Monday, October 24, 2016

NEW IN September! :)

Hello! We are deep into autumn now and I find comfortable, creamy and warm products to be quite on the rise in my own bathroom as well. I have a bunch of new products and I was most excited about my Sleek order and new eyeshadow palettes. There were also a couple of surprises and products that I started liking after first use. So let's dive in and check out the newbies I've been trying out!

First two products are hair products! I have not talked about hair products in a while and I haven't posted many reviews on my blog so far. These two beauty gems by NIVEA are brand new in their selection, called Hairmilk All around care shampoo and conditioner for dry, slightlys stressed hair*. I loved both of these from first try! They do the job as they are supposed to, my hair feel light, smooth, nourished, soft and don't get greasy too fast. I alos adore the scent! This smells like a classic Nivea cream and something added, a bit powdery, but it's such a lovely clean scent and I really love it. Even my better half claimed that my hair smell super nice!

A trio of stuff I need to get! Batiste Dry shampoo Blush is another repurchase, you all know I love Batiste and that it makes the best hair ever! The Blush version has a nice scent to it, but nothing spectacular, I would have bought the regular one for medium brown hair, but this was the only one they had. It's already empty and waits in the empties bin. I use this stuff up super fast and even this version worked for me. Another repurchase was Borotalco Original deo roll on, no surprises here. I have professed my love for these deo roll ons some time ago and I am not even tempted to try any other brand lately, as this one really works for me. Last one was on my wishlist for a long time but it wasn't sold in Slovenia. When I saw it in Muller, I just bought it, even though my stash of lip balms doesn't need a new product. Labello lip butter Caramel Cream smells super nice, teh texture is as with for example, Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter. So far I like it!

As fall gets colder and darker it's time to bring back the regular use of my bath! I got four products by Kneipp* to try out and use as bath salts and bath products. I have Kneipp Naturkosmetik Bio oil*  to add to my bath, a bubble bath with melissa* and two bath salts*, one with eucalyptus scent and  one for relaxing after activities, such as sports. There will be a full blog post about these, so far I am liking them!

One is not like the other. Can you spot the intruder? I went a bit crazy with lip and eyeshadow products in September and as you can see in this post, there were a lot of new lipsticks. I have received three AVON Shine burst lipsticks from Avon itself and I loved them. After seeing swatches at Petra's Adjusting Beauty blog I decided to get two more shades,  Iced Mocha and Honeysuckle. I loved both of these, super easy to wear and combine, perfect for daily use. I have also finally gotten around to purchasing Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolor 630 HD Seduction. It's not completely matte, but I like the finish, the scent of it, the feel on the lips and especially the shade. It's such a perfect everyday shade to wear. However it needs some more work, as it dries up and also tedns to stick to my dry areas. I have also two new Essence products. I had to try another matte lipstick - Essence Matt Matt Matt longlasting lipgloss 05 Simply Be An Icon. I really like the shade of this one, but for mor I will have to test it out some more. The last one is the intruder, Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner 05 edgy plum. I wanted to try something more fall appropriate and I found this eyeliner in such a pretty plum shade. The brush is also very thin, so I can create a very nice thin line as I have small eyes and can not really pull off big fat eyeliner.

One of my favourite products for skincare are facial masks. I have three new face masks, the first one, Balea  Aqua face mask, is a repurchase. One of my all time favourite. The other two are also sheet masks and  are by Garnier  SkinActive Hydra bomb face mask. I have tried the blue one already and I liked it, I could actually see my skin getting more soft and supple. The blue one is meant for more mixed skin type and the green one for a normal skin type, but I am not really sure. Both of these were purchased at Muller. I have not tried the green one yet, but the other two really do help hydrate my skin and I will definitely repurchase!

Two more newbies for shower time. Kozmetika Afrodita Cotton Flower  Soft & silky skin cream shower gel and Lavander Relaxing moments oil shower gel. I have been using both of these regularly since purchase and love both of these! The cotton flower will be suitable for those of you who prefer light, gentle scents. It smells really gently and like clean freshly washed and dried laundry, so perfect for everyone loving classic scents. The lavander one is an oil shower gel, but feels very light, not oily on the skin at all and not greasy. Also smells amazing, super for all of us lavander lovers out there. To me it feels very fresh and slightly cooling on the skin, so I like to use this after workout or when I feel hot and want to cool down. Will be definitely repurchasing these two!

A mix of beauties! I have ordered a couple of Oriflame products as I just love them so much and they rarely dissapoint. I wanted to try out a new mascara ao I went for Oriflame The ONE Featherlight  mascara. I like the wand and the formula of this mascara, it helps define my lashes, coats them evenly and doesn't clump. The finish is more suitable for everyday wear. It feels light on the lashes as well, even though I apply multiple layers. Along with it I also wanted to try one of their Giordani Gold Iconic Matte lipsticks. I have tried a couple form the Giordani Gold collection but I haven't gotten the chance to try the matte versions as well. So I decided to go with the shade Dusky Rose. It's got a really matte finish, feels light on the lips and doesn't dry them out too much. The shade didn't convince me though, it looks too pink on me.. poor choice from my side, I expected it to be more nude. There's also a new brand in Slovenia, called Trend It Up. From them I purchased three products! I chose Trend It Up  Ultra Matte lipstick  420, a perfect shade for daily use. Also love the creamy texture, but the lasting power isn't best. I chose one nail polish, Double Volume&Shine nail polish 410. The shade is such a perfect petrol green and so suitable for fall. it just called out to me while in the store, really happy I decided to pick it up. Also, not that good at staying on my nails, chips pretty fast, but that is usual for my nails, so I dn't hold a grudge.  Last one is Contour & Glide kajal 052, a perfect fall shade that's not too purple not too brown or  bronzy. Also lasting power and pigmentation are pretty great!

So September was all about getting me into fall mood. I think I achieved it best with some new lippies. I have read for years about the NYX Soft matte lip creams and I finally bought them! I have ordered all five from FeelUnique. I chose two  from the Lingerie collection, NYX Lingerie 08 Bedtime Flirt and 04 Ruffle Trim and three from the Soft matte lip cream collection - I went with shades  Stockholm, Copenhagen and Budapest. I will not talk about these at length as so many have before me and they are not something new on the market. If you would like to see a blog post about these let me know, the Lingerie ones are a bit more recent and the Budapest shade is also one of the recent additions to the Soft matte lip creams. Also I love the shade Budapest the most! :)

From Oriflame I have received a huge box of skincare products! They are introducing some new skincare products that are more natural than their usual creams and such. I have been testing these for over a month now and the blog post will be up as soon as possible (as soon as I have enough time to photograph the products). I have received Oriflame Eco Beauty - cleansing milk*,  toner*, facial oil*, eye cream*,  serum* and face cream*. My current skincare routine includes cleansing milk to remove my makeup at night, than cleansing gel, also by Oriflame. Than I use the Eco Beauty toner and wait for it to sink in. I than continue with eye cream, facial oil and wait a bit for my skin to absorb these. Than I top it all with some serum as well. My skin feels very nourished and I like these products a lot. I am most impressed with the eye cream, really helps with my dark circles and the facial oil, helps hydrate the skin soo much. The combo of oil and serum really helped me in the last month or so, my skin is no longer so dry and tight and at the same time oily... I have not tried the cream yet, but will start testing it as well very soon!

One of my first orders fromBoots happened last month.  There was a special discount on Sleek and I got two products I really wanted to try out for 12 pounds! I went for  another eyeshadow palette, called Enchanted Forest and Solstice highlighter palette. Later I ordered again directly from Sleek and got myself two more palettes, I went with the new ones that have been just launched and chose shades On the horizon and Nordic Skies. I can just say that I am aware this is some crazy amount of eyeshadows for one month.. but I also know myself and I know that I will eventually want to try all of these so I just purchased them all. I love all four products and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Also, I was never big on highlighter as I have oily skin type and big pores and I always felt like highlighetr wasn't for me... well, after trying out the Solstice palette, I think I am in love! This just makes te whole look so full and perfect! If you are interested in any of these let me know and I will try to  post about them in the coming month!

I was also invited to first blogger event hosted by Avon! I was really excited to go and meet the representatives and also chat with fellow bloggers! I have talked about it here! On our way home we were gifted with a bag of goodies. Inside were AVON Life EdP, Life for Her body lotion and perfumed body spray*. This is one of the fragrances that really got me like - wow, I love this! I wore this a lot the first two weeks, basically every day! Now I have to admit I switched up a bit for a couple of days, but now I'm back! Loving the floral scent even though it's fall/winter season! If you like floral scents this will be perfect for you!

Last new bit I have received was another Magic Planner*! Do you remember the previous one? I have posted about it here!I have used it this whole time and wrote everything down! There will be a full blog post about this one as well. The cover is soo cute! And exactly what I need - motivational and gives me a kick to get me going and start planning and get excited about life! The inside is gorgeous as well! :P There were also motivational cards included n the package. For more about this come back later and check it out in a separate blog post!

And we are done! This is all I bought and received in the previous month! If you are curious about a certain product let me know down in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Products sent to me for review purposes have been marked with *.


  1. Spet si bila skromna :)Afroditin Cotton flower me mika, krema za roke noro diši <3

    1. Ahaha, jap :P Sj sm bla zdaj oktobra bol pridna :P Ja meni je tuš gel zakon, na koneferenci sem dobila pa grozdje, tako da ne vem kaka je kremica z bombažem. Jo mam pa na wl :P

  2. Super nabor izdelkov, Labello lip balmi v lončku so meni top po teksturi in vonju, še bolj vesela pa bi bila, če ga ne bi bilo treba nanašat s prsti. :D (Tamara)

    1. Hvala! Ja, tole s prsti malo zafrkne celo zadevo, je treba vedno pazit na čiste roke :P


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