Friday, October 14, 2016


Hello!  Decoration, beautiful products, home decor and such are very important to beauty bloggers. Before I started blogging and even in the beginning I was never big on decor and decoration as I never saw the point of spending money on such products. Than  I started liking that with something ornamental and at the same time functional I could change the vibe of the whole place or the look of the whole photo for my blog. So ever since I started investing, searching and using  a lot more decorative products. L'Occitane was one of those stores that always had the best displays and I always wondered where to get some of the decor they were using. I was lucky to be invited to the garage sale of all their decorative products before it opens to the public and here are a couple of photos I made with the products. 

While at the preview of the garage sale I was invited there as a beauty blogger and allowed to choose three items to take home and create a blog post with them. I was looking around the garage sale and I was able to see so many amazing products and I got many ideas how to use them. I have also a long list of products I want to go purchase when the sale officially starts! I decided to take home  three products that seemed most useful to me and products I will definitely be able to use on many photos for my blog. I chose a classic - a bouque of peonies, a dark wood basket (that I plan to redecorate once I get the chance) and something new for me, that I really liked at first sight - metal carriage with roses! It's quite big and takes up half of my desk, but it's just so pretty and I can already imagine the ways I can use this and how to place this as a background product to create different photos than my usual flatlays. 

Here are my BEFORE and AFTER photos. I have included these three items into my home and I will show you examples how I use them. My appartement is very small and not the white and pretty as is usual for beauty bloggers. The placement of these items is not ideal but unfortunately this is where they will live for now, until I move to a bigger home. I have decided to use the rose carriage as a place where I keep my currently testing, currently new or just need to finish them up, products. The basket will come in handy as my fruit basket and I will surely use it a lot for taking photos of my products. The peonies are a classic, you will be able to see them everywhere in the future! :) I also plan to redecorate the basket and the rose carriage, I will probably paint them in a lighter shade as that makes it easier to use for photos of other beauty products.

Personally I love the rose carriage the most, but I see the usefulness in all of the itmes I have. I also like the idea that we are reusing products than just wasting them. The items they are offering at the sale are whole, basically barely used and can be reused and recycled in any home. I think this is a great idea, plus you can redecorate your home for less money and with the products that are basically just fine and were only used once or twice as a decor in their display windows.

L'Occitane celebrates 15 years in Slovenia and in the spirit of celebration they are preparing special garage sale that will include all the material they had used in the years to create their gorgeous displays. In that spirit they will open up the garage sale on  20th October at 17pm. The opening has a charitable note as the money will go to the center of blind athletes named "Vidim cilj".  The sales will continue from 21st to 29th October! The prices will be symbolic. As you can see on the first couple of photos there will be a little something for everyone, especially ideal for anyone who loves home decor, DIY projects and just pretty stuff in general.

L'Occitane praznuje 15 let delovanja v Sloveniji in v ta namen organizira prav posebno garažno razprodajo! V 15 letih se je nabralo že veliko dekorativnih izdelkov, le te pa boste sedaj lahko odnesli s sabo domov! Če ste še ne dolgo nazaj občudovali kaj lepega v njihovi izložbi ter si želeli, da i kaj takega lahko imeli tudi doma, ne zamudite odlične priložnosti. Garažna razprodaja se odpre 20. oktobra ob 17 uri v skladišču Goya na Šmartinski cesti 102 v Ljubljani. Otvoritev razprodaje je dobrodelna, izkupiček pa je namenjen za podporo centra slepih športnikov "Vidim cilj". Razprodaja se bo nadaljevala še med 21. in 29. oktobrom, vsak dan med 12. in 19. uro! Več informacij si lahko preberete tukaj!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Decorative products mentioned in the post were given to me by L'Occitane Slovenija.


  1. Jooj kak super <3 Škoda, da sem tako daleč, če ne bi definitivno odšla domov polnih rok :3 xx

    1. Hvala! Ja eni kosi so res super in vredni obiska. Mogoče ti vseeno uspe, razprodaja bo trajala cel teden :)

  2. Zelo lepo si prenovila svoje kotičke! :) Se vidimo v četrtek? :D

    1. Hvala! :) Ja, upam, da ujamem! Če mi ne uspe, pa zagotovo pridem kak drug dan! :)


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