Friday, April 1, 2016

NEW IN March!

Hello April, goodbye March! You've been long and hard and well... full of amazing products! I know I said I will try to limit the new goodies, but oh well.. Some things just want to be mine! Here are the goodies I have been given, sent for review purposes or I bought myself in the past month! 

Herbio has become one of the brands I am really loving and the products I have already tried so far have really been good! Considering the positive vibe I get from these products I was really happy to get the chance to also try two new products they are offering - Rose Hydrolat and Jojoba oil. Along with these two I have also received a couple of testers - shea butter, lavander hydrolat, argan oil, herbal vitamin oil. I must say the Rose hydrolat has won me over completely! Love the smell, the effect on my skin! I am using it every evening in my nigh time routine. Full review will be up soon! Until than you can catch up with these two posts - Herbio AHA fruit mask and three more products for skincare!

I simply love Oriflame! About the time for Woman's day I was sent two gorgeous products, perfect for spring! I got Woman's Collection Delicate Cherry Blossom EdT and Oriflame Bright Bouquet shower cream! Both have been really great, love the fresh, flowery scents. I must say I am feeling a lot more spring-y this year and I love the light shades, the light scents and the whole spring colorful design. The Delicate Cherry Blossom eau de toilette is very spring like! Full review will be up soon!

Even though I don't really need any new decorative beauty items, I still had to get my hands on two goodies! I treated myself with Oriflame Giordani Gold Illuminating Pearls and The ONE Lip Spa Plumping lip balm. I got the Illuminating Pearls in previous catalog and I got them for a really good price, so I though, what the hell, I wanted them for so long, there's no point in waiting! They look amazing and they come in the new packaging which is all black with golden writing. The secodn product is a lip balm, but it's got that stingy effect that I don't like that much, but I didn't know that when I was ordering the item. When you suufer through the tingly sensation you actually do get a plumping effect, my lips really look bigger and they are very well prepared for any lip colour.

I have received another NIVEA product last month. This time I got NIVEA Protect & Shave shaving gel and razors. There were three of them in the packaging. I must say these are really good, I love they are so smooth and that they glide well on my skin with the shaving gel or without it. They are effective, get all the hairs and the shaving gel is really good as well! I am impressed NIVEA, good job! From Adria Spa I have already tested their shower foams, now I got to test and try a mini version in the Lemon & Immortelle scent. Love this one, very fresh and the foam is just as good as the Lavander one. You can read my previous review here!

So March is quite intense with all the holidays, such as Woman's Day, Mother's Day, Easter... and AVON  didn't forget about me, they spiled me rotten! Again! I got a bunch of products - Naturals Body care Red rose & Peach shower gel, BIG & Multiplied volume mascara, True colour matte eyeshadow quad in Au Naturale and Pink Jasmine hand, nail & cuticle cream! Haven't tried any of these yet, as I am currently testing other products, but I will open these soon! 

I like to use all my coupons and discounts even though I don't need anything new at that exact moment. From the bunch I got myself a new cleansing milk and I repurchased  another cleansing mousse, I got both at DM store. Both, L'Oreal Paris Ideal Fresh Skin Perfecting Cleansing Milk as well as NIVEA Cleansing mousse for normal to mixed skin will have to wait a bit, but I already know that mousse will be very useful, I just finished a bottle of it and the cleansing milk is something new but will get it's turn soon as well. The product I actually needed to get is L'Oreal Paris Elvital Tonerde Absolue dry shampoo. I haven't tested it yet, but I wanted to try something new. I am about to finish my fourth or fifth bottle of Batiste dry shampoo and I wanted to see if other brands work for me as well. 

Le Couvent Des Minimes spoiled slovenian beauty bloggers with a special event presenting the new collection, Eau Sereine. I have already talked about the event here and I also presented the new products they have launched. I was also lucky to receive a couple of products to test at home. I got  Eau Sereine Relaxing Pillow Mist, Moisturzing hand cream and a sleeping mask. Later I also bought myself Botanical Cologne of Serenity and along with ti received another sleeping mask and hand cream. I love this collection so much! There will be a full review on my blog this month!

Catrice and Essence really brought some amazing products this spring! In my several visits to DM and Muller store I treated myself with CATRICE Blush Artist shading palette 010 BronzEclat, CATRICE Zensibility LE nail lacquer in shade C04 REDiant Energy, CATRICE Longlasting lip pencil in shade 070 I got you babe!, CATRICE Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer in shade 020 Light Beige, CATRICE Ultimate Stay lipstick in shade 160 Don't Worry Be Berry and CATRICE Luminous lips lipstick in shade 070 What's AP-ricot?. I am really impressed with the nail lacquer, love the warm shade and that it's fully opaque with just one coat! The blush palette is really good as well, but it depends a lot on the brush because sometimes it can't pick up any of the product and other times too much. The colour selection is very pretty and all the shade shave tiny shimmer to them. The liquid concealer was actually a repurchase as I finishd the first one, which was actually a shade lighter, in shade 010. The lip products, especialy the lip pencil and berry lipstick impressed me as well! Love the shades, the pigmentation and the lasting power as well. The peachy lipstick is gorgeous as well, very springy and I felt  an urge to go peachy this month, as you will notice many lip products in similar shades. The only problem I have with the peachy lipstick is that I need my lips really well preped or the shade looks cakey on me.

One of the surprise packages I was sent by Catrice and Essence Slovenia contained these four goodies - CATRICE High Glow Mineral highlighting powder in shade 010 Light Infusion, CATRICE GEL like 2 in 1 base & top coat, ESSENCE Soft Touch Mousse concealer in shade 10 soft beige and  ESSENCE Glossy Stick lip colour in shade 04 Poshi Pink. So far I have only tried the glossy stick, which I really like! The bright pink is perfect for spring/summer time! The shade is well pigmented and opaque, doesn't stick into my dry patches. I have also dipped my fingers into the highlighting powder and it's a lovely one, very smooth and very tiny shimmer added to it. As you can see there will be many Catrice and Essence products reviews! :P

From HERBAS I recieved a very huge package of things to test and review! So far I have only one product already tested and posted about, it's NATU menstrual cup, which you can read all about here. This time I received a bunch of products for skincare mostly, one for hair care and two makeup items. As you can see I am doing quite well in staying in touch with mostly natural products, especially considering skincare items. I have received LOVEA Nature Before Shampoo Nutritive Oil, UNICA Organic 100% Natural Lavander Toner and decorative beauty products - puroBIO Mat Eyeshadow in Fallen Tones and puroBIO 25 Rosetto all over-lipstick. These are still waiting to be tested, so I have no first impressions for you yet.

The second part of the huge package I received from Herbas contained Skin Blossom products. I am testing out  SKIN BLOSSOM Gentle face wash and  Facial toner at the moment. I have also tried the Hand cream Rose geranium, which I really like! The Nourishing Face moisturiser for oily, normal & sensitive skin will have to wait a bit, as I am currently testing another cream. Theface wash and toner both seem very nice, gentle and effective. So far I like them both, maybe the face wash a bit more as I find it a bit more effective. But these are just first thoughts, I will write full reviews for these!

Another slovenian brand decided to work with me as well and I was sent two products - LaBri Vilinska lepota Cvet češnje lahka krema za mlado kožo (light cream for young skin) and  LaBri Vilinska lepota cvetlično čistilno mleko (floral cleansing milk). I am currently testing both of these, the cleansing milk is very light but doesn't get the heavy makeup off, though it does get most of it. Mascara is a bit of a problem, but otherwise this does the job! The cream is very light, it feels good on the skin and does the job well. I use it mostly as a night cream and it gives enough hydration to my skin without getting it more greasy or causing me outbreaks of acne. So far, so good! Full review comes in about a month or so, maybe a bit less, will see how soon I'll get around to it.

From AliExpress I have ordered new brushes, as I really needed them. I wanted to splurge on Zoeva but decided that's just too much money for now. I have bought Jessup brush set for about 15 dollars at the time, which is really cheap and so far they performed really well. I like them a lot. They are super soft, easy to wash and for now they are still keeping their shape without loosing any hair.For a 10 piece set this isnot just affordable set, plus the shipping was free. I ddi have to wait for them to arrive and it took over one month. 

And some goodies I bought from ESSENCE. I got myself another spring  lipstick, in shade 13 Love me and  Longlasting lipliner in shade 04 Peach beauty. I have not tried the lipstick yet, but I am really loving the lip pencil! I don't know why I waited for so long to finally try one. The pigmentation is amazing and the texture simply glides on my lips. I also wanted two more eyeshadow brushes and I got another eye blender and one more for smokey eyes. From their spring limited edition called Wake Up, Spring! LE I got myself all three eyeliner pens in shades 01 happy first day of spring, 02 let's the spring begin and 03 spring a-ling a-ling. I am especially loving the lilac shade, the white one is ok, but needs more strokes to get it fully opaque. The green one is very watery and never gets the shade I imagined it to be, I thought it would be a bit more pale green than it is, even though it is still very light, I thought it would be even more white, pastel based. There will be a full review for these three soon!

I also got a couple of jewelry pieces this month! This one I bought at  AliExpress and my better half said this one looks like something from Gods of Egypt movie! It's quite heavy, but not too much. It's got a couple of brakes in between so it can fit my neckline better and doesn't just lay on top in a stiff position. It looked more grey-ish on the photos, but in real life it looks more bronze. It's quite massive and needs to be paired with a good top with a larger cut as it really looks best on bare skin. You can check out this bohemian necklace here!

Some more jewelry I received  from Born Pretty Store for review purposes! I got the golden leaves hair holder and a clip, both are very nice and seem very luxurious. I am really happy I finally got my hands on these as I've seen them on other people and they always looked amazing on brown hair! Along with it came the the black-ish silvery shiny earrings that would look great with a classy smokey eyes look and would be very chic for a night out. Last piece is a necklace with transparanet bubble for a pendant. The interesting part for me is that it includes dandelion seed inside and it looks very natural, plus very suitable for spring! To me this is perfect spring necklace I can wear on almost anything.

A mix of beauty products! I couldn't wait for spring anymore so I ordered myself a new AVON True Color matte eyeshadow quad in shade Pulsate, that was before I knew I was going to receive Au Naturel from Avon. So in last two months I have gone from never even trying their eyeshadow quads to having four! So far I liked them a lot, I plan to prepare a full post on these. Another eyeshadow palette this month is by Wet'n'Wild Color Icon eye shadow trio in shade Silent Treatment. This one is actually a repurchase as I already had this one a couple of years ago but it I dropped it and it broke completely. The last, bottom shade is amazing and I loved to use it every day! Now that Click2chic also offers them I had to buy it again! L'OCCITANE is known for preparing products for charity purposes each year. This year I finally managed to get my hands on one of these products, called Ultra Soft Balm. I use it mostly on my hands and lips and I love the gentle rose scent! The last two lovely bits are from an event I haven't posted about yet, didn't have time, sorry. LYCON presented their waxes and how to use them, what makes them different from the others. To try at home I got Pomegranate sugar scrub and hand&bodylotion.

One of the products I have wanted to buy for so long is finally mine! I got my hands on Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows 32 Ultra professional eyeshadows in shade Mermaids Forever! Finally mine! I bought it second hand from a fellow beauty blogger Rebeka, who really didn't use this one much and so I got it almost brand new! The shades I have tried so far are amazing! There will be a full review for this one!

A huge mix and match of stuff I couldn't resist buying! From Maybelline  I treated myself with The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara Very Black and waterproof version, I have bougth both at DM store and I was lucky to catch them on special discount, so both were 7 euros. Why I decided to buy them? Because I don't own a single waterproof mascara, that I actually use or that isn't ready for the trash can. Besides, having a spare mascara at home never hurt anyone :P I also picked up another rose - pinky lipstick in shade 173 Windsor Rose. Sorry, I don't now what line it belongs to as I can not find it anywhere online. Also forgot to include Maybelline Master Drama  Khol liner in Ultra Black, I forgot it in the bathroom and it didn't get the chance to be photographed by me :P I love this liner, why haven't I bought it sooner? The way this glides on and the rich black and the staying power amazed me! Love this one, one of my favourites in March! As you can see here I was really into spring lips and so I was looking for more peach toned products,as I noticed I don't really have any in my collection. I opted for a couple of Catrice and Essence lippies you have seen above and I also got another one of the Bourjois Color Boost lipsticks in shade 04 Peach on the Beach. From Avon I had to try the new matte lipstick everyone was raving about so much! I got one in shade True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick Adoring Love. The colour choice was made based on Priyanka Chopra and her lips on the promos for Quantico show. I have also got myself the Catrice Don't Worry Be Berry one based on recommendations from my fellow bloggers, to recreate her lip game! Love both products soo much! And the last lippie I got in order to get the right shade  Priyanka wore was Deborah Milano Rosetto Milano Red 32, which impressed me even more than the Catrice one! Love the texture and the shade! Last product on the photo is L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24h-Matte Mattifying Infallible foundation 11 Vanilla, another repurchase! I love this foundation and I never want to live without it again! :P

As mentioned above March is gift season for all the women in your life! So I got some amazing gifts! From REVLON  I got another shade of Matte Balm. My friend remembered I really wanted to try the shade 255 Enchanting, I already have shade Fiery and I love it so this was the next step  in my Revlon lip obssesion! From  ESSIE  she got me another nail polish in lovely spring shade Eternal Optimist. From another friend I got Maybelline Color Whisper 210 Oh La Lilac and  L'Oreal Exclusive Collection  Color Riche Naomi's Delicate Rose. I think I am ready now, spring! Thanks for the lovely gifts! ;)

At the end of March I was invited to another beauty blogger event, this time by DVOREC TREBNIK. There will be a full post on the whole event and I will talk some more about the new products. I must say I have not tried anything yet as I am currently testing LaBri and Skin Blossom, but I hope to get there soon.  I was lucky to receive all the new goodies for facila skincare they have launched. So the new products are Moisturizing facial serum with rose water and hyaluronic acid, Nourishing day cream with rose water, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10, Gentle nourshing eye cream with rose water, Luxurious night cream with rose water and coenzyme Q10. From the bunch I will start using the eye cream first as it's the only item I can start right now, the rest need to wait a bit so I finish testing other products.

The second part of the new products released by DVOREC TREBNIK are Anti-imperfection face cream with honey, Spot clearing balsam with propolis, Refreshing toner with hamamelis extract and Cleansing lotion with hamamelis extract. Considering my skin type I will probably start using the honey based creams first, the rose ones maybe a bit later. The cleansing lotion and toner are next in line, right after I use up the Skin Blossom ones. I prefer not to mix the products, as I can never really say than if they worked for me or not. More about the event and products will come a bit later!

Finishing this very long post is one last piece of new jewelry of the month. This one I got from ROCK VIBE necklace with malachite pendant! Love the green stones and the pattern on it! This one will also get a full post in the near future! ;)

Thanks for reading through all of this and sorry for such a long post. I prefer to keep it all together in one, as I know the next time I will have time to write for my blog I will want to move on and not keep writing the same post again. If you have tried any of these let me know if you like them and if not, let me know why they don't work for you! If any of these interest you particularly, let me know and I will try to post about them sooner!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Skin Blossom, Lovea in Puro Bio so odlične znamke, sploh za vse,ki želijo biti malce bolj k naravi usmerjeni. PurBio dekorativo uporabljam tudi sama in sem zelo zadovoljna, Skin Bloosom pa ima tako dobre sesatvine in tolikokrat je bil nagrajen. Lovea pa je tudi super znamka.

    1. Nisem še uspela vsega poskusit, zaenkrat sme načela Skin Blossom in mi je zelo fajn, nežen in učinkovit! Se kr dobro držim tega, da želim uporabljat čim bolj naravno kozmetiko, predvsem kar se tiče nege kože. Makeup je malce težje, ampak mi je puroBIO šminka všečna, sme jo sam poskusila, jo bo treba še malce stestirat :P

    2. Mislim, da ti bo super SB, jaz tudi kar se nege tiče res čimbolj naravno, makeup mi pa kar ne gre, preveč rada testiram nove stvari :) ampak nekaj kosov naravne dekorative je tudi pri meni našlo mesto. Imam PuroBio šminko Magenta in mi je tako dober odtenek, tekstura, simpl za nanos. Maskara njihova mogoče malce preveč zlepi trepalnice, svinčnik za oči je tut ok, puder je pa kr prekriven, se mi niti ne zdi, da rabim toliko. Bi pa od PB senčke še probala:)

    3. O fajn, super slišat, da je PB tako dobro oceno dobil pri tebi! Jaz bi z veseljem poskusila tudi podlago! Včasih sem bla ful na Alverde, zadnje čase majo pa same take izdelke, da me niti ne mikajo ne vem kaj... Lavera, Colour Caramel in podobni me pa nekako niso prepričal do zdaj, bom se mogla kaj bolj poglobit ob priliki :P

    4. Jaz se že veselim tvoje ocene senčk alipa vsajprvega vtisa,meni je PB zanimiv, včasih si vzamem v zakup, da naravno lih ne bo tako kot kakšna druga dekorativa in potem sem včasih pozitivno presenečena, velikokrat pa negativno. Ampak potem pomislim kolk so boljše sestavine npr. pa je kr lažje sprejet,da mogoče ni tk kul. Podlaga je meni sicer boljša kot ena od Alverde,k sem jo imela, samo sej veš odtenki so pa pretemni:):):)

    5. Velja, te pocukam za rokav, ko bo objava, da ne zgrešiš :P Senčke so tri shimmraste, ena mat, so pa močne barve, tako da bom vidla kako mi bo uspelo kombinirat. Alverde je bil meni kompaktni puder včasih všeč, zdaj pa že dolgo ne uporabljam več, ker mi je prehitro zbledel z obraza...

  2. Same krasne nove pridobitve ! Tudi jaz sem prejela hidrolat vrtnice od herbio in sem navdušena, nad vonjem, ki je res božanski, predvsem pa res dobro služi moji koži kot tonik. Najbolj pa me zanima, kako se ti zdi ta maybelline falsies push up drama maskara ? Komaj pa čakam objavo o dvorec trebnik novih izdelkih.

    1. Hvala! Ja hidrolat je res super, jaz ga tudi uporabljam kot tonik! Maybelline sem poskusila samo tole vodoodporno zaenkrat, je fajn, res črna, odstranjevanje pa ni enostavno :P Rada bi edino, da bi naredila več privihanosti, jo bom sprobala še skleščami.

  3. I havent used Oriflame for ages, I used to love their hand creams. I love Essence products but unfortunately we don't have the new spring products here yet, I guess I will have to wait a little until they arrive :)


    1. If you do get back to Oriflame try their Giordani Gold makeup, it's fab!I love the new Glossy Stick by Essence, you should try it!

  4. Same čudovite stvari. Že komaj čakam ocene. Pe posebej zanima set čopičev :). Ogrlica mi je čudovita <3

    1. Hvala! ;) Jaz sem tudi čisto zaljubljena v ogrlico! No, v obe :P Velja, bom najverjetneje spisala objavo za čopiče!

  5. To je pa bil en super new in :D
    A ta L'Orealov suhi šampon si pri nas kupila? Ga v našem DMu še nisem zasledila :)

    1. Hvala! ;) Ja same odlične stvari. Ja pri nas, kupila sem ga na Čopovi, Muller, cena 3,95 evra. Danse sem ga prvič sprobala, pa mi je sicer okej, ampak je Batiste boljši :P Se mi zdi, da se ga manj vidi na laseh.


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