Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NEW IN - February 2017

Hello! Another month, another bunch of goodies! I must admit I feel like we skipped past two months and went just straight from December to March! I've been to the drugstores some more in February as I was finally not feeling ill and actually need to go purchase a couple of products. So here's my selection of beauty new in's!

I am not investing much in the skincare products as I still have so many to use up and I don't want to waste them. I mostly treat myself with face masks and products I actually use up, like cleansers and such. So here's one of the cheapest buys in the previous month, I had coupons for all of these and spent about 6 euros for all 4 products. Garnier Moisture + tissue masks have quickly became popular and I have tried the blue one, Aqua Bomb before and I liked it. So this time I bought all three just to see if there are any differences between them. I have wanted to try the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Milky Gel makeup remover for a couple of months now! I do not get the difference between this one and the one in the pump dispenser packaging though, they seem the same? I opted for this one though, I thought it will be easier to squeeze out the product. It's like a lotion, but not too creamy. I like the end result - clean skin and super soft! This makes my skin really really soft! it's softer than after my usual skincare routine, after applying my cream. Love it!

For Valentine's Day, or a bit later, beacause of the problems with Pošta Slovenija (as usual), I received this lovely Oriflame duo - Eclat Mademoiselle and Eclat Lui*, a fragrance for her and for him! I love the simple packaging, just like the rest of the Eclat collection. I have already posted a short review of these two - you can find it here, but it's only in Slovene.

Three random purchases, because I couldn't stop myself! :P I have ordered another shade of the new AVON lipsticks, Supreme Nourishment in shade Nurturing Nude. It's a lovely nude shade, though it's so universal on the lips, I might end up giving it away to someone who will wear it more often than me. I got a new nail polish, finally! The Essence  Out Of Space stories nail polishes look so pretty, so I had to get the one that called out to me the most -  05 Intergalactic  adventure. I love the shade, looks so very pretty, you can check it out on my Instagram. Even though it's such a dreamers shade, I will not be posting about this one,a s I have nothing good to say, apart from praising the shade. It chips in less than an hour, I went to work and been there no more than two hours and half of my nail polish was already chipped off. I mean big chuncks of nail polish chipped off! If the only thing you do all day is type than maybe this will last better on you. The last one is a new lip product I adore! I had to buy the L'Oreal Lip paint lacquer in shade 101 Gone with the nude as it's a perfect nude shade for me and looks really nice! Love the texture and staying power as well, it's not a lip stain or anything like that, plus it has a doe foot applicator, just like alipg gloss, not a sponge applicator! The rest of the shades didn't really appeal to me. Plus, at the moment, you can get these for a bit less using DM store coupons. I kinda wish I waited for March, I could have purchased this one for less (though the regular price is not that high at all, about 8 euros).

Some Click2Chic treats I wanted to get for myself, because I didn't buy anything for myself as a birthday treat in January! I always find an excuse to shop pretty stuff! I  purchased another one of the REVLON Ultra HD matte lipcolours, got a shade called 645 HD Forever. I love this shade from the first application, I wear this as often as possible! The scent, texture, application and shade are just perfect! I also wanted to try the new Essence Camouflage full coverage concealer, just to see if it's any better than Catrice one. This one is pretty similar, I have it in shade  05 Ivory. I use it mostly for my under eye area and it works well! Doesn't crease much, covers well, buildable. The last item is a Beauty&Chic contour brush, was also recommended by a fellow beauty blogger and I must say I like it so much! Soft, picks up just enough product to get an even and easy application, easy to blend. All three products are great, will probably also include them in my favourites!

One of the eyeshadow palettes that intrigued me at the end of last year was itStyle Smokey  Natural 16 colors eyeshadow palette. I finally bought it because of the red-ish shades that it includes! The pigmentation is really good and  swatches looked promising, I didn't have time to properly test it out yet. The price for 16 eyeshadows is 13 euros which I find quite normal and affordable.

And because I am weak I couldn0t say no to the new Maybelline The 24karat NUDES palette as well. I got mine for a bit less than 9 euros at DM store, there was a discount and I think there is another one right now. I just bought it at the end of the month, so no time to swatch it yet, but it looks gorgeous. There are two shades in it that didn't look convincing to me, but I loved the Blushed nudes palette so much I thought I might give this one a try as well! You may have noticed I am not one of those who buy stuff and immediately opens it up and starts using it - therefore, the reviews come later, especially if I have no time to take photos. If you want a review for this one, let me know and I will try to get it up as soon as possible!

Two new lip glosses by Essence - Shine Shine Shine wet look in shade 07 and 10. Very similar nude shades, they almost look identical in the packaging as well as on the lips, one shade is lighter pink though and the number 10 is moreof a nude pink. Similar texture as with the previous glosses. I like these two but they are nothing special. I have received both of these as a gift from a friend and I use them a lot as they are simple to apply, no mirror needed and good everyday shades.

A bunch of products I actually bought for the carnival masks. I wanted a very thin brush fro eyeliner and such smaller, more precise strokes so I bought Catrice Eye liner brush  from Eyeconic art LE. I like that's it double sided so I can create a more flat line or a very thin one. Also with it I bought Catrice White liner pen from the same LE. I needed it for creating face masks for kids and it is almost empty now and the tip is ruined, so there won't be much use for it anymore. It's not as white anymore either, the liquid that comes out is way too transparent for a white eyeliner. From Essence I bought two new camouflage brushes, for blending and colouring in the shapes and also one eyebrow brush, not really for the brows but more for the fine lines and such that I need to draw on kids faces. I will use these on me from now on, of course. I really like the camouflage brush, perfect for blending in concealer under my eyes and spot correcting. The other white liner is also by Essence from the Winter glow LE, 01 White like a snowflake. Another item I have purchased just for the sake of creating masks. It really helped beacuse it's more of multi-use ombre lipliner, meaning it has softer texture than usual eyeliners and I was able to use it anywhere on the face. Last piece is a brush that I bought just for myself, no other excuses - Body & Soul (from Muller) powder brush. It's very soft and I like that I can gently dust powder on top of my foundation instead of packing it in a heavy layer, making it too visible.

Also for the purposes of carnival and creating kids masks I have received a bunch of products by itStyle*, you can check what I got in this post here! Scroll down to the last photo. If you are interested I will post about those up here as well? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Essence laki so se meni zdeli vsi zanimivi, ko pa sem jih videla v trgovini, pa me je nekako minilo. Zdaj pa mi vsaj ni žal, da nisem kupila, če tako slabo zdrži. Revlon Forever je že na moji wish listi :D. Škoda, da nimamo Revlona v našem Müllerju.

    1. Na meni se je res takoj krušil. Odtenek pa tako krasen! Forever je odličen odtenek, se ga splača kupit! :)

  2. Super nakupi. Me pa zanima bolj podroben review itStyle paletke, zgleda super:)

    1. Hvala! Ste izkazale kar nekaj zanimanja za paletko, tako da bom naredila oceno ;)


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