Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Magic ways to plan your days!

Hello! A bit different post for you today, more lifestyle than beauty one, but still a very interesting one. Though we are already in the middle of March, some of you may still feel the need to get yourself a new yearly planner or maybe you just don't like the one you already have, .. maybe you have too much to write down and the one you have is too small, doesn't offer much space, or it's just dull to use... 

So if you are looking for a colorful planner to spice up your days - here's a short review of Magic Planner!

I have recieved mine late in January, so I can confirm I have been using it for some time now and I can tell you exactly how it works! 

I also received a big inspirational card with it, but I forgot to photograph it. Anyway, the Magic Planner has a lovely colorful design. Looks like a big book with a spiral binding, which is really strong and doesn't bend or break easily, not even if you carry your planner anywhere and everywhere. It's got hard covers, so it's really sturdy and it does make it more heavy. However, if it had soft covers they would get wrinkly or crushed way too fast. Especially if you have one of those large lady bags that have one big space in the middle and you just cram everything right in there.

The planner starts with a lovely first thought! And later on you have some nice thoughts and quotes all along the planner, every week. So it's quite an inspirational book in a way!

It starts with a blank page where you can write your name and read some quotes, than later on you have some pages and some space to write down a little something about you. You have a nice mind map where you can write your goals, may they be your family, love, friends, health, finances or travels, dreams or just stuff about you. One page is dedicated to gift ideas, so you can write it all down in one place and you don't need to search for it all over the book. Than later on you have a birthday calendar, where you can write all the important dates! You can also write down your monthly sales and checkouts, so you can keep tabs on your finances more easily. The next two pages are dedicated to bucket lists, where you already have some suggestions but you can always just add some more, there's some space left for you to add some more ideas or wishes. If you are more into planning what you eat you also have a scheme where you can write down ingredients, what to buy and such :P

My Magic Planner starts with January and the first page offers you simply a lovely photo and numbers of days, written in order so you know when the weekends are and they are also in a different colour! Then the next two pages give you some more space to mark the more important dates and little boxes for each day, where you can just mark important stuff. At the side you have space to write down everything you are grateful for and at the bottom your monthly goals and some more space for notes. And then you get two pages for each week and you get a lot bigger spreadsheet where you can write stuff for each day in more detail. At the beginning you are greeted with a quote of the week, than you have some space to write down weekly goals, what you need to buy, money spent, if you had or you plan any exercise and some more space for extra notes. 

Anyway, you can write all down if you need to or just the important stuff, however you prefer! All of these little suggestions can help you remember things you need to do, can help you plan more easily or just keep in touch with everything that's going on and you can see all the things written down flat that you needed to do in the past week or month. If you are that kind of type of a person who likes things neat and organised, this Magic Planner will be perfect for you!

You can get your Magic Planner here! They also offer a couple more different ones so have a look! Anyway, hope you liked this post and you found it helpful!

I recommend this planner to anyone who likes to keep things organised or to any blogger who needs a lot of space to write down some ideas!

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. Planer mi je bil najprej všeč zaradi velikosti, ker se v tistih manjših ne znajdem najbolje :D Mi je pa všeč, da vsebuje različne misli ipd., so super motivacija :) In pa ... čudovite slike! :)

    1. Ja meni tudi, ker mam končno dovolj prostora! Hvala! ;)

  2. Meni je res ful všeč. Komaj čakam drugo leto z novimi vzorci :D

    1. Meni tudi, sem se takoj navadila nanj! ;) Upam, da bo podobnega tipa kot je ta, morda le temnešje barve, ker bela se morda prehitro zamaže, sploh platnice..


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