Thursday, January 10, 2013

Preview: Catrice - new products to come...

Catrice will be soon presenting new products!Here's a quick photo preview of the new arrivals. They should be available from February 2013.

I think anyone can find something for themselves in the new products, I especially am looking forward to the BB cream, camouflage cream and lip glosses :) What about you?
Mint of change, Inglorious Mustard, Fancy a coppa tea?,
  • Do not touch my Mosserati, Petrol Shop Boys

Mud Spencer & Hill Corall, Yellow Submagreen, Before or after eight?

Dr.. Little Blue, Please was the line, Ninja purples, Glamourose

You Did That

All Nude
Available in 3 different shades.



The worlds gray test, These blues are made for walking, Brown town girl, Gold Shatterhand, Moss undercover, Karate with bronze Lee, Blue Berrymore, New kids on the black

Black with gold particles

Sugar Crush, Nude tritous, Best seller truth teller, Rose would you?, Like a nude life, Pink up your life
Very very raspberry, Love pink and happiness, Before you leave Pink, Peach on the beach,
  • Tangerine Tango, Little red dress, How do you dare to wear?
Hey Nude, Pink, Matt about Matt It’s a world

Available in 3 shades.

Transparent – suitable for all skin types

Transparent – suitable for all skin types

Thanks for reading /watching :)

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