Friday, January 2, 2015

NEW in December 2014 :)

Hello everyone! Happy NEW YEAR! As my first resolution, sort of, I wanted to post about my last years newbies, everything I got and bought in December :) I hope you had lovely holidays and received som great gifts, I must say I have received quite a lot last year and I am really greatfull to all and everyone who remembered me, thought of me and was so awesome to buy me makeup/cosmetics  (and other gifts, not makeup relatedXD) :P There is nothing better than receiving new toys to play with :)

Let's start with a list...
- Catrice Viennart  LE, Shimmer lip colour C03 Klimt's Ardent Kiss
- Catrice Viennart LE, pocket mirror
- Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet matte finish 01 Personne ne rouge!
- Rimmel London 60 seconds, 315 ready, aim, paint!
- Alverde Naturkosmetik, Gesichtsol Wildrose, rose face oil
- Essence  XXXL Longlasting lipgloss 14 make a statement
- Essence colour&go The suede 196 I love my blue jeans
- LUSH cosmetics Northern lights bath bomb
- L'Occitane Jasmin& Bergamote shoer gel, body milk, perfumed soap
- Le Petit Olivier a l'Huile dArgan lip balm stick with anti-aging argan oil
- KIKO Make up Milano Street Fashion eyeshadow palette 01 Harmonic Swing
- homemade Body butter with mango, shea and cocoa butter, bees wax, almond oil, bergamont oil and vitamin E
- Essence Studio nails sweet mini file
- Christina Aguilera Secret Potion Edp 50 ml
- Beauyt bag
- Yves Rocher Fruits Noirs Blackcerries hand cream
- Kozmetika Afrodita Oil Control 24thmoisturizing cream
- Balea Pflegecreme with roses and lavander scent
- Kozmetika Afrodita Clean Phase normal to oily skin, face tonic with hyaluronic acid and lemon extract
- MaxFactor Facefinity All day Primer extends the wear of foundation SPF 20
- Oriflame Sweden, Giordani Gold Baroque lipstick in Cerise Drama
- Oriflame Sweden Nail sticker
- MaxFactor Colour elixir lipstick in725 Simply Nude
- Avon Hollywood collection LE lipstick in Hollywood Siren
- Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing lip polish in 020 Jen&Berry's
- Dior Addict Fluid Stick 754 Pandore
- Catrice  La La Berlin LE, lip gloss in shade C02 Ruling Red
- Maybelline New York Instant Anti-age effect Eraser concealer
- Sleek MakeUP Celestial palette LE
- Nivea anti-perspirant dry comfort plus deodorant
- Balea Professional Oil repair hair oil
- Essence Studio Nails caring nail oil
- Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in shade 005 Parisian Passion and 010 LA Exclusive
- Wet'n'Wild Coloricon eyeshadow trio in 383B Knock On Wood
- Sleek MakeUP i-Divine eyeshadow palette 578 Storm
- Oriflame Sweden True perfection refreshing eye illuminator
- Oriflame Sweden Possess EdP 50 ml
- BornPrettyStore jewellry - dragon earing, hair decoration and gothic-like bracelet

Let's start with my favourite part - GIFTS! At work I have received some really lovely gifts. Let's start with the home made body butter in the little yellow round pot. It smells really nice, the scent of bergamote and is also very nourishing, really like it. Plus I like the idea of giving something home made. I have also received a mini nail file by Essence, Studio nails sweet mini file. Very useful and handy to carry in my bag :) The last one on the photo is a mini bag which I will probably use for cosmetics, I don't think it's by any brand, I think this was also home made, it's simple and pretty and I really like the design, not too girly, but not boring.

Next gift is from my beloved and it's a set of L'Occitane products with Jasmin&Bergamote scent. I have received this as a part of our anniversary gift and I really love the scent. I have already tested the shower gel and body lotion and I really lke both of them. Also I plan to use the soap to shower and also kinda scent the bathroom as it  really is very strongly scented and I can smell it even now when it's still closed. All in all this was a great surprise gift and I am really happy I got it :)

Moving on to my "Secret Santa" :) I got a secret santa gift from another beuaty blogger and it was from Ana and you can check her blog  Beautysaur here. I got some chocolates, some snow poop( some white mints:P) and also some cosmetics. Here you can see my new nail polish by Essence, colour&go The suede 196 I love my blue jeans and also a lipgloss by Essence in shade 14 Make a statement. And I have also received the most amazing smelling bath bomb I have ever had, it's by LUSH Cosmetics and it's their Nothern Lights bath bomb. I have already tested the gloss and I have worn the nail polsih for NY's eve, topped with also Essence, Icy Fairy top coat. I have not tested the bath bomb yet, but I plan to do so this weekend :)

And now my second part of my birthday gift :P My birthday is actually on 15th January, and last year I got a gift card from my bf's mom and I didn't spend it all at once. I bought two L'Oreal lipsticks first, the Collection Privee Eva's Nude and  Color Riche 378 Velvet Rose. But than I was saving the gift card for something I really wanted but couldn't decide and so they year was almost at an end and so was the validity of the gift card and I have finally decided what to buy. I got myself another Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet shade, I already have Grand Cru, but now I have also bought the 01 Personne ne rouge!Than I was just in time to get my hands on a full Catrice LE stand and I bought the Viennart pocket mirror with this beautiful design on top and a lipstick, another red one Shimmer lip colour c03 Klimt's Ardent kiss. Very happy with all three products, I have worn the Personne ne rouge! for Christmas dinner and it's a perfect bright red :)

Another Christmas gift for me :) I got this bright red nail polish by Rimmel London, 60 seconds in shade 315 Ready, aim, paint! I currently don't have any such strong and bright shades so this is quite a refreshement for my nail polish stash. I have also received an oil from my wishlist, it's by Alverde and it's theirs wildrose face oil I wanted to try and I already did. It smells nice and it really makes your skin very soft and nourished. Perfect skincare for winter time, even if you don't have dry skin type. I got this lovely gift from a friend, who also loves makeup and you can follow her  Facebook page Makeup@ (Make-up Afna).

And some more Christmas gifts :D I am going to smell nice as my bf told his mom I have a wishlist post on Facebook and she got me a perfume I really liked, it's by Christina Aguilera, it's called Secret Potion EdP. I really really like it and I am really happy I got stuff from my wishlist :P Also from relatives I have received two amazing little gems. I got the KIKO Makeup Milano eyeshadow palette from their spring/summer collection called Street Fashion in shade 01 Harmonic Swing. It inclused five different shades, from a pearly white to greyish and almost black shade. Than I also received a lip balm, and as an lip product addict I couldn't be more happier. I wanted to try this one sometime and I already got it for Christmas :P It's by Le Petit Olivier  and contains argan oil.

And finally some product I have bought myself... I went to Salzburg at the beginning of December and there was this Yves Rocher store and I decided to go try someting and they had this new winter collection and I have treated myself with Fruits Noirs Blackberries hand cream which smells amazing and really perfect for winter time. I also bought some gifts there, I hope they turned out to be as good as this hand cream. Than at my local DM store I bought this Balea universal creme with rose and lavander scent in a vintage design tin. There were two available, the other one had a different design and smelled of cherry cola, but I thought I would not like the scent and the tin of this one was much prettier. This is almost empty already as you get 30 ml of the product. Anyway, it's a very good cream, I use it as a hand cream and it really does well. But as for the scent, it's very gentle and honestly, reminds me a lot of the regular Nivea creme in a tin, so I will not repurchase. Also at DM store I bought anotehr face cream, by Kozmetika Afrodita and it's theirs Oil Control 24h moisturizing cream. I wanted to wait with this purchase, but the discount was valid only for  a short time and so, well what the hell I bought it. I have already tested it and it's really good, love the lemony scent and that I am not greasy all over my face in the morning, plus it does nourish well. As for a long term effect I need to test it some more.

And a photo with a mix of products with different purposes. When in Salzburg I visited their DM store as I wanted to check the prices and offers and I bought this hair oil by Balea Professional as I was just running out of my previous one by Schwarzkopf and this one was recommended to me many times. Plus it was cheaper there than in Slovenia. So far I like it, smells nice, will see how it will work for me. Than next is Essence Studio nails caring nail oil. This was also very recommended to me and as I have been strugling all December with very ugly nails and cuticles, I really needed some help. So far this was a pretty good product, but will see if this is something that actually helps on the long run or just at the beginning and than it's like I am not applying anything anymore. And the last one here is by Nivea and it'a another of their roll-on deodoarnts, this one is called Dry comfort and so far I like it, just a regular deodorant, not much to say about it.

And some of my repurchases. I wanted to wait ( use up some products I still have)  before repurchasing these, but than I got a really good offer for this Maxfactor face Finity all day primer and I said well, better save now than spend even more later... :D You can read some more about my primers here. And the same goes for the toner by Kozmetika Afrodita Clean Phase hyaluronic acid & lemon extract, I really liked this one and I had 25% discount at DM store and nothing I needed or wanted to buy, so I was like.. what will I need next.. and decided this would be best to repurchase as I am stocked full with every other type of products you can think of :P

And time to talk about my new lippies... I went a bit over the top this month with the lippies, as I really don't need all of these.. but how could I miss the offers.. I got one red creamy lip gloss by Catrice from their La la Berlin LE, it's called C02 Ruling Red and it's a fantacstic polished deep red and has full opacity with one swipe. Next one is by MaxFactor and their Colour Elixir range and it's in shade 725 Simply Nude. I bought this one on sale and I was really into some more gentle shades and felt fed up with all the reds, but than still ended up buying reds:P Than next is by Avon and it's from their Hollywood Collection, I think it was LE, and it's in shade Hollywood Siren. I really missed having a red with kinda bluish tingle and this one is very classy oldschool red. Than from Oriflame Sweden I bought from the Giordani Gold Baroque collection this pinkish- reddish shade called Cerise drama and it's perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Next is Catrice  Made to stay smoothing lip polish in shade 020 Jen& Berry's and I only bought this because it was on sale and I always wanted to try one of these, but never bought them before. I really could resist, but well, December shopping spirit got to me too. The last lippie here is by Dior Addict and it's one of their Fluid Sticks in shade 754 Pandore. An amazingly bright and strong orangey-reddish shade, very suitable for spring and summer, but I bought it because the deal was soo good, there was no way I could ever buy it cheaper unless I bought a fake but I don't think I have seen replicas of these yet. The last product here are these Oriflame Sweden nail stickers I hoped to use for the holiday season, but well, didn't have time and my nails didn't behave as I wanted them...

And moving on, also in Salzburg I bought my first ever Maybelline Age rewind Eraser concealer and I was really happy to get it but than well.. it's good, but it's not that good and not really worth the hype. I will use it however, but I just prefer my old Bourjois Happy light concealer as it simply gives a bit more coverage than this one. Also, I got second hand this amazing Sleek palette from their i-Divine range and it's the one called Celestial. It's been around for about a year, but I didn't have a chance before to buy it so now I have and I have worn it for a couple of times and it's pretty amazing :) I have also worn it for NY's eve :)

And now some things that are new, but I didn't really buy them. Actually I traded my stuff I had and didn't use or need for these four little gems. I got Sleek eyeshadow palette Storm, Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow trio in  Knock On wood and than two Revlon lippies, they are from their latest range  Colorstay Moisture Stain and I have them in shade 005 Parisian passion and 010 LA  Exclusive. The first one is amazing berry shade and I have worn it for a Christmas party, paired with dark eyes it can look kinda gothic..The other one is bright, light pinky shade, suitable for every day and workd well with my face, gives me a fresh and polished look.

And some more things I have gotten to try and test. First we have here goodies from Oriflame Slovenija, who were so amazing to sent me the whole bottle of their new EdP - Possess. It smells so very good, soft and rich and warm and so perfect for winter evenings. Plus they also sent me an eye cream from their latest range True perfection that matches the face serum they have sent me last month. I will do reviews of these soon, as I really like all three products ( the serum also) and I think they are pretty good. 

The last photo shows my new accessoriess I have received to try and test from BornPrettyStore, you can check their offer here. They were so nice to give me a chance to fill the requirements and than they offered me a chance to test their products. I was able to chooce what I liked so I decided for this dragon earing, gothic like bracelet with attached ring and some hair ornaments, that I still need to learn how to put on XD More detailes will come soon I hope, with some more photos and full review :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Kje si kupila Dior? Drugače pa Jen&Berry imam jaz že od dogodka, in je super unikatna barva - drži pa cel dan :)

    1. Second hand od ene punce. Ja tale Jen&Berry je res kul, nimam več tok slabe vesti k sm si to kupila :P

  2. Noro hud post, v oči mi je padla Yves Rocher kremica in Revlon šminkice =)


    1. Hvalaa, tele Revlon tekoče šminke so res super, zelo priporočam :)

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