Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NEW IN February!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! It's that time again - me talking about my newbies from the previous month! And those of you who read me regularly - you already know that I promised to go on a "cosmetic diet"? Well, that didn't go exactly as planned :P Anyway, here are my new in products!

First new in products I am going to show you are all gifts from my better half!  I can not say exactly where they are all from but they are all very useful! I got two additions for my new camera - two remote triggers for easier photography. I still need to get a new tripod for my camera, as it's easier to shoot with it! Plus I got a gorgeous purple hand watch with glittery dots instead of  four numbers and it's a really pretty watch! He said this is a replacement for the one he bought me previously and it stopped working, so I have a pretty watch to wear to all the bloggers events! :P

From LUSH  I treated myself with two new products! I bought both second hand but they are both new and were originally packaged. I got Snow Fairy shower gel and LUSH Roses all the way body soap. Both products smell amazing! The Snow Fairy shower gel is no longer available in stores as it was part of the winter limited edition, but it should be back next november or so, when the wintery products get to be more "in" again. It smells like cotton candy, very sweet. I must say I love the soap with rose scent more! It just smells soo amazing! Really recommend you get your hands on it!

I got a little something to test and try as well, this is by Naravna kozmetika Meze shampoo in a soap bar form for greasy hair. It's by a slovenian brand, it's hand made and it's natural cosmetics. It's got a lovely green colour and a lovely shape and also smells very fresh, which I love! This is a soap meant for greasy hair and scalp and it's supposed to help you normalise your hair. Plus it's got a very lovely packaging! Review coming up in March!

One of the most amazing surprises in February was a package by Kozmetika Afrodita! They sent me Bouquet of Flowers cream shower gel and nurturing body milk, two very amazingly scented products that will be up on my blog very soon! The packaging is amazing, lovely gift box with a nice design, both products have amazing scent I really love! Anyway perfect gift for anyone who loves rose scented products! For more info stay tuned and check out this blog sometime later this week!

A bunch of goodies I received as a late birthday gift! I received Essie Lapiz of Luxury, Essence The Velvets eyeshadow in 08 coral me maybe and Catrice Allround Concealer. All products I really wanted for some time now, so I got really lucky! I love late birthday presents!

Another slovenian brand and also again handmade, natural cosmetics - I received two products by 4 Kids and Us  to test and review! I got anticellulite body milk and honey soap. So far I am testing the body milk and I really love the fresh scent it's got and how it sinks into my skin really fast, no greasy residue and I'm ready to go to bed in no time! More about these two will come later in March when I will post a full review!

From EBRAND I got a bunch of testers to try out and I am taking care of my skin with their products at the moment. I received Almond acid 30% and a bunch of sample sized products (30ml) - calming cream for sensitive skin, peeling, cleansing milk, vitamin face mask, toner. More about these will be posted after my 28 trial days, as soon as possible after that, as I really want to keep up with all the reviews. Anyway, I love these products a lot! I use them every day, morning or evening and my skin feels very good!

Two Alverde products I bought at DM store.It's been a while since I last bought some Alverde products.. I got some last month, but before that I really didn't like anything new they offered in stores. This time I opted for a product that I have had before and is actually a repurchase - Alverde Clear wasch cream and I also bought Alverde Color & Care Mix your make-up in light(hell), which I really wanted to try out and see how this will work with my foundations. I really wanted to try this and mix it with foundations I currently find a bit too dark, but would love to use them. Will see how well it will mix and if it will work with other brands and other textures.

January and February were full of work for my studies and once I passed my last exam I knew I should have avoided the drugstore  but I got a bit carried away and treated myself a bit (a bit too much)! So I bought L'Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar mascara and received a gift with purchase, L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Gel Make-up remover for eyes. I haven't tried the micellar gel yet, but I have started using the mascara and I am impressed! I really am! I love the mascara and I hope I will find some time to squeeze in a review but I already know I will be swamped with work in March.. so I hope I will manage a review for this mascara, but if not, well.. maybe in April..

Part two of my "finals exams are all done" treats - Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade 65 Pink Gold,I have already talked about these on ym blog and I have decided not to make a separate post for this one as well, as it's an old shade, nothing new, but I haven't gotten the chance yet to buy it. From the new arrivals I treated myself with Essence The Velvets 09 bahama - mama and Essence All about matt! High covering concealer 05 matt ivory. I fell in love with the bahama - mama eyehsadow shade, it screams clear blue sky and spring time! Also, as you may have noticed I received one of the Velvets as a gift as well and togetehr these tw shades look like winter's over! I traded a products I never used for AVON Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil hair mask, which I have not gotten arounf to try yet. I loved the hair oil from this collection so I hope the hair mask will work for me as well. And the last bit I bought is EOS lip balm pomegranate raspberry, even though lately I've been hearing stories about these lip balms being dangerous for your lips and all.. I still had to at least try one! There are four different ones available at DM stores for a bit under 6 euros. However I am not impressed by it, maybe it will be enough in summer time, but my dry and chapped lips need more than EOS offers, at least in winter time.

If you have already forgotten - here's a throwback to Valentine's day! I received two lovely surprises by AVON and Oriflame, both sent me some lovely gifts to treat myself with! From Avon I got  Friends are Forever two bracelets, Colortrend Kiss'n'Go lipstick in shade Amour and Planet Spa Sweet Sensuality bath elixir. I love the lipstick shade and design, I think it's really flattering shade for almost anyone and the heart design on the packaging and the lipstick just makes the whole difference! Aldo, If you read my l+blog, you have already seen the post where I talked about Planet Spa Chocolate Bath Elixir, which I love and I believe this one will be just as amazing! From Oriflame I received the cutest hand cream ever - Lace Love. So basically, I spent my Valentine's day spoiled rotten with gifts and treats!

Also got another new collaboration going on and this time it's again some more naturla skincare! I think I am doing pretty well with my whole new years promise to myself to actually use more and try more natural products! I got to test and review WELEDA Pomegranate face cream, WELEDA Nachtkerze (Evening primrose) body oil, Venadoron emulsion for tired legs and for sthrengthening veins and three more products for my nails (how did they know that's exactly what I need right now?) WELEDA pen for care and shine nails, pen for nails and cuticles, pen for removing cuticle skin. So there will be a lot of Weleda products on my blog from now on!

This huge bunch of goodies was actually from January, because that's when I "ordered" it from Poland (a friend was in Poland and so I had to take a chance at getting some products). I treated myself with Soraya  Clinic Clean micellar solution, a brand which I have not tried before and I was very interested in it. Plus it was way cheaper to buy it there than order it online. Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder 001 Transparent, which as you already know, was a repurchase, as I loved this powder! Finally got some Sephora goodies as well! I got Sephora Rose lip mask and Shea lip mask which looked really fun to try and see how the work! I never tried a lip mask before! And finally Sephora cream lip stain 03 strawberry kissed, teh famous lip stains that were all the talk last year on every beauty blog that matters! And I love it! there will be a full review for this one! Also for lips I got to try REVLON  Ultra HD liplacquer in 570 HD smoky Topaz, a product not available in Slovenia, even though we have Revlon. I am really impressed with the gloss and I am thinking of writing a full review sometime. The last bit is another one I can not get in Slovenia, it's Maybelline Super Stay 7 gel nail color in 130 Rose Poudre! And again I love this one as well, lasts longer on me than I expected and that's saying something, as no nail polish lasts on em for longer than two hours!

One of the latest new collaborations I've been so lucky to get is with a brand that imports Artisty! I was soo happy I could finally get to try something and see for myself how it works, as we don't have Artistry in regular stores and there is no way to get a swatch or a tester anywhere! I have received Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation SPF 15 shade L1W1, which I just started testing out and I really love it! There will be a full review! Plus, for all slovenian readers - there's a giveaway going on on my Facebook page where you can win Artistry foundation as well! Hurry up, the giveaway ends 3.3. at midnight!

And finally finishing this post up! Two hair products I bought because I actually needed them! :P Both are a repurchase, one is by Oriflame and it's theirs Eleo Protecting Oil and Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes, that I have been loving lately and I believe this is my third repurchase already! This dry shampoo actually works and I love to use it! Th Eleo oil I first got to review by Oriflame and I fell in love with it! It works and my hair looked great while using that one, so a repurchase was really a no-brainer! 

I guess I will just have to try harder next month and not buy soo many products! But ok, some of these were actually my birthday purchases and gifts and some were just after exams treats and such... but I do feel a little bit guilty about having so many amazing stuff that I still need to test and review and all.. I am really gonna try as hard as possible to spend less in March! :P

Have you tried any of these? Do you like them? Do you have any recommendations for me based on these products?

Hope you liked this post! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. L'orealova maskara je pa meni takoj ratala najljubša :) Nobena maskara na ta način, mi do sedaj ni bila všeč, ta mi je pa perfektna :) Catrice Allround Concealer mi pa ni neki všeč, razen če se je kej spremenila formula od takrat, ko sem jo kupila.

    1. Ja maskaa je res super! Do sedaj sem imela vedno najraje ravno L'Orealove maskare, redko katere so me še tako navdušile. Zadnje čase so mi res odlične tudi Oriflame-ove ter Max Factorjeve. Jaz sem se veselila Catrice paletke zaradi salmon odtenka, za prekrivanje podočnjakov, pa mi tole plastneje odtenkov ne gre tako dobro...

  2. Super pridobitve :) Meni Avonova maska žal ni ustrezala, ampak imam mastne lase, drugače bo verjetno super ;)

    1. Hvala! Jaz je še nisem uspela probat, ampak me firbec kako se bo obnesla!

  3. Tole Lushevo milo fuuul diši ja :D Bi ga imela ^^ Snow Fairy je pa must have !
    Jaz sem si pa ravnokar Batiste suh šampon za blond lase kupla, da vidim če bo kul :)

    1. Ja tole mi res ful diši! :) Sam je ful tako mehko, tako da ga bom probala čim prej porabit :P Batiste je meni odličen, škoda samo ko ga hitro porabim. Ampak če ga nanesem dovolj mi res iz čisto mastnih las naredi take, da so še za cel dan ok. dejansko drži cel dan, ne popravi sam za par ur ali še to ne kot ostali, ki sme jih probala do zdaj.

  4. Tale L'orealov micelarni gel je mene čisto navdušil! Sem mislila, da mi ne bo odgovarjal tako kot mi njihova micelarna ni, ampak mi je super. Vsa ličila z lahkoto odstrani, ne iritira mi oči pa tudi nobenih mozoljev mi ni povzročil :)

    1. Super, komaj čakam, da ga začnem uporabljat! Meni tudi L'Orealova micelarna ni bila ne vem kaj, najboljša od vseh teh drogerijskih mi je bila Niveiina. :)

  5. Alverde Clear waschcream je res majka! Upam da ti bo še vedno fajn :D

    1. Ja ziher mi bo, sem mela ta čistilni gel že večkrat in je vedno super, samo rada sprobavam vmes nove stvari! ;)


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