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Hello again! It's that time of the year again when we get to meet with beauty bloggers on a very special day. Last week, on October 7th, there was a special beauty bloggers meetup in Ljubljana! I know this may not sound as much, but to Slovenian beauty bloggers such events mean a lot as we are just beginning to expand our horizons as well as the blogger sphere. It was a very special day filled with so many amazing new things, so I had to put it all together in a couple of points and explain why this event was amazing and you really should visit it next year!

1. The lectures! I know this is the first point everyone expected me to state, but it really is the most important thing. I have learned mostly two things this year. First one covers the category of new knowledge, new information and it's huge and includes many details. The second one is preparation! Before going to lectures like these really prepare yourself, read about the subject, check the lecturer online, inform yourself, especially if you don't know what the lecture will be about. This year there were so many interesting lectures and personally I liked all of them! However, I did not prepare myself enough for the SEO lecture and though it made sense at that moment, now when I think about it I see I lack knowledge about it and need to do some more homework to be able to incorporate what we learned at the coneference into my daily life. I love that the lectures were really on point, exactly what we need to know as beauty bloggers. The lectures this year included  a bit about photography, photography trends, SEO and how to write a good article, how to tag it properly. There was a separate lecture on Facebook marketing and how to get more active participants. Interesting was also to listen how to create more organic viewers and readers of your blog, which is also the hardest. Anyway, I think I got a lot of ideas to check out and also a lot of inspiration! Plus, now I know what I am looking for and what I need to improve!

2. The beauty pop - up! Second best part of the BBMULJ was the lunch time when we could explore the brands, get to know with the people behind the screens and really just have some chat about the products, new releases and beauty in general. I really loved the added games as well - for example, Melvita had a map where you had to guess which oil came from where. The bonus are always also the products you can try out right there, for example lipsticks and such. I also liked that there was time to chat about skincare and such topics and really get some good advice that was honest, not just a comment from a sales person to get you to buy products. All in all I loved to chat with all of them and it was nice to meet again some of the representatives as well as meet new ones!

3. Food and decor! As a beauty blogger I will always notice how things look - if they are pretty, if they compliment each other, if they fit together, if the colour contrast is good or not.. I know this may sound a bit specific, but it's just a little something I really got used to while blogging. So now, wherever I go I can notice if the food is in the concept with the event, if the colours at the tables match and such little details. To some this may not mean much, but to me the whole look and vibe of the place where the meetup was held was also a very important part. I loved the lights provided by SMILE concept store, the unicorn Samo that a fellow beauty blogger made - Karina from Karinartistic. I also loved the added unicorn touch with the notebook that Nika created with Medex and the folder we received at the beginning of the event, also with the lovely unicorn design. Plus the lovely flowers from Box of love Slovenia! Also the food - the cake pops shaped into unicorn heads and the cake, also made by a fellow beauty blogger Tara from The Beauty of a Nail Polish - they were amazing! I loved the looks of it as well as the taste! I got so many ideas at the event to use up for my own photos that I just can't wait to try them out!

4. Beauty awards! One of the most interesting parts was in the evening, when we took some time to give beauty awards to other bloggers, products, brands, blogger events and such. The awards were from us, beauty bloggers, and were voted with a special poll, created especially for us, beauty bloggers. In the catagory of makeup the winner was not much of a surprise. Avon Perfectly Matte lipstick really ruled the beauty blogospehere since it launched and every beauty blogger probably has at least one shade. Really recommend the product as well as these lipsticks are really matte, they are affordable and they offer a big selection of shades. My personal favourite is Adoring Love! Second category, hair care products, went to Batiste dry shampoo. The award was presented to Lič team, as they were the ones who sent us the dry shampoos to test out. I knew the Batiste dry shampoo before and I love it! It's constantly on my repurchase list and if you read me regulary than you already know, I am a big fan! Third award, body care product, went to Kozmetika Afrodita/ Afrodita Cosmetics for their 100% SPA body mousse with strawberry scent. I have also received that mousse and I honestly love it! Another product I wholeheartedly recommend, especially if you love fruity scents. Fourth award, skincare product, went to Dvorec Trebnik and their amazing Hydrating facial serum with hyaluron. I have not tried this one yet, as I was testing some other products that launched along with the serum. However, I have read so many amazing comments and recommendations for this one, I will definitely give it a try as well! Fifth award, best sos product, went to Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation. I have not tried this one yet, but it was recommended to me as I have oily skin type and acne and I want some good coverage. I still haven't gotten around to testing it out, but I have read many great recommendations from fellow bloggers whose opinion I really trust. So, this one is on my wishlist! Sixth award, for best fragrance, went to Le Couvent Des Minimes and the one and only Eau Sereine! Best 20 euros (I had a bit of discount, otherwise it's about 29,90 euros) spent in this year! I love this fragrance so much, I have talked about it a couple of times on my blog and my social media. If you love fresh scents, this is it! Next one was for best online shop and the award went to Lič! I think this was well earned, as they really  are very user friendly and they offer a big variety of products! Best blogger events award went to Stillmark d.o.o., which represent the Melvita, L'Occitane and Le Couvent Des Minimes. Another well deserved award, as I was lucky enough to be invited to their events and I must say they really do try hard to make them interesting and a bit different than just usual press event. The award for best slovenian brand went, for the second year in a row, to Kozmetika Afrodita/ Afrodita Cosmetics. Another well deserved award as they really did change a lot in the last couple of years and now offer so many amazing products! Not just for the younger consumers but for every generation really. If you haven't tried anything from them yet, it's about time! The last award, the best beauty blogger who really helped the beauty blogging scene in Slovenia and helped us, other bloggers, to grow and develop and get inspired, went to lovely Nika Veger from Beautyfullblog!  Another well deserved and more award that I think went to the right hands! Thank you Nika for everything you are doing for the blogger community as well as for the lots of inspiration I get from you! :)

5. Evening fun! So the last point I will add to this already long post is the evening fun we had and a special thanks to everyone who kept me company on such a lovely day! After presenting the awards there was another part of the pop up market with Alessandro, L'Occitane, Honor 8, L'Oreal and a special part reserved just for taking photos. Along with them there were also KSFH!  Evening part was short but sweet - had some dinner snacks, unicorn cake, cocktails, some fun at the L'Occitane stand guessing which fragrances were mixed together in their new Arlesienne perfume. Also got a bit of makeover at L'Oreal stand and a chance to try out some of the new lip products that are already available at our stores. Special thanks to lovely Natalija for the chat and refreshed makeup! Than I also got the chance to try out some of the wigs at KSFH stand. I included a couple of photos, some are a bit blurry, sorry, but I really loved trying them out and my new looks! The blue-ish green one was love at first sight! You can also buy or borrow the wigs if you like, so don't forget to check them out! And the last part of the evening was getting my hair done by Kristjan from KSFH! I must admit I never had my hair done in any specific hairstyle, as I just never really go to the hairdresser, unless I need to cut my hair and even than I tend to delay as much as possible. Kristjan made me a super lovely hairstyle! I have added a couple of photos from different angles. I loved the hairstyle and I got so many compliments! It was quite something different for me and it also lasted really well. With minor touchups I wore this from Friday night to Sunday morning! Anyway, if you are in need of some great hair day and you don't know where to go - I really recommend you try the KSFH!

So these are my five points why the beauty bloggers meetup was a very successfull event and why I loved it there! Now you can also see what you were missing out and why next year you really have to go! Third time's the charm!

I have not posted about the products we have received as I will post about those in my usual NEW IN blog post at the end of October.

More about the beauty bloggers meetup is on the links to other bloggers posts and media! I will update these as soon as there are more posts about it!

Thank you for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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