Sunday, January 6, 2013

Linking weekly loves - 9 and 10 :)

Hello there! This post is joining together my weekly loves from last sunday and this one, that's why it's number 9 and 10 :) I was not able to post what I prepared, so later I decided to make a double post and present them all together. So this time we have 12 different links for you to check out for yourself :)

Šminkerica is a blog in Croatian, so many of you will probably not understand, but still , we have google translate for such cases :) This time she presents Panettone, sweet bread, a really tasty bread like cake that is soo good! She also tells you the ingredients and how to make it :) is in Slovenian, and this time she is presenting her latest make up that she received as a gift! I love Sleek palette, I love the colours, the textures.. plus she got Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, that I always wanted! So jealous XD

Voodoo Blonde presents a pin up/retro make up tutorial with a gorgeous red lipstick :) A look that is simple, yet great for any occasion :)

Krystalmer present a great manicure for Christmas, winter time! I love dark nail polishes and with this ornaments it's just perfect! Check the mani here :)

Sara Hassan made review and swatches for Illamasqua lipstick pallette. The colours Over and Corrupt are great, the other two are not for my liking. I always wanted to try Illamasqua lipsticks, and this review made me wnat it even more :) Check the colours here :)

pretty.not.included showed us her favourites for make up and facepaint in 2012 :) I always wanted to buy Laura Mercier, now I want it even more! XD Check the products here :)

Hysteria of Decay presents a lovely manicure with golden roses :) I really don't like golden nail polish, but here it really looks great, gold on black, perfect combination :)

Lisa Eldridge made a video with Bip Ling as a model, this time a party look, suitable not only for the longest night in the year. Have a look at the tutorial here :)

Passing fancy showed us her favourites in 2012, she chose best of the best products, from hair care to make up and brushes, have a look here :)

Šminkerica posted a different kind of post, this time how to make your hair cut look awesome with a different way of brushing and forming your hair into a lovely look :) It's no for those with shorter hair, but those with medium or longer hair could work it :)

Mateja's Beauty Blog presnts best buys in 2012, and I have to say I agree with her on many products, since I have got them myself too. :) Still, I have not tried this famous Orofluido everyone is talking about. Check the products here :)

Nihrida showed us how to make our own nail stickers and this is simply awesome, I had no idea these nail stickers are used like that, and I always wondered who even buys them, now I know I can make them myself. Here's how :)

Thanks for reading :)

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