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Hello everyone! Have you missed my monthly favourites blog post? I sure did! I finally got around to post about the products that impresse me most and that I loved most, but it's almost the ened of October. I have used most of these a lot in both months so in a way this is a double favourites blog post. I decided to title it just September favourites and include in Octobers blog post some more products that are not just beauty related. So there will be a new Octobers favourites blog post up soon and it will be a bit different than usual. However, for now let's take a look at the products I have loved in the past month, or so. :P

In September I received the new NIVEA duo called Hairmilk. It includes hair shampoo and conditioner* and comes in the classic dark blue and white packaging. I was surprised to get these two as I haven't even seen the promo material for these two and at first I had no idea if this was a new launch or not. Later that week I already spotted these in the stores. I decided to include both of these in my September favourites ( I could just as well include both of them in my October favourites as I am still using them), because these smell so nice, my hair feel soft and shiny and nourished. I also like that the scent is clean and fresh, like regular NIVEA cream but more powdery. The scent lingers in my hair after I wash and dry them, which I like! I also got compliment on my hair in the last two months a bit more, that they look healthy, no split ends, my better half also loves the scent and uses it on himself as well. I have not tried a hair duo that would impress me this much in a long time. More about it will come in a separate blog post with a full review.

This part will be for all of you lavander lovers out there! I was feeling the lavander scented products a lot and I used the Kozmetika Afrodita  Lavander Relaxing  moments oil shower gel a lot! I like it's an oil shower gel but not greasy one. For example the Dvorec Trebnik ones are more greasy and also a bit more nourishing, but this one feels hydrating but light! The scent is fresh and feels a bit cooling on the skin. Perfect for evenings when I feel super tired. The second product is Biobaza Natural deo with lavander and bergamot scent. This one smells soo nice! I never thought I will try another deo after I found Borotalco, which really works for me. But than I heard so many recommendations for the Biobaza ones and I  got mine at DM store when they were on discount, but anyway, the price is pretty normal. I like to use this in the evenings, after shower or after shaving my armpits. Doesn't burn my skin, no irritations, smells nice. The scent also lingers for sometime and also works. I wouldn't use this for a workout thou, I need something stronger. Anyway, I like this one, I will definitely try some more scents in the future.

For skincare I have two products I have been using a lot in September as well as in October. First one is Oriflame NovAge Refining Foaming gel cleanser*. It's gentle and effective, foams up a bit, but not too much. Also has a gentle scent to it and leaves my skin soft and calm. I feel no irritations, no redness or dryness. I use this daily, for morning and evening skincare routine. Plus is a big bottle of 200 ml and a pump dispensers. The second product I've been loving is LUSH Cup O'Coffee  face and body mask. It exfoliates gently, it feels nice and smells amazingly like coffee! It really works on my skin, it exfoliates nicely and my skin feels very soft. The scent of coffee makes this one a perfect morning mask. It's also suitable for body, but I use it only on my face as I have a small pot of it and it is quite expensive.

Even though I have a lot of new eyeshadow palettes from September and the months before, I have been wearing a lot of neutral and natural looks. I have reahced for L'Oreal La Nude Palette 02 Beige a lot as it offers a nice selection of shades and I really like the pigmentation of these. They blend well, they don't crease, they stay put all day and I can create lighter more shimmery looks or more matte looks if I want. Also love the small brush that is included! The second product that has been my favourite since I got it was AVON Life EdP*, their new fragrance. It's a floral fragrance but I really got to love it and for the first three weeks I kept using it everyday. Now I mix up  a bit the scents but I definitely wear this one a couple of times. I find it perfect for work and just day time in general. It also lasts on me surprisingly well and it has become one of my favourites of all time!

Last four products that impressed me and I loved to use were mostly lip products and one eyeliner. I have loved the REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in shade  630 HD Seduction so much! I wore it a lot in September as well as October! The shade is perfect for fall, a lovely pinky browny nude, on me it looks really natural and it also smells nice! The application is easy, pigmentation is good, probably also beacuse it's such a light shade. Suitable for everyday wear as well. Only obstacle is that this dries out my lips a bit and I need to keep it with me at all times and do a couple of touchoups throughout the day. The second lippie is a perfect fall shade  - NYX Soft matte lip cream in shade Budapest! I love this one the most from the bunch I have ordered from FeelUnique. It's a perfect shade for fall, because it's red-ish but also a bit of browny, but warm toned and to me feels like the red from the fallen leafs. Also applies fast and easy, I can pull it off without a lip liner, but it takes me some time to apply it nicely and have nice edges. It is truly longlasting, survives eating and drinking, but does fade a bit, so I like to slightly reapply from time to time. Definitely will purchase more shades. Last lippie I wore a lot is AVON Shine Burst lipstick in shade Iced Mocha! It's got a shiny finish and is super light, feels like a sheer lipstick but it's got actually a good pigmentation. The shade is such a lovely nautral nude on me that I can wear this to any event or occasion or just to work. Also feels hydrating on the lips and fades evenly. To finish my blog post I decided to include an eyeliner by L.O.V  LOVliner dip eyeliner. I like the texture and pigmentation of the eyeliner, but the applicator seemed very hard and rough at first. I am not used to such applicators, but Now that I got a bit of a feeling how to use it I can create a very thin line and it doesn't smudge, doesn't transfer on my upper eyelid. Also stays black the whole day and doesn't fade in the corners of my eyes.  It has grown on me and I think I will keep using it! 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them or do you recommend me to try out something else?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products that were sent to me for review purposes have been marked with *. My opinion is always honest and based on my own experiences with the products.

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