Monday, June 13, 2016

MAY Favourites!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Time to take a look back and check out the goodies I have been loving in May! I have again a couple more products than up to 10, as I originally planned these posts to be.. but oh well, let's be honest, May was huge with all the new releases, especially with all the new products in Slovenian stores. If you have missed my previous post, check the April Favourites! Now lets see what got most of my attention in the past month!

Let's start with some skincare items I have been testing and loving! First step in my night time routine is cleansing lotion by Dvorec Trebnik that helps me remove all my makeup and other impurities. I love the packaging with the pump dispenser, easy to use and effective. Also the cleansing lotion is very lightweight and effective, removes very well and also helps keep my skin hydrated and smooth. It's really good with all my eye makeup, just waterproof mascara needs some more work and help with cleansing oil. I think Dvorec Trebnik really did a great job with this product! Another skin care product I have been loving is the new Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing mattifying fluid. At first I thought I am gonna save this product for later this summer, but I've just been loving it so much I have been using it regularly! The texture is very lightweight, not too runny but not too solid. It's easy to spread and apply, sinks into the skin really fast and leaves my skin fresh looking and without a shine. I use this mostly as a night cream and it moisturizes really well and it also performs well as a makeup base! I love it! Third product is Energie de Vie, the smoothing and glow boosting liquid care. I don't really know how to describe this product as it's not something I have ever tried before! It's not a lotion, a toner, a cream or fluid.. it's liquid, very runny but very light and just gives my skin that extra kick of freshness and healthy glow. I look like I am always well rested! The liquid moisturizer is enriched with Goji Berry extract and Lemon Balm oil and helps my skin look and feel more hydrated. The product was inspired by Korean beauty technology and it's like a beauty enhancer. It's really not easy to describe it. I use it after I applied my toner and before my night cream. In the mornings I just use it as a base for my makeup. It really impressed me!

Two more products before I go to a long ramble about all the makeup products I have been loving! First one is Lovea Before shampoo nutritive oil with shea butter! Another new, unique product for me! I have never been using hair oils in this way - first you apply your oil on your hair ends or on the lenghts of your hair, depends where you need more care. You rub it in and leave it to sink and care for your hair. And than you just wash your hair as you would do any other day! The exception is that my hair are very well hydrated, very soft, my split ends look better and the whole hair look more healthy, glowy and whole. The oil is not too greasy and it's easy to wash it off with your usual hair shampoo. The bonus is  that this is a natural cosmetics product with Eco cert certificate! Love this and it smells so nice! The second product is by Skin Blossom, which you all know by now if you read me regularly. If you have missed my post about their products you can read a bit in my April favourites or in my review here! I have also tried Skin Blossom's hand cream with rose geranium. I love the texture of this cream, very easy to apply and sinks into my skin very fast! It's a very good hand cream, has a lovely scent to it and also love the effect on my cuticles! They are in such a better shape now! More about these two will be on my blog soon!

Now let's talk some serious glow! I have been loving three or better, four, products the past month for creating the perfect glow! From the latest Essence limited edition The Beach house I have tried their beach glow fluid 01 Girls just wanna have sun. I love it! The fluid is very light, the shimmer is just right - small, not too dense! It's easy to apply this product on it's own or mix it with my foundation. I don't need much to achieve a nice warm look, just a drop or two. Love this soo much! Full review coming up soon! The second product that I have been amazed by is Catrice High Glow mineral highlighting powder 010 Light Infusion! The way this looks gorgeous on my skin is just wow! I need the smallest amout of this and just sweep it on my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, on my upper lip, a bit down my nose and I look a lot more fresh and rested! The shimmer is very fine and this one may show a bit more pale and frosty on me during summer, especially if I'll get some tan. But otherwise this is perfect! Third one I have been obssessing over is Avon Glow bronzing pearls in shade pink bronze! I love the illuminating pearls by Oriflame and I thought I would try the bronzing ones by Avon, just to see how well they perform! I am obsessed with these! They give the nicest glow, can be build up and applied more heawy or just give a nice gentle glow. I love to use these for my every day makeup as they just connect everything together and I look more lived-in! :P As my skin is mixed to oily and I tedn to get some glow of my own during the day I need t be careful with applying these, especially how much I apply, but I must say all three products impressed me and I see them as my staples for this summer season!

The fourth product that goes in the glow category is the amazing palette by Essence Bloggers' beauty secrets LE and it's called bronzing and highligting palette 04 The Glow Must go on! I just adore this, top to bottom! The design, the packaging, the mirror inside, the colour selection, the added mini brush. The combo of two matte eyeshadows and a triple bronzer plus one highlighter isperfect for traveling when you want to have everything together in one box and travel light! Also love the quality of these, with the exception of the cinnamon eyeshadow, this performs very well - and oh, the price is about 5 euros! I have already posted about this one here! I have not mentioned any favoruite mascaras lately. The one that impressed me and have been in my use most of the past month is by Avon and it's theirs Big & Multiplied volume mascara! What I like about this one is that it's not too wet and there was no need to wipe it off or wait for it to dry a  bit. The brush is quite classic, catches my lashes well. The tip of the brush is smaller and enables you to apply the mascara on smaller lashes and inner corners. The texture of mascara is somewhat gelly like and really hugs my lashes and coats them well, even on the top, where I usually have residues of my eyeshadows and that just never looks good. It stays on well and there is no fall out and panda effect! It gives me some more definition, thicknes and volume, but it doesn't add much to the length of my lashes. A big plus is this is a non-clumpy mascara! 

And to finish of my May favourites - lip products and one nail polish! :P  For nails I have chosen one nail polish, because I wore this one the most and I loved it from the first use! The nail polish that I have been loving is L'Oreal Paris Nail lacquer in shade 224 Rose Ballet! I love the new packaging, the design looks ultra chic and classy!  The same pattern goes along the tube of the brush as well! The brush is  more flat and wide enough to finish my nails with two swipes. I only need one coat with this shade and it looks fully covering and very spring/summery! It's a perfect every day shade and I love to wear it with basically anything! It also lasts well on me, about 4 days without any major chipping. I have two more shades on my wishlist and I have also received two more shades as gifts, as you can see here, so I can already tell you there will be a full blog post about these! For lips I have one lip balm and three lipstick type of products! I just couldn't narrow it down to just one as I really loved all of them and I have been wearing them regularly! The lip balm I have been loving and using almost every single day since I got it is Melvita 3 Roses nectar lips and dry areas balm! The packaging, the colour selection, the scent and the texture of the product, the effect on my lips - everything impressed me! Absolutely everything. I will postpone repurchasing Nuxe's Reve de miel lip balm fro now, as this one does the job just as good and it smells of roses! One of the new lipsticks I have bought last month is by Rimmel The Only 1 lipstick in shade 700 Naughty Nude. I must say I am loving this one! I first saw this on Lisa Eldridge, but in another shade, and decided to try some as well. I also have a peachy shade, which I don't like as much, but the Naughty Nude is perfect pink nude for every day use and goes well with every makeup. It's very lightweight on the lips, moisturizing, has a nice scent to it and gives nice coverage with one sweep. Perfect day to day lipstick! The second lippie I have been quite literally obsessing over is Lancome's Juicy Shaker in shade Meli Melon! The scent of this is to die for! It applies easily, effect on my lips is glossy but nourishing. I just love this as a whole product - the packaging is super cute, the colour is pretty and can be combined with almost any makeup. The feel on the lips is light and refreshing! It's the perfect summer product ever created! It's not a gloss, but more like an lip oil with pigment and it's just a lovely every day product that I carry with me in my bag at all times! It's already one of my favourites and I believe I will take this one everywhere with me! The last lippie is by Maybelline and it's their latest collection  Color Sensational Vivid Matte  liquid lipstick in shade  45 Possessed plum! I have one more shade on my wishlist, but this one is just perfection! A lovely berry shade that doesn't dry completely matte but still looks very strong and vibrant, but not shimmery or glossy at all! The pigmentation is good, lasting power as well. Leaves a lovely light berry stain after a couple of hours. Basically, very versatile product. Can be applied heavy and in full darker colour or lighter in a more berry shade. Can be also used as a light base and topped with another lipstick or gloss.. the possibilities with this one are great! I am so happy we got these in Slovenia as well, plus the price is quite normal, about 7 euros.

From L to R: Rimmel, Maybelline, Lancome
So these are my favourites for May! Quite a lot of them, but I just couldn't cut it any shorter! Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? Some of these will be reviewed in depth later this month, so if you want to know more stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Te Avonove kroglice so tudi mene čisto obnorele, mi pa ta njihova maskara na žalost res ni všeč :/

    1. Kroglice so res super, jaz sem zelo zadovoljna z njimi! Maskara mi je pa super za vsak dan, sicer ni vodoodporna, ampak se jo lepo vidi na mojih mini trepalnicah :P

  2. Gorgeous photos :) I really like your choice of favorites, esspecially with lip products :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, the lip products impressed me so much I had to include all of them in this post!


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