Monday, November 3, 2014

NEW in October :)

Hello again! New month and time to show my newbies from October. I know I said I will not spend much, and I did really try not to, but in one month a lot happened so I still have more cosmetics than I planned. Plus there was the Essence&Catrice blogger event where I got an enourmous amount of makeup for free to test and try and play with.. so yes, it's been a very full month.

Let's start  with a list...
- Kozmetika Afrodita Hyaluron moisturizing body lotion, Hyaluron shower gel and Coconut Milk cream shower gel and Coconut Milk nurturing body milk
- L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Pure Reds, Blake's red
- Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 35 On and on bronze
- Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting&shaping gel
- No name eyeshadow palette with neutral shades (dupe for BH Cosmetics)
- Balea Shower gel White passion and Black Secret
- Essence 24h hand protection balm vanilla&cinnamon
- Oriflame Miss Giordani edp tester
- Oriflame The ONE  long wear nail polish in Steel Shimmer
- Vichy Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo
- Maybelline Eyestudio Lastin drama Gel eyeliner 24h 01 Intense Black
- KIKO  Color-Up long lasting eyeshadow 20
- KIKO Eyeshadow 180
- KIKO Velvet Mat lipstick 614
- KIKO Quick Dry nail lacquer 856
- KIKO  Water eyeshadow  202
- Garnier Hautklar Wasabi Clean peeling
- L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire 600 Nude Vibrato
- L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream BB cream Light
- A huge package of over 50 products from Essence & Catrice blogger event :)

Starting with a package of products from Kozmetika Afrodita. I got some really great stuff to test and try, the new Coconut Milk range and also new Hyaluron range. Both are pretty good, but I like the Coconut Milk one more. You can read the review here, but it's only in Slovene.

Next is a mix of products I bought at the start of October. I got new red lipstick by L'Oreal. The range  called Collection Exclusive is amazing, I want all of the shades, but this one was the best from the ones available in Slovenia. For brunettes they recommend Eva's Red, but since that one was not available I chose this one, a bluish based red, but still wearable even for brunettes with  warm skin tone. Than I also purchased eyebrow filler by Catrice, which I actually needed, as the one by Essence dried out and will be soon in my empties post. So far so good, a decent product, worth the money and gives a gentle effect, for everyday use. Last one here is a Maybelline eyeshadow, I already have three of them, review here, but I heard so many great comments on this one so I decided to take this one too, the shade On and On bronze.

Well this palette has no name, as it actually has no name written anywhere. I believe this is a very good dupe for BH Cosmetics, the quality of the shades is very similar. I bought this one brand new but from second hand, so it was reasonably priced. I really like the pinkish shade form the first row, fifth in the row from left to right.

Also another splurge.. Balea released new limited edition shower gels and as I was unable to decide which one smelled best I chose both. The price for these was 0,79euros, so yes, well, why not have both? I will use them anyway. Also got my hands on new limited edition hand creams form Essence, shoce the vanilla&cinnamon one, because it simply smelled the best. The other two have something added that doesn't convince me. You can check the preview for the limited edition here.

Than I got this lovely surprise from Oriflame, a new fragrance to try plus the new shades of their The ONE collection nail polishes. I got to try the shade Steel Shimmer, such a me colour, really happy to have a new nail polish of theirs in my collection, they are really great and actually long lasting. The edp is called Miss Giordani and is a very warm and cozy scent, I got a tester, but it really smells very nice, perfect for autumn/winter time. Will post the review soon, I hope.

My order has arrived in the middle of October, I got the Vichy shampoo, as it is the only one that actually helps me with dandruff, plus it was on discount and a lot cheaper than in any pharmacy in Slovenia. Me any my bf both use this shampoo and have been repurchasing for a couple of years now. Than I decided it was past time to learn how to make a nice line with my hooded and small eyes so I got this gel eyeliner by Maybelline and so far it's been easy to use and last very well. I must say I am pretty impressed by it and looking forward for next time to use it, as it actually makes applying the cat eye look a lot easier and fun.

Well, well, well.. I said I wanted to save some money and stop spending so much.. well I got a chance to go to the KIKO Makeup Milano store in Venice.. so well, umm.. how could I pass? I did control my desires and tried to buy fast and leave the store or I would buy it whole, everything, at leats one shade of each product! They are amazing, the shop, the salesgirls, the products, the lights, testers, everything clean and organised... I wish we had shops like that in Slovenia.. Plus the prices, not 5 euros more for each product, as it usually happens. I got one velvet mat lipstick in amazing pinky-purply shade, very wearable for everyday. Tested it right away and loved it! Than a nail polish, shimmery bluish-greyish shade, such a me colour and very suitable for fall/winter time. Also three eyeshadows - a classic black, for smokey eyes, very soft and well pigmented, a water eyeshadow, haven't tested yet but read great comments about it and also eyeshadow pen which everyone compliments and claims that this is really amazing, even Lisa Eldridge used it, so I guess it really must be good :P Happy now:P Well, now I want even more of their products!

Almost at the end of the month I got these three bad boys. I bought new peeling fo face by Garnier, called Wasabi clean, as I am running out of the old one by Neutrogena, which I bought in February ( click on to see my post NEW in February :)... Also bought new, but from second hand and a lot cheaper a liquid lipstick by L'Oreal, a daily nude shade called 600 Nude Vibrato. Plus I got this BB cream from L'Occitane from a friend. She couldn't use it as it was too dark for her and she gave ti to me, so now I will try to make use of it. It is abit dark for me too, but than I mix it and it can work for me even in winter time, when I tend to be more pale than usual. It smells amazing and the skin feels really really soft!

Ok the last photo is actually a bunch of photos because I got so many new goodies form Essence& Catrice event. Some of these goodies will be given away as giveaways on my twitter, facebook or blog, but some I have already tested and loved. You can read the whole post here - Essence&Catrice event for bloggers :)

So this is it, a lot of newbies, some were really unexpected and some were just pure joy to buy and now use... Well, I guess November is the month when I start saving money and stop purchasing makeup :P 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. meni je pa bolj všeč Hyaluron linija od Afrodite :) Pa tista Kiko metalik senčka zgleda res lepo !

    1. Hyaluron je tudi dobra kolekcija, samo kokos je pač kokos:P ja komaj čakam da sprobam KIKO :P

  2. Wau, koliko pridobitev! <3
    Ti dve liniji za telo od Afrodite me mikata, ampak si ne smem kupit nobenega gela več! :)
    Pa zelo so mi všeč KIko stvari, sploh tale vijolična metalik senčka, senčilo v svinčniku in šminka. Se že veselim tvojih ocen. :))

    1. Hehe, jaaa, čisto preveč, bom testirala še dva mesca :P Jaz moram tudi najprej porabit mojo zalogo gelov, jih imam več kot dovolj :P Kiko še kar nisem tetsirala, razen laka in šminke... senčila še pridejo na vrsto :)

  3. Hudo dobre nove pridobitve!
    Btw kje si pa dobila od maybelline gel liner?


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