Thursday, November 20, 2014

Empty products of the week 5 :)

Hello! More empties for you, as promised. :)  Another bunch of empties, I am finally going to catch up with my latest ones.  :)

Starting with some products for my face :) First I used up this face toner by Essence Pureskin  named anti-spot toner&powder. I bought this because I really didn't want to spend a lot of money for a toner but wanted something that would have some effect on my skin or at leats help me keep it clean and with less pimples and such. Well, this really didn't do much for me. I never got that powder effect, because I really never noticed anything different from any other toner I had. This was just an ok product, nothing special and I am not planning on repurchasing. The only thing that it maybe did help was prevent new breakouts, but since I use different products to go with my daily routine in evening and morning time I can not say if it did really help me keep my skin spotless or was that some other product. In the middle we have eye make up remover by Inell, actually called Lait Demaquillant Douceur, I have been repurchasing this for some time now. Actually I have decided to stop repurchasing the smaller version and the last time got the big bottle and I use it almost every day. So far so good and my skin doesn't have any kind of reaction, so I will probably keep repurchasing. Last one on this photo is Balea Zarter Reinigungs Schaum, basically a cleansing foam for face. This is also a pretty decent product, also very cheap and does the job well. I loved to use it in the evenings  as my last step, to make sure all my makeup was removed and also really loved to use it in the morning as it refreshed my face very well. I would repurchase this..  if I will ever run out of my stash of cleansers. :P

Than my hair shampoo by Kozmetika Afrodita, called Kopriva  or nettle. I really like this shampoo, I always have it at home and I have been using it for a long time, since I was a kid actually. What Can I say, it's a classic and keeps my hair strong and clean and really gets to the roots and washes away everything plus it doesn't cause me any problems, irritations or  making my hair grease faster. I keep 1000 ml bottle at home at all times and I repurchase it at DM store, for under 4 euros. Next is Palmolive shower gel Irresisitible Softness with the scent of orchids and aloe vera. You may have noticed I use a lot of Palmolive shower gels, mostly because they are pretty good for the price, they often have discounts, the scents are pretty good to and well it's an everyday product and I usually don't spend much on shower gels. I don't think I will be repurchasing this particular scent as it didn't appeal to me as much.

And some more shower gels... I use these products faster than anything else, plus I did save up my empties for some time now.. Here we have again by Palmolive shower gel Ayurituel peaceful with indian neem and jasmine, plus Aroma therapy absolute relax bath foam, that I have been using more like a shower gel, with ylang ylanf and iris extract. I really loved these two, maybe I will repurchase this Ayurituel peaceful, but I have been repurchasing the Absolute relax for years now and will repurchase again. It is one of my favourite shower gels ever!

And some makeup empties. This time I was checking my products for eyes and eyebrows and some really didn't work for me anymore so I decided it's time to throw the out. I really loved Essence Guerilla gardening LE eyebrow mascara and have been using it almost every day. Since this was a limited edition I can't repurchase, but I did get myself a similar product by Catrice, which should be available at the moment at every Catrice stand, This was my first eyebrow product and I must say it was really easy to use, nice effect, not too overdone and looking really natural, plus very fast to use, one swipe and I was ready to go. Than I have here by Essence Stays no matter what waterproof eyeliner pen, but I must say this never really worked for me.. The first couple of uses it was ok and really dark and a bit hard to remove, but than I guess it soaked up too much of my eyeshadows or something because it got grey really fast and I doubt that was because I would use it up so fast. I will definitely not repurchase this one ever again. The same goes for Catrice Eyeliner pen waterproof. I had the same issue with this one and I think I really don't know how to apply these things so I am going to opt for eyeliners in gel form and apply them with a brush or liquid eyeliners. I liked these two just because they had that lovely tip at the end that helped me a lot with shaping my line. Last one here was Catrice Precision Eye pencil in shade 060 Khakitoo. This was an ok product, but the problem is that it got too old and went all flakey on me after 5 minutes on my eyes. So well, this one just got old. Will not repurchase as I didn't like it that much plus this is an item that has been discontinued for some time now.

This is it, my empties do far. And I have just checked and I already have five more products to put in my next empties post... :) Have you tried any of these? Do they work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Essence je res katastrofalen pri teh liner svinčnikih. Večinoma sploh niso črni, slaba pigmentacija, ponavadi še pustijo stain na koži. Škoda, ker bi lahko bili super za hiter mejkap, ko se ti mudi.

    1. Ja, jih ne bom več kupila. Škoda res, ker pred ene 6 leti so imeli en res super svinčnik in sem ga lahko dolgo uporabljala, sedaj pa žal ne več...res je bil za ustvarjanje hitrega makeupa..

  2. Škoda da tale essencov toner ni deloval pri tebi, ker meni je res super, pomoje sem porabila že vsaj 3! :)


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