Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Empty products of the week 7 :)

Hello! January is coming to an end and I feel like cleaning up a bit so I wanted to talk about my empties. I have finished up some of my products and lets go see them. 

Starting with two Balea products, I have finished a limited edition shower gel White Passion with scent of white flowers and acai berries. I did like this shower gel, it was a good one, but the scent seemed so much better when in the store, so now I really don't like this as much as I thought I would. It does the job, doesn't dry out my skin, is pretty cheap and available at almost every DM store, but just doesn't feel"right" so I will not repurchase. Next is another Balea product, it's their Dusch-soft-ol balsam, basically a copy  of Nivea in-shower body lotion. I didn't use this as a shower product but more like a base for shaving my legs. I didn't have to buy a separate shaving foam or anything like that as this works for me pretty well and leaves my skin really soft after. I have already repurchased but with vanilla scent. The price is quite an ok one, about 3 euros, but still cheaper than let's say Nivea.

Next two are from Kozmetika Afrodita and lately I have been using a lot of their products and liking them very much. I have used up  250 ml of their Coconut Milk nurturing body milk that I got to test from Kozmetika Afrodita Slovenija and which I have already talked about here. The other two products I talked about, the Hyaluron ones I gave to my mom and she seems to like them  lot, so I guess she will use them up and I will not post them amongst my empties. I really loved this body milk as it really sinks into the skin really fast and leaves it soft and well hydrated. I am thinking of repurchasing both the shower milk and the body one as I really liked both and are reasonaly priced. You can tell I really liked this body milk as I actually managed to finish it up really fast, usually I keep my body creams/butters/milks/lotions for a year or more before I actually finish them. Next is Mineral water peeling shower gel I bought during summer and intended to use it in summer time, but well it got it's turn in the middle of winter and I must say I still liked it. It's gentle, the peeling effect is really super gentle so if you need a proper scrub this won't do as it contains tiny little parts that don't really do much peeling at all. It's a really fresh scented product and it suited me as it preped me well for sleep. I like strong, heavy and warm scents for winter, but lately I much prefered something lighter and more fresh and this definitely delivered. I will probably repurchase in summertime.

Some more Kozmetika Afrodita products, my all time present and favourite shampoo I have been using since I was a kid, Kopriva shampoo for greasy hair with nettle and biotin. I keep repurchaing this shampoo as it really works for my scalp and and really gets all the oils off and at the same time doesn't dry out too much. It may not be best choice if you have dry hair but for me it works any time of year, any season. I will repurchase, of course. As soon as I finish up my stash. Next is a product by L'Occitane, it's Mousse mains & corps Ultra rich hands&body wash with shea milk. We got this as a gift over a year ago and I didn't really open the product until next december. So we were both ( me and my bf) using this as a hand wash more than a body wash and it really is very suitable for winter time when skin tends to be even more dry than usual and you really need your products to be pampering. Well this definitely was no ordinary hand wash I usually use, but a rich creamy textured one that helped me keep my hands soft and hydrated. Still I myself will not repurchase, as this is way too expensive for a hand wash. I really like the strong hard packaging, I will probably recycle the bottle and use it at home some more.

Moving on to some nail polish removers. I have used up two of them, one is by Balea, Nagellack-entferner acetonfrei kokosduft. It was a mini version, only 50 ml and I bought it for a trip last summer, but forgot to use it up and now that I have found it my bathroom I finally got around to finish it up. It's an ok product with slight coconut scent, I will probably repurchase as it did the job well and I have not noticed anything wrong with my nails or cuticles after using it. Next is another nail polish remover, this one is from Inell beauty, it's their Dissolvant doux sans acetone, another remover without acetone. This one was 150 ml and it's a pretty cheap product, but I think my skin didn't like this as it was really dry and chappy and I don't think it would be a good idea to buy it again and test if this really affected my cuticles in a negative way or not. Lats one here is a Weet product, Creme depilatoire sous la douche, 150 ml bottle of in-shower hair remover. I had this one for quite some time and I have been repurchasing these products ( they also have one in pink for sensitive skin (I think), purple...) for years now and I will do it again, This quite literally meltes your hair away, but you must be careful not too leave it on the skin for too long or it will cause a reaction and your skin will feel like burnt. Really unpleasant, but otherwise a product that really does the job.

For face I have finished up a micellar solution by Inell , their Eau Micellaire is actually pretty good and exteremely cheap as you get for a bit over 2 euros  500 ml of product. Unfortunately Inell is only available at E.Leclerc stores, but it's definitely worth a try. I will not repurchase yet as I have one micellar water open just now, by Kozmetika Afrodita and one by Nivea waiting to be tested. All in all this did not dry out my skin, removed makeup pretty good, but I did need two cotton pads and go over twice if I wanted my face really clean and I didn't go for a second cleansing with any other product. Really impressed me and I find it much better and cheaper than L'Oreal one or Yves Rocher one. Plus it leavse your skin clean and without any residues like a slight film on the skin ad such. Next to it is one of my all time favourites by KRASNA, it's their refreshing toner with lavander and tea tree extract. This was already a repurchase, but for now I will not repurchase it again as it is a bit more expensive, about 12 euros for  200 ml. Which is not that bad if you don't use a lot of toner, but I do and I can finish up a bottle in about a month so this is a bit too expensive for me to keep repurchasing it soo fast.

And some more face products. I have finished up this Balea My golden twenties  Pflegecreme mit rosen-lavandel duft,  an universal cream that could be used as a body or face cream and I used it as a hand cream. You get 30 ml and it's really one of the cheap thrills as it costs only 1,15euro. I think this is a good product, a good hand cream as it sinks into the skin really fast. But I would definitely not use it as a cream for face if you have oily or mixed type of skin as you might turn out to look more oily. I liked the scent, but I actually found this very similar to Nivea creme, the one in a blue tin, the classic one. I don't know why but the scent really reminded me of that one. I liked also the design of the tin and I will keep it for storage, but probably I will not repurchase again. I have also finished up Garnier Skin naturals 5sec Perfect Blur, which I actually got just enought to properly test and I really liked it. I used it as base for my foundation and it did help me look a bit more fresh and polished, it did not help me keep my foundation longer on my face but it did a good job and also helped me hydrate my skin. I would repurchase if I had a discount or something, as I already have two very good primers at home and this is not that cheap. One of my absolute favourites from thsi post is this facial oil by Omnia Botanica Gocce Preziose Olio di Argan Purissimo. Basically, the best facial oil I have had so far. You get 30 ml of product for about 15 euros at DM store, I bought it secodn hand but it was still new so I got the whole bottle for a lot less. I really liked how this helped my skin, it helped me nourish it, it helped me when massaging my face, it helped me heal old scars and still open wounds from scratching my acne really fast, it helped me get my pimples to ripe up faster and dry out faster. It really did an overall great job and also smelled gently and nice and you really just need a couple of drops.  I also really liked the packaging, the glass bottle and strong pipette. I will definitely repurchase this as soon as possible, preferable with a discount as it is not the cheapest product. And last one here is one of my favourite lip balms of all time, Labello Intensive protection FPS 15, you get 4,8g of product that actually helped me with my lips and helped me keep them smooth and hydrated. From all the Labello lip balms this one is definitely one of the best if you are searching for a product that will actually help your lips in winter time. It does feel a bit more greasy than the rest, but I think that's mostly because the consistency is also part of why your lips are so well protected against cold and dry weather. I will most definitely repurchase.

 Last bunch of products is a mix of a nail polish by L'Oreal Paris, it is their top coat confettis Color Riche 916 Confettis. I really liked this top coat and I loved to mix it with a lot of different shades but it dried out so fast! I don't know why and I can't get it to work any more so I decided to thrw it away but I will also most definitely not buy it ever again. It tended to be dry from the start but drying out so fast is really a shame. I have also some other L'Oreal nail polishes and we get along just fine, but this one really dissapointed me. One of my all time favourites is thic concealer by Bourjois, the Healthy mix radiance & anti-fatigue correcting concealer in shade 51 light radiance. Currently I still have two of these at home and I like to use them for my dark under eye circles. They have the perfect amount of yellow in them to really match my skin, my foundations and cover up well. I also like the finish, semi matte one and all I need is lightly pat over some  powder and I am done. It doesn't perform so well at covering any spots and blemishes, but for that I prefer to use Happy light concealer, also by Bourjois. Actually between these two lately I much prefer the Happy light one. I am also finished with a foundation brush by Ebelin. As you can see from the photos it started to fall apart and loose it's hair. I had this one for a long time but I really didn't even use it. This winter I wanted to learn some new techniques of applying liquid foundation and I started using it and after a month this happened. I am not sure what went wrong but I am finished with this as it keeps loosing hair. I will not repurchase it or use it again, I am trowing it away for good.

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Garnier perfect blur je bil moj že na koncu, pa sm prerezala na pol in sm mela še za kakšne dva mesca primerja notri ;)

    1. uf a res, to se ti ga je pa veliko nabralo na stene, jaz sem mojga tako stiskala da je res čisto prazen, sem ga potem še prerezala, da sem dobila malo ven kar je ostalo spodaj pa se ni dalo stisnit ven :)

  2. samo da je šlo vn :D Js sm mogla takoj po novega ker ne morm brez :D Mam sicer še NYX primer od prej pa mi je obupen od kar sem Garnierjevega probala :D

    1. Katerega od NYX pa imaš? Jaz imam še Etude House in pa MaxFactor in sta mi oba nekako ljubša od tega Garnier,zadnje čase veliko uporabljam Etude House in začetni vtis ni bil dober, sedaj sem se ga pa čisto navadila in mi je veliko bolj všeč.

    2. Studio Perfect Photo-loving primer (clear) v tubi je ampak je tok umetno silikonast da mi ne odgovarja, včasih sm pa prisegala nanj :D

    3. Hmm a res, jooj škoda, ker načeloma za NYX slišim same pohvale... a si morda sprobala njihovo bazo za senčila? Jaz sem razmišljala o nakupu p asem vmes raje sprobala Catrice in še čakam na Urban Decay da prispe...


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