'm ready to fo. It lightens up my eye area but looks natural.

Second shade is a light blue mauve shade, looks gorgeous but is actually the least pigmented in the whole palete. I admit, I was dissapointed by this one, as I really hoped this pastel light blue-ish shade will be more opaque. Still, it's not that bad, I like to apply it over my  lids and combine darker shades with it and it looks super pretty for spring/summer season!

Third shade is actually the reason why I bought this palette! I was just so mesmerized by the look of it and fell in love the first time I saw it! It's a perfect combo of blue and purple, I have no idea how to describe it, but to say it's a lilac shade with blue hints. The pigmentation is great and I love this shade so much!

The last shade is a more of the usual sorts, a grey matte shade, not too dark and not too ashy. It looks very pretty combined with the first two shades! All of the shades in this palette are matte!

The first shade is a universal, warm nude, very similar to the shade in Mocha Latte palette. A shade I mostly use for under brows. It's completely matte as the rest of the shades in the palette and has good pigmentation, you can actually see the shade, doesn't just blend into the skin and becomes invisible as it often happens with such light shades.

Second shade is  a more warm light brown, a bit on the taupe side. I love this shade, especially love to use it all over my lids as a base or to blend darker shades and lighten up the look when I mess up and go too dark.

Third shade is chocolate medium brown shade, but it's a very neutral shade, so it's hard to say weather it leans on warm side or not. I use this shade a lot, especially for daytime looks. It's got the perfect pigmentation and doens't need much work.

Shade 4 is the darkest, a dark chocolate brown on the more grey, cool side. Perfect for linign the eyes or smokey eyes effect. Also has great pigmentation and never looks ashy or uneven.

Final verdict - I love these! The shade selection is great! Their matte shades are actually matte and well pigmented. They include four shades that you can easily combine and the natural palettes are perfect for everyday use. If you want to go crazy, you can always get a palette like Pulsate! :P They last great on me, I use primer under it but they don't move at all! The pigmentation is very good, the texture is great as well, the matte palettes dust a bit, though. The price depends on the catalog, but as mentioned before, I usually get them for about 6 euros, which is a bargain for a quad of such quality! Will definitely buy more!

Have you tried these? Any favourites?

Thanks for reading! Hope this review was helpful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Au Naturale was sent to me for review purposes.


  1. I've never tried these products, but the shades of smoky plum are gorgeous <3

  2. Meni so tudi všeč te palete. Predvsem mi je všeč ta sistem, da so vedno kombinirani štirje odtenki, ki pašejo skupaj. Sploh so mi všeč kakšne omejene izdaje, ki imajo bolj barvite odtenke :).

    Smoky Plum je ena izmed mojih najljubših - sploh odtenek 3, kot tebi :). In mat verzija nevtralne je prav tako nepogrešljiva.
    Mi je modro vijolična v Pulsate takoj padla v oči. V paleti izgleda popolnoma drugače. Res čudovit odtenek :).


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