Friday, June 17, 2016

Join me at The Beach House! ;)

Hello summer! One of the most summer-ish limited editions this year is by Essence, called The Beach House. I have been testing and trying out a couple of the products from the collection and it's time to finally talk about them! Let's see how well they performed!

Let's start with the duo blush in shade 01 Give Me Vitamin Sea! Blush is packed in a transparent round packaging, usual for Essence. It contains 9 grams of product and the price for this one is 3,95 euros. The blush as well as eyeshadow have a similar chevron design. This may look like a wave and gives the collection a bit more fresh vibe. 

The texture of this blush is creamy and easy to apply. The blush has really good pigmentation and you only need to pick up a bit. It's not dusty so there's no unwanted fallout. I recommend you have a light hand with this one as it can get too intense very fast. The finish of this blush is satin, it gives a bit of shine, but it doesn't look glowy as it doesn't contain shimmer. It includes two different shades and I usually apply this mixed together. Lasting power is good, on me this lasts about 6 hours before I notice fading along with my foundation.

Lightest shade is a light pink, best described as salmon pink. Darker shade is a strong coral shade. The middle shade is very strong and pigmented and for me it's too strong, so I tend to mix the shades, as stated above, to get a bit more light coral shade. The shade is very warm and feels very summer-ish, so I think this will look good on those with warmer skin tones and tanned skin. 

The second product I have used is duo eyeshadow in shade 01 Build Me A Sandcastle. The packaging is similar to the blush, plastic and transparent. It contains  2 grams of products and has a very affordable price, costs only 2,19 euros. Plus as you can see, has the same chevron design. 

It's a mix of two shades as with the blush. The lighter shade seems a bit like white sand on a beach, looks a bit like a light beige shade, but on my eyes it looks more white.  The second shade is a more brown-y taupe shade. Both shades are very natural and light and may seem too light to you. I was sceptical how will these two shades even show on me. The lighter shade is really too light and pale for me. I use it mostly to blend other eyeshadows or to lighten up under my brows. The second shade shows nicely but looks a bit dirty on me.. I don't know how to describe it, but on it's own it really doesn't compliment my skin very well, so I tend to mix it up with other shades. 

The texture of these eyeshadows is slightly more compact than I am used to, I could also describe them as a bit wet. This is actually good as there is no fall out and these don't dust half of my face. In the packaging both shades seem matte, but when applied they look a bit satin on me.The pigmentation of both shades is very light and the darker shade can be built up  a bit. while the lighter shade turns cakey and dusty on me. 

Lighter shade, darker shade and on top mixed together.
Lipstick and than lighetr and darker eyeshadow.

I have also tried one of the lipsticks, mine is in shade 02 A Summer Kinda Girl. Lipstick comes in similar packaging to their nude lipstick, but in a lighter pastel coral plastic. As there was no sticker on the lipstick I have no idea how much is in it, but the price for this one is usual for Essence, 2,99 euros. 

It's a duo core lipstick. On the outer layer it's pinky peach shade and in the inner it's  a more dark pink, almost berry shade.  On my lips this mixes and looks more like a pastel peachy shade. It's easy to apply, you don't even need a mirror. It glides on smoothly and has a shiny finish. It doesn't contain any glitter though.  It feels comfortable on the lips and hydrates them a bit, but at the same time emphasizes every crack and chap on my lips. So if you wqant this to look good you need to prep your lips really well.  The staying power is very short though, about an hour or two, without eating and drinking. The texture is quite creamy so if your lips are smooth and well nourished you just slap this on, throw it in your bag and go. Easy product on the go, I like it! Though the shade is to me a bit complicated to wear as I am not used to such peachy shades. 

Along with the bunch I have also tried the kabuki brush 01 Don't Make A Wave! When I first saw this brush I was really amazed how huge this one is! It's really big and I also added a photo of my hand next to it, so you can see. The design is similar to other products, white and  peach chevron. Looks very summer-ish.  Also love the added quote - Every summer has it's story.  It's abit more expensive than other products, it costs 4,99 euros. 

This brush can be used as a blush brush or for other powder products. Personally I find it too big for blush or bronzer, so I mostly just use it for finishing powder. It can be used with a bronzing product if you want to bronze up larger areas as your whole face, neck and decollete area. Of course this is only good if you dust over very lightly with a bit of bronzer. For any more precise application this is way too big for me. It's soft and fluffy, the bristles aren't too dense so the brush doesn't pick up too much product. Love this brush, though it does take a long time to dry up when deep cleansed!

The last product from the bunch is one of my absolute favourites! I have been so lucky to get a chance to try out the beach glow fluid in 01 Girls Just Wanna Have Sun! I have also included this product in my May favourites, as it just gives the nicest glow! It's basically a shimmery fluid for a sun kissed glow.  I mostly apply this on my face, usually on my cheeks to give it some more warmth and glow and it can also be used on your neckline. You can mix it with your day cream or foundation, however you prefer. Also, could be used mixed into your skin moisturizer to give you some more glow. I tend to apply it on top of my foundation, right after, just before everything sets. 

The packaging is very simple plastic tube, the design is again the chevron as with the rest of the collection. You just squeeze out hte product and it's not messy to use it all.  You get 30 ml of product for 3,79 euros. 

I was never big on glow but last two months got me like - well, hey why not try it? And so I bought a couple of illuminating pearls, bronzers, highlighters. Some were sent to me and I must say they actually do make a difference. It's not just,  ah a product to waste money on! They do actually affect a lot the whole look. The differences ae subtle, but they are there! When you know what to look for you see them and I must admit I see them on others now as well. 

This is a creamy fluid, that has just the right texture, very light and not too liquidy.  I like it's smooth, the glitter is very fine and the product can be applied very gently or built up. I tend to apply one drop and smooth it out.  This is not a foundation or a cream in general, it just as it says - a fluid that gives you some shine. A product to add into your already existing routine. 

It looks a bit more orange golden when squeezed out, a bit metallic and very shiny.  It has both, silvery and golden shimmer in it. However, I feel like this will look best on warmer skin tones and tanned skin. I prefer to wear this very lightly, but it can be built up and create a very strong highlighting effect. 

As mentioned above, I apply this directly on top of my foundation, before that one has time to set and I just use my fingers to dab it in gently and blend it up a bit. If I apply too much and don't feel comfortable with that I go over with my makeup sponge and use the side with the foundation residue on and just lightly dab over. 

Direct sunlight, applied a bit more heavily.
Overall, this is a fun collection and really suits the summer time. My personal favourites are the beach glow fluid and blush. I also love the kabuki brush. The eyeshadow and lipstick are a bit more tricky to use for me, but I feel like I will use them as well and maybe mix them with other products. Anyway, I know not all of you have a need for a whole new collection so if you do get the chance to buy something I would really recommend you try out the glow fluid!

If you have tried any of these let me know! Did you like any of these products, how well did they perform for you?

Hope this post was useful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** PR samples. The review of the products and the content of this post are result of my own experinces with the products.


  1. Čudovite fotografije :) <3 Jaz se strinjam s tabo. Zame sta tudi blush in beach fluid zmagovalca. :D Škoda mi je za senčke. Sem pričakovala kaj bolj barvitega. Pa tudi odtenka nista po mojem okusu.

    1. Hvala! Ja senčka je precej specifična, na meni se je ne vidi kaj preveč, zdaj sem se navadila, da jo nanašam kar na celo veko, oba odtenka zmešam skupaj in potem povrhu druge odtenke. Blush ter fluid sta pa res super! ;)

  2. Joj to kremica zgleda super samo me he takih izdelkov strah :/ po moje bi ga jaz uporabila za highlighter challange xD

    1. Hehe, meni je blo tud najpraj, okej kaj naj s tem, ko se že sama dovolj svetim, ampak je dejansko kul. Pa lahko daš čisto malo, tok da se malenkost vidi. Lahko pa si nardiš ful dramatičen look :P

  3. Ti moram povedati, da kljub temu, da sem iz nočne in zaspana, si me kupila s prvo sliko: WOW! Res prelepe fotke!
    In tale beach fluid zgleda hud! :)

    1. Hehe, hvala! Me veseli, da kljub utrujenosti slike vseeno pritegnejo! :P Fluid je super, ravno za poletje! Ga res priporočam, tudi tistim, ki imamo že mastno kožo in se nam zdi, da se že same po sebi dovolj svetimo! :P


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