Monday, June 20, 2016

Empties #12 :)

Hello! It's been ages since I last posted about products I have finished up! I was sceptical about posting these as they were waiting their turn for so long and I almost forgot I ever used them :P However, I wanted to continue with leading a record of what I used up and weather or not I liked it, if I have repurchased or not... So here's a bunch of empties, waiting for me to talk about them since March! :P

I will start with Nivea Creme Smooth cream shower  with precious sheabutter & mild scent. I liked these as they were really gentle to my skin and I was also able to use them as a base for shaving my legs or armpits. I used this as a shower gel as well as a hand wash. Loved the gentle scent and I think this is one of those products suitable for many skin types. It's not too strongly scented and really gives me that feeling of freshness, like just washed and dried sheets. I will repurchase, when I use up my stash!

Some more Nivea shower gels! I have used up two more, NIVEA Powerfruit fresh shower gel with revitalizing acai berry scent & antioxidants.  I loved the fresh scent of this gel and also that it felt very light on my skin, no greasy residues. The cream one is more nourishing, more suitable for colder months, while I feel like this one is very fresh and more suitable for summer. Repurchase - yes, but again, once I use up my stash! One Balea shower gel I have used up is from the winter limited edition,  Frost Flower shower gel with passionfruit and roses. Big surprise with this one was the strong dark green colour of the shower gel and the scent combo, which was flowery and fruity at the same time. To me it smelled more of passionfruit than roses. Overall it was ok, but I wouldn't buy it again.

From Kozmetika Afrodita I have two shower gels I liked a lot - Afrodita cosmetics Mystic argan oil shower gel  and  Pistachio cream cream shower gel. I must say I loved both of these, but the Mystic argan impressed me more. The scent, the nourshing feel on my skin, also can be used as a base for shaving. The pistachio one is also very good, smells very lovely, but to me a bit on the sweet side and I just don't feel like sweet shower gels right now. Maybe some other time, heh! Anyway, both were really good. Repurchase - yes, especially want to repurchase Mystic argan.

If any of you thought I have no more shower gels to show you - guess again! Three more I have finished up. Herbio Body Woman 7 herbs shower gel was one of my favourites, really liked this one. I have a full post about it here! Also finished up a shower gel by  Dvorec Trebnik, Juicy Orange shower gel. Liked this one as well, but from the bunch here I prefer the Herbio one more. Have a blog post about this one right here! Last one is CD Shower gel pomegranate, which has a lovely fresh scent and the texture is very light as well. This is a very nice shower gel, nourishes my skin without leaving any greasy residue. The scent is very fresh but doesn't linger on the skin. From the bunch I would repurchase Herbio shower gel, the other two were ok, but I would prefer to try out some other shower gels by them as well.

On to some hair care products. As many of you may have noticed I don't buy many hair care products and also don't post much about them. If there is a product that really amazes me or I feel like posting about it than I do, otherwise you just get to see them in my new in blog posts and well in my empties. I have finished up AUSSIE Miracle Shine shampoo for dull, tired hair begging to shine, which was good and I have posted about it here. I liked this one, it performed well on my hair and I may repurchase. The next one I have used up is AlpStories Organic Shampoo Aloe Vera, which I loved so much! The feeling this gave to my scalp and hair, the volume... but oh well, the price kinda puts repurchase on hold. But I really loved this one and I would recommend it to anyone! The third shampoo I used up is by  Subrina Vitamines & Strength shampoo for strengthening weaked hair. I have not poset about it anywhere as I used it up before taking any photos. Also it didn't impress me much. It's good but on my hair this didn't really work any magic. It does the job and the hair feel and look fine, but with longer use I saw my hair were getting heavier and thicker but also more dull and shineless. So I started using some more products to give my hair some more volume and shine. The fourth shampoo is already a repurchased one and a very loved one by me as well as my boyfriend - L'Oreal Paris Elvital Fibrology shampoo. Repurchase - yes!

From other hair care  products I have used up I have two products by Oriflame - Oriflame Eleo hair mask for all hair types and Oriflame Eleo protecting oil. I loved both of these, however I have only repurchased the protecting oil as I have a stash of hair masks I need to use up first. You can read more about these two here. Last product has been in my stash for ages and was actually almost empty. I have had this a long time ago and you can read more here - John Freida Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion. It didn't impress me as it really didn't do much for my hair, so I will not be repurchasing it.

One of my all time favourites  - Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes! I love this dry shampoo as it just does the job perfectly! I have repurchased four or five times by now, really a must product for me. Actually helps me cover my hair and holds all day and I look like I have fresh hair or second day hair, even though I really have fourth day hair! :P Love this so much, worth every cent!

A bunch of creams I have finished up! I loved Nivea Creme, a classic cream I always have at home. Repurchase is a must, after I finish the one I already have at home. Also finished BioBalm Argan face and body cream. Liked this cream a lot, used it mostly on my body. Repurchase is a maybe, as this is more of a winter product for me. Full review is here. Another product I have finished is L'Occitane the Vert& Bigarde body milk 50 ml. I loved this one, very fresh scent and lightweight care. However not that impressive and a bit too expensive, especially the full sized product for me to repurchase it again. A hand cream I really loved was Afrodita Cosmetics Hand & Nail care 2in1 Olive. I really liked the scent of this and also the light texture and the wa this really sink into my skin fast. I have posted about this one here! One of my favourite hand creams ever was L'Occitane's Pamplemousse Rhubarbe hand cream.  I loved this one, the scent, the texture, the hydration. Unfortunately it was a part of limited edition and is no longer available. I have talked about this one some more here.  And another all time favourite I have used up is NUXE Reve de miel lip balm. I loved this one and saved it as much as possible, but it was time to use it up and say goodbye. Repurchase is a must for me!

Last year I have discovered my new favourite deodorant whoch actually works on me - Borotalco Original  with microtalc. I love this one as it actually helps me sweat a bit less and also prevent any unpleasant smell. And most importantly holds all day! No need to reapply it during the day! Repurchase already done! I have also used up ma usual nail polish remover by Ebelin, which I have again repurchased! :P Does the job, it's cheap and every DM store has it so, a bargain really. I have used up two scrubs as well, for face I have finished  Noemie Cosmetics Gentle Exfoliating Cream  and for body  Adria Spa sugar body scrub lemon -immortelle. I have posted some more about these two already on my blog, review for the Noemie exfoliating cream is here and for the Adria Spa body scrub here! I liked both of these and I would repurchase both, but I have a huge stash at home already so repurchase will have to wait.

Some skincare products for face I have used up! I have tried the  BioBaza Clean-it-all! face wash parsley borage vitamin E because I was curious about this brand and heard many great comments about it from fellow croatian bloggers. I liked this face wash though it had quite a strong scent to it, very herbal. I liked it, it was good to my skin but I wouldn't repurchase just yet. Maybe if I was looking for an affordable drugstore brand with natural ingredients. Also used up one of my favourite cleansing gels ever - AlpStories Cleansing Gel Sage & Mint. I have already used up two bottles of this and I would love to repurchase as soon as possible! More about it you can read here! Another cleanser I have used up a long time ago and had to wait for months to be posted in my emties is Noemie Cosmetics purifying cleansing gel. I liked this one as it was really gentle and effective, but I find the price a bit too high, so I have decided not to repurchase. You can read some more about the product here! I loved the Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Cleansing Milk for dry and very dry skin. I plan to repurchase this this fall when colder months come back as it was really gentle to my skin! You can read some more about it here

I was so sad when I used up these two products.. I really was so sad. Two of my all time favourite products have ended almost in the same week. I love the KRASNA refreshing toner lavander and tea tree oil and have already repurchased it many times. Currently I am waiting for a 50% coupon at DM stores, as this is a more expensive toner, which I can use up in about a month. You can read some here!  The second product I have loved was Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep. This made my skin look amazing in just a matter of one good nights sleep. Really recommend this to anyone! Would love to repurchase as soon as possible! More about it you can find here!

Some makeup products I have used up. I have only base and foundations here as these products are the oney I use up mostly.  Catrice Velvet Finish Powder with hyaluron  010 Light velvet served me well, but I will not repurchase. I liked the mattifying and velvety effect on my skin, more about it you can read here! Rimmel Stay Matte  Long lasting pressed powder 001 Transparent is one of my all time favourites and I have already repurchased this product. I think I will always love this to set my base and also it's super cheap! One of the foundations I have been loving is L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24-h matte 11 vanilla along with L'Oreal  Paris Infallible Mattifying base. I love these two together, they make the perfect base and my skin looks very matte and almost flawless! I have repurchased both already and will continue to do so! One of my foundations I have loved to use last summer was Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 51 Light vanilla. I love this lightweight foundation as it feels very light on the skin, covers up a bit, the shade matches me really well and it's really perfect for hotter moths. I have already repurchased this! Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer 010 Porcellain also impressed me with really goof coverage. Mostly I use this on my under eye area and on spots that are big and red or I scratched them. Repurchase has already been done!

And a bunch of testers, masks and such products. I have tried L'Occitane Revitalizing shampoo Revitalizing fresh conditioner, which was ok but based on the tester it didn't impress so much that I would buy a full size product. I was impressed with Afrodita Cosmetics WHY mask  eye mask and WHY mask SOS calming! Really great masks for skin and for undereye area! Love the SOS calming mask with lavander, smells amazing and my skin felt really relieved. Three Balea masks I have used up - Balea Totes Meer maske, Balea Reinigende maske with zink  and Balea Aqua tissue mask. Especially love the Aqua tissue mask, I will most definitely repurchase as this gives me so much hydration! The other two are ok, do the job really well. Also tried L'Occitane Ultra rich comforting cream which is too heavy for my skin, but nourishes the hell out of my skin! Might try it again in colder months! Last one is Balea Luxury Golden Glamour bath salt. I have loved this salt as it's got amazing scent! Would love to repurchase, but I have no excuse as I need to use up products I already have. You can read more about it here!

And this is all! Thanks for sticking with me, I know this was a very long post. These were actually products that I have used up since November last year to March this year. So since March I have another big bunch waiting for me to photograph it and talk about it here. Expect another empties post in about a month or so! :P

Have you tried any of these products? Do you recommend some other? Let me know in the comments if any of these are also on your repurchase list!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Ogrooomno stvari si porabla hehe :D

    1. Hehe, hvala, se trudim da sproti praznim zaloge, da se mi ne nabirajo stvari :P

  2. O si bila pa pridna! Ne morem verjeti kako lahko v parih mesecih porabiš toliko gelov za tuširanje. :P Uff jaz imam pa čisto druge izkušnje z Vichyevim nočnim gelom. Mi je prav zanimivo kako je za ene top, jaz naprimer pa nisem pri njem opazila čisto nobenega učinka. :)

    1. Hvala! Ja poarbim jih zato, ker z njimi res nikoli ne šparam plu uporabljam jih tudi za umivanje rok, ne kupujem posebej mila za roke, če ni nujno ;) Meni je bil tale gel res top, super lepo kožo mi je naredil!

  3. When I use all my shampoos I'm gonna try the Fibralogy one :)

    1. I love it, it makes my hair so soft and really nourishes them without making them feel heavy!

  4. Uff s bla pridna :) L'Occitanova krema za roke gre meni tudi proti koncu, prav šparam še zadnji nanos :(

    1. Hvala! Ja ta krema je bila res odlična, škoda, da si je nisem takrat kupila na zalogo....


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