Thursday, March 31, 2016

Let's be extraordinary with MELVITA L'OR Bio!

Hello! Beauty oils of all sorts have been extremely popular in the last couple of years. For me the obsession with oils for skincare purposes started about two or three years ago and I must say I never thought oils will fit me and my skin but they do and they perform amazingly! Today I have a new review for you, I was lucky and I was sent this product by Melvita Slovenija. I will be talking about one of the most amazing oils I have ever tried - MELVITA L'OR Bio Extraordinary Oil

L'Or Bio reveals five rare oils, rich ingredients from nature - Argan oil from Marocco, Kendi oil  from Indonesia, Buriti, Inca Inchi and Pracaxi oils from Amazonia. The blend of these oils makes your skin truly silky smooth and also works wonders on your hair!

If you have dry skin type, this is a must have in your skincare routine, but even if you don't it's still good to treat your skin from time to time with something a bit more luxurious and also very effective. Multi-purpose oils have become very popular lately and many brands offer them, however  I still believe it's good to find one that will suit all your needs than clutter many of them at once. L'Or Bio is a natural,  organic version by Melvita and it's also got Ecocert  organic certificate.

The texture is oily at first, as it's an oil, but once you apply it this goes very dry and it feels smooth and silky, but without any greasy residue. It feels dry on my skin as well as on my hands and I never feel the need to wash my hands after use.

The scent is very strong, but it's soooo amazing! I honestly have not tried an oil before with such a strong scent before. I have tried many oils, for body, for hair, for face, some of them were multi-purpose, some of them specific for a certain use only. And they did have scents and some were very strong, for example lavander one or rosemary one, even rose oil by Weleda, was very strongly scented. But this is a completely different thing. The scent of L'Or Bio is soo good, I can not stop smelling myself. It's a strong scent, stays on the skin, but it's still not too overpowering. To me it smells sweet and nutty,  not like sugar or vanilla, but still it's got a sweet scent. I don't know how to describe this one so it's best if you are considering to purchase it, if you can get a sample first. I have no problems with stronger scented products, but those who are sensitive to fragrances might.

Even though it's quite scented, my skin on my face reacted quite well.  I prefer to use this oil as a body oil, but I did try it on my face and hair as well.  I have a more oily skin type on my face and feel like I can not use oils as much as other skin types, however I still try them and use them occasionally. Especially in winter time I feel like I can get away with more oils in my night time skin care routine. L'Or Bio makes my skin truly soft, silky smooth and very well nourished. It's really pure gold as the name on the bottle would suggest! My face loved this oil! The scent wasn't too overpowering, but I must say I was able to smell it on my face for hours after application. 

On my hair I used this oil only on my hair ends, as I have really long hair and also greasy scalp and hair, so I thought it would be best to only use this one on my hair ends. It performs really well. My hair ends were smoother, softer, the breaks  have been less visible. I used this as a treatment, a couple of times in a row, meaning - after every wash for about two weeks. I have noticed my hair ends looked a lot better, less dry, more nourished and also less split ends were visible. You only need the tiniest amount, just a couple of drops, rubb them between your fingers and than run them through the hair ends.

On my body I mostly used this oil on my legs where I have really dry skin, no matter what season we are in. During winter it get's a bit worse so I tend to use more oils. This one performed wonders on my skin. It was really smooth, silky, felt very well nourished and I smelled soo good! Also my pajama smelled good! :P You don't need to wait long for the oil to absorb and dry, maybe   give it about a minute and you are all done. The scent of this oil is soo good, I prefer to use it in the evening as it's very relaxing!

So why is this oils so special? Beacuse it's an oil, but the texture of it is amazing! It leaves your skin silky smooth and dry, without any greasy residue! And best of all - it performs amazingly well! The original larger size, 100 ml bottle also has a practical pump which makes the whole use a very clean business. Plus it comes from one of the best organic skincare brands I have tried so far! Melvita really impressed me and I must say I liked almost everything I have tried from them! I have tried the smaller version, the 50 ml bottle, that doesn't have a pump, but you just pour it out onto your hands. I also love that I only need a couple of drops for lets say face or hair care! A true beauty gem!

For slovenian readers product is available at Melvita online store, but you can also get it at Muller stores, Nama store and Maxi store. The price for the 50 ml is 19,90 euros, which I really find reasonable for such an amazing product. If you feel like you will need a bigger bottle you can get 100 ml for 32,90 euros.

Hope this review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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