Saturday, April 22, 2017

EMPTIES - Hair products!

Hello! I have gathered such a huge pile of empty products in the last half a year that I finally gave up and got to photograph everything! I realised that the pile is even bigger than I initially thought so I have divided it into three parts and three separate blog posts! Here is first part - hair care products I have used up and a bit of a short review for each of these. The  other two blog posts will include skincare products and facial skincare with makeup bits. Those two blog posts will be even longer, so get ready for picture heavy super long posts! Check out if any of my used up products are also your favourites!

Batiste dry shampoo for brown hair is one of my favourite products! I just can't force myself to try anything else for those second or third day hair, as this does the job perfectly. If you follow me regularly you already know I love these and have been repurchasing them for a long time now. I think I will continue the trend! It works well with my roots and my hair, actually helps with greasy scalp and makes my hair looking freshly washed and it's affordable. I only wish a can of this would last me longer thou. :P

Last year I also got to try some other Batiste dry shampoos, the scented ones - Batiste Floral&Flirty blush dry shampoo 200 ml & 50 ml and Batiste Fruity&Cheeky dry shampoo. I liked them, especially the fact they never leave my hair white looking and are just as efficient on me as the brown hair version, however I just simply prefer the brown version. These smell a lot better though,I liked the floral&flirty scent the most. I will probably refrain from repurchasing these, maybe just the small 50 ml size as it's travel friendly. L'Oreal Elvital dry shampoo with clay didnt work for me. It had a nice scent, but it just didn't do anzthing for my hair. They were maybe looking a bit better the next day, but I couldn't use this for my third day hair, as it just didn't do anything. I used it up, but I will not repurchase.

L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology shampoo has been seen on my blog a lot! I love this one ever since it came out about three years ago? It gives the softest hair and helps a bit with volume, also nourishes well. My boyfriend also uses this one and likes it too, plus it's often available on discounts at DrogeriMarkt or Muller stores, so it's also pretty affordable.

As you can see I am quite a Batiste and L'Oreal fan when it comes to hair care products. I have switched up between and tried some more shampoos or balms, because I simply wanted to try something different. L'Oreal Elseve Nutri-gloss luminizer shampoo was ok, light on the hair, worked well, but on the long run I don't think I will repuchase it again. It was ok, my hair liked it, but Fibrology simply does it better. However I love L'Oreal Elseve Arginine resist reinforcing shampoo. This gives my hair so much care, thickness, volume and super glossy shiny and healthy looking finish.  I like the scent and the milky texture as well and I will definitely be repurchasing this one! L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary oil nourishing conditioner was good, but L'Oreal can still do better. I liked this one especially in colder winter months as it nourished my hair a bit better and I might repurchase it next season. It has a very nice scent and I never needed much to get my hair fully nourished and soft.

Lately I have been loving NIVEA hair prodcust as well. Last year I got to try out  the new edition to their hair care range -  Hairmilk all round care shampoo and All round care conditioner. This together worked miracles on my hair! They were super smooth, velvety and shiny, very well hydrated and smelled like the classic NIVEA scent. I really loved this, even my boyfriend commented that my hair smell amazing. With L'Oreal I never  have longlasting scent in my hair, I usually just smell something clean but not a specific scent. I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as possible, just have to use up my stash! Vichy Dercos anti-dandruff shampoo is a classic fro me since I was little and first had problems with dandruff. I always repurchase this one whenever I have problems and my boyfriend uses this on regular basis. It really helps and actually gets the job done without damaging the scalp. Forever a favourite and always in my stash!

Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner was ok in general, it didn't grease up my hair too much, but still provided some goos care. I have already posted review so you can read some more, I liked the scent of this and the extra volume this gave me! I may end up repurchasing it, but I think it's more likely I will try something new. Balea Beautiful long serum for hair treated my hair really well! I have used this on my hair ends after every wash and it helped keep my hair ends whole! A bonus - this is also heat protecting! Will definitely repurchase as I don't use it up too fast, I think I had this for a couple of months! Oriflame Eleo protecting oil was amazing as well! I loved the hair mask from this collection and the oil was good too! It's not greasy and doesn't clump my hair together as other hair oils tend to, my hair ends usually are well nourished and less prone to splitting. I would prefer it even more if the price would be a bit lower, but it's ok, I'll just wait for the catalog with discount price.

And done! This is it, all of my used up hair care products from the last couple of months... Like the last half a year! Have you tried any of these as well?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jao, s tem vonjem od Nivee me mamiš. Samo kaj ko vem, da za moje suhe ščetine tole ne bo dovolj. Vidim, da ti grejo suhi šamponi :) Jaz v povprečju porabim enega na leto, ampak se v bistvu brezveze špricam, bolj za parfum kot za res :D Balein serum za zaščito las je pa super :) Ga tudi sama redno uporabljam.

  2. L'Oreal fibrology je tudi meni odličen za malo več volumna. Zdaj se mi ta arginine resist prav tako zanimivo bere. Mogoče pa naslednjič tega kupim :). Batisteje jaz vedno neke z vonji kupujem. Pozabim, da imajo to verzijo za rjave lase, ki bi bila verjetno še boljša. Jo moram sprobat :).


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