Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Preview: CATRICE - Contourious LE!

Defined Shape. Set beautiful accents with the illusion of light and shadow – contouring and strobing are all the rage right now. From August to September 2016, the Limited Edition “Contouriousby CATRICE is offering professional tools to apply the trend techniques of the beauty world. Cream and  powder textures in soft champagne, rosé and brown flatter every skin type. I came, I saw, I contoured – by CATRICE.

Contourious by CATRICE Sculpting Powder Palette
Highlight, Blush and Contour: two powder palettes with perfectly aligned shades. The silky texture is easy to apply and blend. Available in C01 Pale Perfectionist and C02 Almond Architect.

Contourious by CATRICE Highlighting Stick
Radiance Unlimited. A creamy texture with a light pearl shimmer that ensures a beautiful glow. Highlights accurately and blends effortlessly. Available in C01 Gentle Glow.

Contourious by CATRICE Lip Contour & Colour
Lips to hang on. Two products in one packaging: the matt lipliner creates a perfect contour and can be used to fill the lips with colour, while the lipgloss provides a shiny finish. Dark rosé-nude and rosewood are sure to complement any look. Available in C01 Nude and C02 Rosewood.

Contourious by CATRICE Brow Shaper
Finest Frame. Accurately fill any gaps in the brows with the extra slim Brow Shaper. The brush at the other end of the pencil adds definition to complete the perfect brow look. Available in C01 PrecEYES Ash and C02 PrecEYES Brown.

Contourious by CATRICE Strobing Duo Highlighter
Reflections. The fine powder contains light-reflecting pigments to set accents on the face and neckline with champagne or rosé-apricot highlights. Available in C01 Strobing Surpreme.

Contourious by CATRICE Contouring Cream Palette
Perfect Blend. The two matt, creamy tones can either be combined to create an individual shade or used separately for lightening/shading. With a mirror integrated in the lid, it’s a perfect to-go tool for the handbag. Available in C01 Each & Every Cream.

Contourious by CATRICE Contouring Brush
Daily Definition. Highlight and contour with just one tool. The slim, ergonomically shaped brush with thick, premium bristles can be used to set targeted highlights as well as for skilfully shading to flatter the features. For example, when contouring the nose.

Contouriousby CATRICE will be available in stores in August and September 2016.

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  1. Replies
    1. Mene tudi, predvsem šminke ter paletke, če mi bodo ustrezale bodo super za na pot!

  2. Uuu, mene še najbolj mika brow pencil oz shaper. Predvsem zato, ker zadnje čase razmišljam bolj o stvareh, ki bi mi prišle prav (sem jih porabila oz jih kmalu bom) kot o temu, da se mi pridruži še šminka številka 50 :D

    1. Če boš sprobala poročaj kakšen je ;) Če veš, da imaš preveč šmink in si se jih naveličala, potem čisto razumem, da nočeš še ene podobne :P


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