Monday, October 3, 2016

Avon presents: AVON LIFE! + First impressions!

Hello! Fall is usually time for new releases and one of them was also by AVON! I was really lucky to get invited to the presentation of the new AVON LIFE fragrance! It was first ever beauty blogger event by Avon in Slovenia and I felt really happy to be invited. The blogger event was held at Narodna galerija/ National Gallery of Slovenia. Avon presented their newest frangrance called LIFE! More about the event and the fragrance below!

I have decided to talk about the event a bit as well as the fragrance and my first impressions. When we arrived everything was already set and we were greeting each other and of course taking some pictures. The more the better, but my camera is not at it's best at the moment, so unfortunately the photos are not that good. 

First we got to know some more about the Avon history, fragrances in the past and what made them special and recognizable around the world.  We watched a vidio as well as listened to lovely Bronja Odlazek who presented the new product! While watching we were also enjoying some treats - as you can see on the photos, we were treated really well! There were sweets and champagne and coffee, for those who felt a bit more sleepy. Than the new fragrance Life was presented and I think at that moment we were all listening very intently. 

The new LIFE For Her fragrance offers eau de parfum, a body lotion as well as perfumed body spray. They also haven't forgotten about the men and also include the LIFE For Him Eau de Toilette, deodorant and hair and body shower gel.

The fragrances were created by Kenzo Takada. The Avon Life For Her EdP is a floral woody fragrance. Top notes include water lily,  white tea and red apple. The middle notes include violet, peony and japanese cherry blossom.  The base notes consist of iris and patchouli. The Avon Life For Him EdT is a more aromatic, spicy fragrance. Top notes include black pepper, juniper berries and cypress. Middle notes include violet leaf, geranium and star anise. The base  notes include cedar, musk and orris root.

I have also tried the fragrance Life For Him and it smells really lovely, I am sure my better half will get this one as a gift some time soon! As for the Life For Her fragrance, I must admit to wearing it daily since I got it and I can say a few words about it and some of my first impressions. I find the fragrance very floral and the scent maybe a bit unusual for fall/winter season. However the fragrance is very balanced and  does not remind me of a fresh spring/summer scent, but rather of a rich bouquet. Personally I really love the fragrance! I have nothing like this one at home yet! I usually go for a mix between fruity and floral, but never too sweet. This one is one of the rarest floral fragrances I have worn and loved. I also like that it lasts on me really well, I can smell it for hours. The two products that come along with the fragrance are the body lotion and  perfumed body spray. I have tried out both of these, however I have worn the perfume the most. I like to use the body lotion in the evening as it smells very lovely, just as the perfume, but less intense and therefore more suitable for when I am getting ready to go to bed. Also it's good at nourishing my skin, which is always a big bonus when talking perfumed body lotions that come in the collection along with the fragrance. The body spray helps me during the day to keep the fragrance more fresh and alive for longer, also does not feel sticky on my skin and does not irritate my skin. 

So these were my short impressions of the lovely event and of course of the new products. The fragrances are already available in the latest Avon catalogThe prices are at the moment a bit lower than usual, which is great if you are in need of a new fragrance.  Avon Life For Her EdP includes 50 ml for 25,90 euros, regular price is 37 euros. Avon Life For Him EdT includes 75 ml for 23,90 euros, regular price also 37 euros.

There will be a full and longer review of the new products Avon Life For Her! I hope you liked this post and do go try out the new fragrance, especially if you love floral scents!

Thank you for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. Tudi jaz sem bila na tem dogodku in bila navdušena. Parfum je res dober in steklenička res posebna. Super objava.


  2. Ful, ful, ful lepo diši <3

    Sem se prav navadila na ta vonj e, ga skoraj vsak dan uporabljam <3


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