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PINK SPRING - Collaboration with Adjusting Beauty!

Hello everyone! Today's post is a bit different! First off, this post is a collaboration with a fellow slovenian beauty blogger, whom you probably already know - Petra from Adjusting Beauty blog! If you don't know her yet (of which I am doubtful) she does makeup reviews, makeup looks, nail looks, she  also does amazing DIY! So if you are looking for a great review or an idea for a makeup look or just how to do something beauty related at home, go check her out, you won't be sorry!
Second, this is a very unusual post for me as I will be talking about pink beauty products, mostly about makeup items, that I have been loving this spring! Pink is really not my colour, or so I thought, but it has grown on me and this spring I have been a bit obsessed with it! hence, the idea to do a Pink Spring post with Petra, as she's been feeling pink as well :P

For some spring is all about blush and making your cheeks rosy and bright. I must say I use blush daily, but I rarely opt for a bright pink shade. If I do, I go for these two shades here - Catrice Defining Blush 070 Pinkerbell and 020 Rose Royce. The shade Pinkerbell is very vibrant, very strong pink shade, a bit more cool toned and doesn't suit every makeup look, but stands out well and lightens up my face! The second one is in shade Rose Royce and it's a perfect pink shade for almost anyone. It suits a lot of makeup looks and I love to use it on a daily basis. Here on the photo it may look a bit more peachy than pink, but it's a lovely mix in between. Love the pigmentation, price point and lasting power of these as well!

It took me years to get used to wearing lighter shades on my eyes as well. When I first started with makeup all I would wear was black eyeliner or black - greyish shades. The last two, three years I have really changed my perspective on lighter shades and I love to use lighter, pastel shades as well. For this post I have decided on a couple of shades I have been using most this spring. CATRICE  Kohl Kajal  200 You're My Rosen One! is one of the most used products from them all! I use this liner on my waterline every day. It goes well with all my looks plus it helps me create a more open, brighter look. The shade is not too white nor too pink, it's bright and a bit shiny, the texture and pigmentation are very good as well. The second most used product is Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr 65 Pink Gold! It's a lovely pink cream eyeshadow with quite shimmer. I love to use it on it's own or mix it up with On and on bronze, they look great together. The shade Pink Gold is as the name suggest a light pink shade with golden shimmer to it. It's got lovely pigmentation and a very good staying power. I prefer to pair it up with a black kohl on top and Catrice You're my rose one on the bottom waterline and some mascara. Easy and simple, but very spring like! Third product is Essence The Velvets eyeshadow in 08  Coral me maybe. This shade to me looks more peachy pink than coral, the pigmentation is not as good as it could be. It can be built up a bit more, to give a more opaque colour. It's also a bit dusty, so be careful how you apply it. The shade itself looks more pink on me than peachy or coral as the name would suggest. Love that it can be mixed with almost all warm shades such as bronze, browns or even some purples. Lightens up my eyes really well, plus it's got a matte finish.

To the bunch of pink -ish eyeshadows I could have added a couple more of eyeshadow palettes, mostly Sleek ones as quite a few of them include a pink eyeshadow colour, but I decided to keep it small and as short as possible. As you will see a bit later, I have quite a selection of spring lipsticks to talk about! From the ones I have been using most this spring I chose Deborah Milano  Eye Design Quad in 04 Each and every Rose and KIKO Makeup Milano  Reckless Spirit eyeshadow palette 02 Fiery Rose. The Deborah Eye Design Quads may not be available anymore as they are new ones available now, called Perfect Smokey Eye palette. They have similar packagin but offer  five shades. As you can see on my photos there's a lovely rosy shade in this one which I have been loving for quite some time now! It's got a bit of golden shimmer to it, it's also a bit dusty, but looks so very fresh on my eyelids! Fits with almost every day time look I create, especially works with the shades included next to it in the palette! From KIKO I got this one eyeshadow palette and it did not impress me that much at first. It's very dusty and the shades tend to have very light pigmentation. But I found a use for her anyway! The lightest shade and the bottom lightest shade are my favourite to use, The lightest one is a light pale pink and the third shade in the palette looks more purple, but comes more pinky on my eyes. Love to mix them with similar colour or use them to blend other shades.

From other eyeshadow palettes I have at home I would recommend to try out the following pinks - Sleek Vintage Romance palette, Sunset palette, Garden of Eden palette, Oh So Special palette, Celestial, Bourjois Smoky stories 07 In mauve again, Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever. Not all the shades are pink, but all of these have at least one interesting pink shade!

Deborah Milano Eye Design Quad 04 Each and Every Rose

Catrice Kohl Kajal 200 You're My Rosen One, Essence The Velvets 08 Coral me maybe, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pink Gold

Time to talk lip balms! One of my favourite things to use on a daily basis! I never use just one lip balm per day as I just prefer to rotate them and use multiple at once. The ones I have loved this spring and have been using them most are Catrice  Beautifying lip smoother 040 Coffee To Go, Labello Soft Rose lip balm, AVON Luxe Silken tinted lip balm Rose Tint and Oriflame The ONE Lip Spa Plumping lip balm. Catrice in shade Coffee to go is a more nude-pink combination and very suitable for every day wear, I like to pair it up with a stronger eye makeup look. It looks more like a gloss on the lips and it does give some hydration, however this is not very good with really dried up lips. I included it mostly because I love the gentle shade. On the swatch it may look more nude- browny, but on my lips this looks more pink. Labello Soft Rose lip balm has been in my bag for ages, I used up soo mayn tubes of this one. It's just an all timer for me. Doesn't give much colour, but still enhances a bit the natural pink shade of my lips. Just a little something I keep close at hand on a daily basis. AVON Rose Tint is one of the most luxurious lip balms I have ever had! The packaging is the same as with their LUXE lipsticks. The texture feels like a lipstick, it's moisturizing and also gives a lovely rosy shade. Lasts on my lips quite well too, for about three hours, so I must say I am pretty impressed with it! For all Slovenian readers - the product is available in the current AVON catalog for 5,90 euros, full price 9,90 euros. The last lip balm is the most recent one I bough by Oriflame. I have already had one similar before, but this one is actually a plumping one. It's got a bit of a minty, stingy feeling to it, but it actually works! I have noticed my lips were a bit fuller and very well nourished, so I love to use it as a prep step before applying a lipstick!

And  now to the biggest part of this post - lipsticks! I love lip products and I simply couldn'tdecide which ones to choose and I was really wearing a lot of pink on my lips! So I chose 11 lip products I've been wearing most! Some of these are more nude pinks, peachy pinks, red-ish pinks, matte pinks... so a bit of everything! ;)

First four are a bit more luxurious to me, especially when talking about textures, application and pigmentation. All four have really lovely pigmentation, but can also be built up abit more if needed. They last very well, they survive drinking, but not eating. The textures are amazing, smooth, easy to apply. light on the lips. I have chosen L'Oreal Collection Exclusive by Eva  Color Riche Eva's Delicate Rose because I really love these lipsticks in the black packaging, love the reds, nudes and rose collection as well. Eva's shades are most suitable for my skin tone, according to L'Oreal's page. It's a bright pink shade with matte finish. I love the texture and the creaminess, plus the finish! The second one is MaxFactor Colour Elixir 615 Star Dust Pink. I have a couple more shades from the range and I love these! I know I never post about these but I have discovered them about two or three years ago and I use them quite a lot. The shade is light, kinda pastel pink. The texture is amazing, the way this glides on is just pure perfection. From Oriflame I have  Giordani Gold Baroque limited edition collection in shade Cerise Drama.  It's a bit more glossy than the others and also feels very good on the lips. The pigmentation is a bit lighter than with the rest of them, but the texture is also a bit different, feels more glossy on the lips than others. The shade is a bit more red-ish pink, but it's still a gentle colour with subtle shimmer to it. Last one is also one of my all time favourites - KIKO Makeup Milano Velvet Mat - Satin lipstick  612 Strawberry Suede. This is my second lipstick from the collection and I love it! The design of the packaging is super lux, the look of the packaging as well as usefulness and strength of the packaging are great. I haven't broken it yet, even though I tend to drop it a lot. The shade is gorgeous warm pink, the texture is not too creamy but not too dry, the finish is perfectly matte, just as I like it!

L to R: MaxFactor, L'Oreal, Oriflame, KIKO

Next four are a mix and match of some spring lippies I have worn quite a lot. Good old Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 050 Berry Smoothie is a classic for all natural looks or looks with minimal makeup. Love the light texture, gentle colour and well the feeling on the lips. The finish is shiny but looks good, with neutral eye shades it lifts up the whole look. My most recent lipstick from this month actually, is another Lip Butter in shade 090 Sweet Tart, a lovely bright and vibrant pink. Another new lipstick of this spring is by AVON, called True Colour Perfectly Matte  in shade Adoring Love. This is quite an amazing shade and the formula of this is heaven! I can not praise this one enough! The shade is perfect for spring, the texture is amazing, it applies like a dream and stays theer as well! The finish is matte , not semi matte and not fading. This oen also lasts very well. Definitely need more shades. The last one is another favourite, this time it's a mini version of Lancome Lip lover in shade  316 Rose Attrape - Coeur. I will not talk about this one much as I already have a full post up about it, but it's a lovely shade, perfect for spring.

Top to bottom: Lancome, Avon, Revlon Sweet Tart, Revlon Berry Smoothie

I was feeling very undecided about which pink shades to choose. So here are three more - AVON  Kiss'n'Go Color Trend lipstick in shade Amour, Catrice  Supreme Fusion 030 Robin Rosewood and Essence Glossy Stick 04 Poshi Pink. I love all three shades, though the first two mentioned lean more to nude and even more to brown-ish shade, especially the Catrice one. Though on me both look more pink than  nude. The textures are light and easy to apply, staying power though is not that good, but still decent. The Catrice one has some shimmer to it, but Avon one is simply just colour, no shimmer, but doesn't have matte effect either, looks more shiny. The last one is another drugstore one, by Essence. For those of you who prefer the lip pencil form and find it easier to apply and use, it's another bright pink I love! Love that it's strongly pigmented and doesn't dry out my lips. The texture is good, the finish is nice, it just screams spring! A big bonus to these last three is that they are all super affordable.
L to R: Avon, Catrice, Essence

For nails I chose these four, even though not all are just pink-ish. My favourite one to wear for the past couple of weeks is Maybelline Super Stay 7 days 130 Rose Poudre! It may seem more a nude rose shade, and it is, but it's just so lovely! It fits everything and I just love to wear it! Not to mention this nail polish really lasts! Even on my crappy nails, this didn't budge for straight three days! I call this an achievement! Another shade I got recently and I love it as well is Essie nail lacquer in shade Eternal Optimist,it's opaque with just one coat and last well on me, also a couple of days before it starts chipping. When I feel like wearing a bit darker versions of pink I go for Essie Nail lacquer  Angora cardi or KIKO Nail lacquer 365 Tattoo Rose. Both last well on me, but the cracks and chipping is visible faster, especially due to the darker shades. All four perform very well considering application, brushes, lasting power and pigmentation. Only with the two darker pinks I need two coats, thefirst two mentioned are both good with just one coat! Love that I can apply these evenly with no problems.

It wouldn't be a spring post without adding some spring fragrances as well! I chose three that are most spring like, though I am using heavier scents as well. I chose Oriflame Woman's Collection Delicate Cherry Blossom EdT, because it's the perfect spring fragrance! Light, fresh, flowery and well just smells like spring! There will be a full blog post about this one soon! From Shiseido Ever Bloom EdP. I only have this one product by Shiseido, I have never tried anything else from them. It's quite a  floral mix this one, but a lot heavier than Delicate Cherry Blossom. Love to use this one for going out. Unfortunately I only have small tester version of this perfume, so I have to save it up a bit! Plus the bottle is very spring-y as well, with the pink glass at the bottom. The third one is also by Oriflame  - My Naked Truth EdT! Love, love, love this one! It's such a perfect mix of everything! It's a great mix for spring with bergamot, litchi and apple blossom, rose and cotton flower! It's quite of fresh and flowery, the base being sandalwood, giving it some extra kick.

So, congrats, you have managed to read this long post at last! I don't know any other way than make it long :P Sorry guys, I just love makeup ;)

I hope you liked this post and if you did, let me know, so I can make some more similar ones in the future. If you like to read collaborations with other bloggers let me know as well, so I will try to write more of those too! 

And to finish off my post, go check out Petra's Pink Spring as well! She's done an amazing job as always! Reading  is a must!

You can read her here at Adjusting Beauty and also follow her Bloglovin, Instagram or Pinterest!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. To je pa prav hecna tema za naju. Najprej obe vstran od roza, leto sva se pa očitno zaljubili :). Imava celo nekaj skupnih favoritov :D. Catrice Beautifying so odlični. Jaz imam dva odtenka, sicer noben ni roza, ampak oba veliko uporabljam v teh dneh. Od Avona Luxe imam jaz tudi balzam in je definitivno najbolj luksuzen vsaj kar se tiče embalaže. Odtenek Kiko šminke mi je res všeč. Še najbolj moj tip roza, ker je precej rjavkast. Jej za Adoring Love. Tudi ena izmed mojih roza favorit letošnje sezone. Res zanimiv odtenek, še bolj pa formula :). Pa vidim, da ti tudi nisi ljubiteljica klasično roza nohtov :D. Čeprav jaz imam več takih "sumljivih" roza odtenkov. So mi ti umazani zelo všeč.

    Hvala ti za tole sodelovanje. :) Vidim, da je vsekakor nepričakovana tema na najinih obeh blogih in spremembe so vedno dobrodošle. Pa še kdaj ;) <3

    1. Hehe, ja, sva res izbrali barvo! Ampak je pa res najbolj pomladna :P ja sem videla pri tebi, mava kar nekaj skupnih izdelkov, sama sicer nisem dodala Sleek paletk notri, sem samo naštela, katere se meni zdijo vredne ogleda :P Avon Luxe je super, tako embalaža kot izdelki, vseeno so mi nekako bolj všeč Oriflame-ovi Giordani Gold, ne vem zakaj. Ja roza v teh bolj nude, peachy ali pa dusky dessert rose variantah so meni najbolj všeč, nisem za klasične baby pink :P Hvala tebi <3 Z veseljem ponovim!

  2. Krasna objava in slike :) Obe s Petro sta ustvarili odlični objavi. Parfumi so zelo lepi, sploh Oriflamov mi je zanimiv. Sama si nisem nikoli predstavljala nosit roza na očeh dokler nisem našla theBalm Nude'Dude, zdaj pa ves čas nosim tisto roza-vijola kombinacijo. Drugače pa ostajam pri klasičnih blushih in šminkah kar se tiče roza. Super sodelovanje :)

    1. Hvala! <3 Oriflame mi ma super parfume, res! Pa še cenovno so kul! Ja roza na očeh je bla ponavadi rezervirana bvolj za notranji kotiček očesa če že, sedaj sem pa dejansko pričela nanašt tudi čez celo veko :P

  3. Aaaah <3 Tole je prava poslastica za vsakogar, ki obožuje roza ličila tako kot jaz :D

    1. Hehe hvala! ;) Me veseli, da ti je objava všeč ;)

  4. Čudovitasta roza obarvana objava ! :) Sem namreč tudi sam velika ljubiteljica te barve tako, da je ta objava kot nalašč balzam za moje oči! :)

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