Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review: Essence Pure Skin toner & powder

 Hello! Time to write a couple of words about this face toner by Essence, called Pure Skin anti-spot toner&powder. I was really intersted in this product because I was searching for a cheap version of toner, because I really use it fast and I saw this was a toner and a powder in one product. The powder in it was supposed to absorb oil on your face. This sounded like a good thing because I have mixed to oily skin and most toners tend to leave a tacky film on my skin. 

My experiences with this toner were, well, average. It  gives a big plus to it that it's cheap, you get 200 ml of product for about 2,59 euros, if my memory serves me right. It's a classic bottle, just plastic bottle with a cap screw. I use toner twice a day, so morning and evening and for me a bottle goes fast, about a month and a bit and that's it. I really soak the cotton pad and apply all over my face and neck and I use toners as a way to make sure I have washed off all my makeup plus to give my skin some moisturization before the face cream. The ingredients on the back claim this product has salicylic acid  which is mostly good for combination/oily skin as it is supposed to unclog pores and inhibit pimples and blemishes. It also contains allantoin  which is a natural chemical compound that sooths the skin and increases the smoothness of the skin. 

The product has mild scent, fresh scent but not disturbing. It gives a slight cooling sensation  whan applying but it feels fresh and nice. It absorbs very fast after application and helps keep your face matte. Also it leaves your skin feeling soft and powdery, because of the ingredient added to make you look more matte after it dries. It doesn't leave any tacky film on your skin. It did not dry my skin or cause me any irritations, but the promise of having a little helper to keep my face matte was not completely true. It did keep my face matte for a moment, but after 10 minutes I was shiny again. Maybe I used too little or too much, but this effect doesn't last long. Overall it's decent product worth trying out or buying if you are on a budget and need something that is not too expensive. I think I will not repurchase any time soon as I have other products I want to try. Plus it contains alcohol which is bad for the skin if you want to have a toner for everyday use. And as for the promise to help against my pimples and spots, well I must say I haven't noticed any differences there while using this product. So maybe it helped some people but on me I haven't noticed any differences.

Some more photos of the product and ingredients:)

Did you try this product? What did you think?

Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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