Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Go juicy with Lancôme Juicy Shaker!

Hello guys! Finally a review of the product that got me super excited this year! It's been out and about capturing hearts of many users and I am not gonna even bother with trying to ask you to wait and see how it fared with me - I love it! So let's break it down why   Lancôme Juicy Shaker convinced me and what I love about it!

Let's start this slowly and go back to when I was invited to the Lancôme event at the beginning of May! If you read me regularly than you already know about the event as you were able to read all about it here in this blog post! I was so excited and so grateful to be a part of that event and well of course, to also have  a chance to see all the shades in person. The girls from L'Oreal Luxe  were super friendly and we talked about the Juicy Shakers a lot! I saw these online first, at Lisa Eldridge's page and than also at Estee Lalonde's and Amelia Liana's and their reviews and comments about these really got me excited! I knew I had to get my hands on these! 

Some of may remember when the first Juicy Tubes came out! They were also by Lancôme and the new Juicy Shakers were inspired after them. They wanted to create a mix that is not a gloss, not a lipstick, not a lip tint, nor liquid lipstick.. but still give you that fresh look and colour with the benefits of a hydrating base. Here's a link to the video with Lisa Eldridge explaining what's mixed in the Juicy Shakers!

The packaging is very pretty and gets a lot of attention even from non makeup lovers! It looks just like a coctail shaker with a silvery top. Also comes packaged in the usual silver box, as other  Lancôme products! The packaging at the bottom is transparent so you can immediately see the shade and how well it's shaken or not.

Juicy Shaker is like a mix of different product, hence the name. It's enriched with different oils and is also in a way called lip oil (huile a levres). The oils and the pigments get separated the longer the product stands, so don't get alarmed, the product didn't turn bad - that's how it's supposed to be! You need to shake it before every use and you will see the pigments and the oils mix and form a more unified texture. 

The applicator is very interesting! When I first opened it up it looked white, as it was unused and the tip only had a bit of pink on it.. I expected the applicator sponge to be a bit harder as the shape is very conical, but I was soo very surprised! The applicator is super soft and really helps me apply this in a precise manner! With more use the applicator will turn it's colour to the colour of the Juicy Shaker as it will absorb the product! You can apply this very lightly on it's own or over another lipstick! You can also mix the Juicy Shakers with other Shakers if you like! I like to apply this in two layers to get a bit more colour!

The pigmentation is very light! Don't expect this to be a gloss or a liquid lipstick as it's not. However I find this to be the perfect easy go to product, especially for summer time. It's small, takes almost no space in my hand bag, it's easy to use and apply, there's no need for a mirror. The shade I have fits every single look I usually wear and it just compliments the lips so well! The big bonus is of course the hydrating oils that help my lips from drying out! It's not greasy at all, even though it's an oil formula! I love that it's nourishing enough without being heavy on my lips, it's also non sticky and looks very fresh! The finish is a bit glossy of course, looks shiny, but very natural. I have it in shade Meli melon which is one of the most popular shades as it can really suit a lot fo different skin tones. It's a light pink shade with very subtle shimmer in it. On me it looks very light, so I tend to layer it up a bit, usually use two coats. The scent is amazing - smells of melons!

I have heard that the pigmentation varies from shade to shade, so give them  a good shake at the store and check them out. At the moment you can get 6 different shades in Slovenia, but in total there are 20 shades available worldwide. You can get it also online, for example at Boots Int. and FeelUnique.
Different shades also have different scents! I hope I will be able to buy the light blue one as it's got peppermint scent! Anyway, from the shades available in Slovenia I will probably get one or two more shades, I mostly interested in Vanilla Pop and Apricute!

Overall, it's a fun product to use and play with! I tend to use it on it's own or as a topper over a lipstick. It smells amazingly and gives a nice pop of pink to my lips! This was also one of my favourites in May and I can't wait to get more shades. Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR sample. The review and my opinion is based on my own experiences with the product. 


  1. Mene nekako ne prepričajo, sicer luškana embalaža in vse, ampak za nego ustnic imam rajši druge izdelke :/

    1. Meni je pa fajn! Seveda, ni balzam in ni tako kot ostale zadeve za ustnice, ki jih uporabljam prav za nego suhih in razpokanih, ampak mi je super, da vseeno neguje. Meni je dovolj vlažilen.;)

  2. Ah, mene vedno bolj mika. :) Na Salmi sem ga našla po kar ugodni ceni, tako da si ga bom verjetno privoščila, samo še kolebam med dvema odtenkoma - tem in še enim drugim. :)) Ima pa res prekjut embalažo, pa aplikator mi je tak zanimiv, debeluškan. :D
    Drugače pa zelo lepe, ''juicy'' slikce, sploh ta 3. od spodaj navzgor mi je prečudovita. <3

    1. Hehe, če maš rada tudi izdelke, ki niso full coverage, ti bo tole čisto super :P Nisem sploh vedela, da so jih dobili na Salmi, super, hvala za info. Ko sem jaz prvič iskala, jih še ni bilo. Hvala, meni je nekako najlepša ta zadnja slika :P

  3. What a gorgeous shade! Love how the Juicy Shakes have smells that match their name! :)


    1. I agree, it suits so many skin tones and makeup looks! And smells really amazing!


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