Thursday, January 3, 2013

Empties no.1

I'm starting a new series of posts. I liked them on other blogs, so I decided to give it a try too! Plus it makes me use the cosmetics I already have at home, because I started to pile up so many different things! It was time to start using already bought products to the end and here are the first ones that got empty!
First one on the photo is Fa Body Lotion in Sensual! I loved the smell, it was very nice and the texture got dry really fast, it did not leave any stain on clothes. Here's more of the review :)

Ingredients for Fa body lotion :)

Second on the photo is Palmolive Ayurituel  joyous shower gel! Amazing scent! Really loved this one! Affordable, doesn't cause any ski irritations, and the fragrance of lotus is to die for!

Labello Pomegranate was a fantastic lip balm, smelled so deliciously! Unfortunately it went out of sale, so it is not available in Slovenia anymore. Read more about lip balm here :)

Ingredients for hand cream by Dr. Scheller :) This hand cream is really good! It dries very fast, the texture is very creamy and it has that significant smell of calendula, so some might not like it as much. It made my nails stronger and the skin around nails recovered more quickly, especially now in winter :)

Balea Anti - spliss serum was here still in the old packaging, but I already got a new one, and this one has a new bottle. The whole line was renewed. I'm not sure about the ingredients thou, I threw away the box too soon, so I can not say if there's a difference. This product I am used to have at home at all time, I always use it after washing my hair. It's perfect for split ends on long hair plus very good at preventing them! I would recommend this to anyone with very long hair prone to split ends. :)

So this is it, these are my first empties to made it to the blog. Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them,or did the irritate your skin?

Thanks for reading! :)

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